Eighty-first Zheng evidence (on)

    The sky palace hall before.

    The heavy atmosphere is still no reduction, the hall of the nobles still There were many discussions.

    A second time in the past, which can maintain a graceful nobles increasingly have gradually been on tenterhooks, even can not hold on, leave the hall, to a specially prepared cloakroom and tasting room rest.

    This is the house of Lords of the ordinance...... Even if again how efficient a meeting also tend to last 2 to 3 days to the end; for various reasons these nobles are not, also don't want to leave the house -- so for peers who rest private places have emerged.

    In such a tense situation, there are still many nobles on tenterhooks to be calm, staring at the closed door piandian, silent waiting.

    Really absolutely this trial, not the dead lussac Corvo master, is not only a prince Brandon priest and wizard consultant......

    Everything depends on your majesty and the Imperial Cabinet Eckhart ii!

    "What do you say?"

    Outside the hall, silently waiting for the small cleric Webb looked at the slight frown, ran to send their intelligence... Although each other also wearing clerical robes, but the church's judges.

    The young monk who is very clear, if not the Archbishop of Yingnuosen forcibly suppressed, the church will not agree to their judges great talents in practice... How will the specially run to send their information?

    Hesitated for a moment, the young monk who chose to tangle believe each other, somber followed the man walked to a deserted corner.

    Nobody around after repeated confirmation, the other with the opening.

    "We in the patrol spy news, a wizard school people trespassing sky palace." Despite the lowered his voice, the other is still unable to hide my surprise:

    Not only that, the other is likely to have been in the palace!"

    Voice down, the original calm little priest eyes flashed across an incredible look.

    "Sky palace defense at the royal bodyguard hands, from the hills to the palace gate golaud Wen three walls." Small cleric Webb eyes filled with confusion: "how did they do it?"

    "I don't know, we have tried to intercept them in the hills, but failed."

    The other shook his head... As for how to "intercept", he is certainly not stupid enough to tell the little.

    "Now that these have no meaning." Cool little priests sigh gently, voice still calm: "the judge allows you to adults... Should be more than just to tell me this information, right?"

    The man's face some subtle: "Mr. Webb, you did not ask me... Who is she."

    "Because there is no need." The priest replied casually small.

    "That is to say... Do you know the identity of the other party."

    At this moment, her face increasingly cold: "Webb. I should not need to remind you of this field trial on the significance of the imperial church how important?"


    The priest looked up small calm, unflinching look to those already full of violent eye: "but this is not something we can even break the doctrine of reason to use unscrupulous divisive tactics."

    "Believe me, this is my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... But I'm not going to use unscrupulous divisive tactics."

    "Turin laurent... I will beat my friend dignified and imposing!"

    The man frowned.

    Yes, please also will these words to judge adults." The priest small step forward in front of the refined and courteous looking at people: "when we once again to uphold justice and faith, but when the wanton abuse of this power... Faith is more and more distant from us."

    "Ignorance is not equal to the pious, have not experienced the test of faith has no value; violence, power, wealth, connections, speech...... These did not evoke the faith, these can only arouse fear."

    "Fear, never arouse true faith!"

    The face of small priests that sincere eyes, the other is cold to hum the sound of disdain.

    Young cleric Wei Boyao shook his head, face some grim: "of course, I don't expect the judges adults can accept my opinion; but since this time the Archbishop Yingnuosen choice is me, then please judge his decision respecting the adults."

    "I will be a successful conclusion to all of this painting, from the Royal before the trial begins!"

    "You are really innocent to incapable of further increase the point." The man said coldly: "I really do not understand... Why is the Archbishop of Yingnuosen will make this decision, stupid enough to believe you such a fool!"

    "Because you are a stupid person; to this step, you are not aware of the Holy Cross Church has become a monster......"

    In the eyes of small priests without anger, without anger, just a hint of unspeakable grief: "for Laurent Turin, winning is everything, is all in order to win victory, he can use unscrupulous divisive tactics......"

    "But for us... But there is another kind of choice."


    "You, you are......"

    Quiet tasting room, can not conceal his dismay Red Blood Countess Sherlock Turin fort, stare big eyes staring at the fireplace, in the hands of the glass is also unaware of the fall on the feet of the soft carpet, leaving a large purple red wine stains.

    A dark shadow"... If that really can be called figure it... A sudden fall from the fireplace!

    Jiyang smoke, the figure was coughing, from head to toe with a layer of black; surprised the countess also did not seem to react, incredible looking at the casual visitor".

    For the past five minutes, stunned Sherlock finally wake up, from the memory was found a similar figure in front of people:

    "Ain Rand?"

    She can recognize each other, simply because the school party that night, the little wizard and black haired wizard are inseparable from first to last, just so she could barely remember the name of the person.

    "Sherlock Turin... Ah, no... Is count Sherlock cough cough cough......"

    The little wizard with ashes is almost blurted out, then see each other looks just hurriedly shook hands, did not finish and cough up.

    Shocked the countess froze for a second, and then restored the original elegant grace was sitting in a chair take it leisurely and unoppressively looked at the little wizard rush to climb out of the fireplace, with sleeves in the face with two, with half a beautiful white cheek.

    To be calm Sherlock, found that she couldn't say a word.

    Quiet tasting room, the atmosphere at this moment to the extreme embarrassment.

    Silent for a long time, looking at a face of confusion of Ayn Rand, the countess could not help but speak:

    "Don't feel the need to explain it, sir Ain Rand?"

    "Oh?" Looked up the little wizard once tense: "sorry, I did not expect to be here...... The Royal bodyguards chase is really in a hurry, I had no choice but to go the chimney......"

    "You are trespassing in?!"

    Sherlock is completely shocked, the little wizard looking at a face look silly, completely unable to imagine their courage even to this point: "here the sky palace, once found you know what is the result?!"

    "I know, but it's too late!" Finally wake up AI Yin face full of anxiety: "the local church of the Holy Cross all people have blocked the golaud Wen hills... If not Roslyn, I didn't even get close to the palace!"

    "Santa Croce church blocked the Empire?!" The countess rose suddenly: "how could this be?!"

    "I have to explain, really too late!" Anxious little witch be careless with hold directly, the countess's hands: "Loren, Loren where is he? Please, I must see him now!"

    With the countess in front of the little man not to utter a single word, pray in the eyes of the wizard is already shows between the lines.

    At this moment, knock on the door came from behind.
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