Chapter 79 line (on)

    The sky Palace hall.

    In a second time flies, silence of the atmosphere of the hall is also increasingly strange, even responsible for maintaining order in the Royal bodyguards also like what orders began to whisper aristocratic seats open eyes closed eyes.

    The nobles maintain a final face, but can not hide the surprised expression; hidden in the gorgeous and elegant contrast, is hypocritical and cold face.

    Temptation, deliberate, meditate, trading...... They face more than a rat low-key stance than at the foot of the dust more eye-catching, speech than a girl a thread spun yarn is more gentle.

    The cold hard wall, lofty sky palace, too strong to break cachot...... Can not stop people and their news network, let 300 behavior of noble and elegant, sitting in the hall of nobles can quietly get first-hand information at the moment.

    Lussac corvo... Has been in the dungeon of suicide.

    Had a chance to take a minute to mourn the death of the potions master, the nobles effect can't wait to begin to think about this thing on the imperial trial.

    Although it is a pity... But if there is no accident, Prince Brandon Dessalio in this gamble has doomed to a fiasco.

    Of course, this thing is the same effect on both sides... Dutch act in this critical moment the defendant suddenly choose to bear the Cross Church some negative effects also; but this influence in the situation before can be said to ignore.

    But this is not equal to the Holy Cross Church has to win... The balance is broken, and completely cut off the possibility, the Royal wizard school even weak will not compromise.

    The two sides have a table to lose with gamblers, don't bet the last bet will never give up.

    The face that faces to the extreme hypocritical face, low sigh little priest Webb alone left the hall.

    He never like this moment so hate yourself.

    Although just came here for the first time, but the cold and mysterious atmosphere or let him very offensive, which both do not see a trace of emotion with the eyes of faith, it is with hair standing on end.

    Of these nobles, all the meaning of our existence is a symbol that represents a "Santa Croce church" symbols, in addition to it all; full of lies and absurd illusion, tedious to unspeakable standards, no sincerity of expression......

    Laurent Turin can even use these to sniff at these, to deal with them; but they never do this, in addition to their disgust and hatred here can't feel anything.


    The young monk who expression dim, he can imagine, when the dark haired wizard will see lussac Corvo remains is what expression...... It wouldn't be hopeless, helpless.

    It is not Turin laurent... In the town of Luotaiergumu cornered, finally still break the deadlock, end all wizard.

    Although she tried to avoid, but still have to go to this step.

    My shadow priest looked at the small, emaciated lonely in the candlelight figure, there will not be second to stand behind her, support her people.

    The ideal person, is always lonely.

    Follow the faith of the people, will be doomed to walk the briar road.

    Loren, my friend... Let me have ended you here!


    Beijing, golaud Wen hills.

    With the little wizard Roslyn carefully between a street shuttle, neither too fast nor too slow.

    After the start of the trial before the Royal garrison regiment, the Empire has blocked most of the hills near golaud Wen street, even the most bustling commercial street is no exception; everywhere is responsible for search and alert patrols are unlikely to see much figure.

    Nevertheless, the ash still cautious young pupil or avoid the fastest road, between a street path back and forth, as far as possible to avoid pedestrians and road patrol, to go the long way round is not willing to go directly to.

    Almost every turn, he must first ensure the investigation again; correct before and behind the little wizard confluence, does not stop in the streets and lanes of the few people tread around, avoid patrol eyes.

    The reason for this is not only because of fear of being discovered, in fact it is even better if they do, there is little wizard can open it directly to the house, behind all the logical.

    They are worried that the garrison is Legion is likely to have a church of the Holy Cross inside the eye...... If they do not choose to be found, but they will buckle in trouble here!

    This is not alarmist... Now almost half of the Empire church control situation, will penetrate to the garrison Corps is also very possible; in this critical juncture, the road does really dare not bet on their luck to go.

    After repeatedly confirmed no pedestrians around, finally relieved Roslyn carefully squat on the same nervous little wizard side, took a simple version of the Empire map.

    "The summer twilight courtyard southwest... Here is our ultimate goal: go down the hill of Wen will meet the GOLO patrol patrol, their frequency is almost a quarter of an hour shifts, so think through is not possible."

    "What to do?"

    "It is very simple, follow them... Or, they bypass."

    Grey eyes silently juvenile opening, the right index finger to draw a circle on the map, your fingertips along the golaud Wen hills draw a semicircle.

    "From the bottom of the hill to the sky Palace Road a total of three, each location has a hundred team handle every moment for a class... But this is different, in theory, each intersection position at different distances, different length; although very short, no proof but still there will be a short period!"

    "We'll talk in a patrol behind, grab at the moment they shift... Climb the hill golaud wen!"

    Squat with AI Yin suddenly stared, clutching a parchment scroll right very decidedly.

    "Climb the hill, then a patrol is sky Palace Royal Guards; these people are all Desa Leon family of the Royal Guard, no one else can penetrate... From the bottom of the hill to the house a total of three points, we only need to pass through the first gate, the palace was very close!"

    "To, how should the past?"

    "It is very simple, no need to report to be eligible to sky house, the whole empire only five...... From the west to the east of Lothar Boyd, holding five of the grandees!"

    Grey eyes young raised mouth, proudly holding the waist sword: "Duke Alleman wirtz... His sword in my hand, with the Royal Guard as we can at least make a call."

    "Even if not let us in, you would get the message lauren... I think he will understand what is going on!"

    "Then... All logical!"

    The little wizard slowly looked up, face some confused look very proud young pupil gray:

    "The road does."

    "Well, what?"

    "I remember you said... Last came to the imperial capital, is the time you were very young." AI Yin Zheng Zheng looking at him: "why... You will be crystal clear on these?"

    "Well, this is because......"

    Roslyn in preparing for the interpretation of the moment, two people also heard a rush of footsteps.

    Two people are not surprised at the next moment, a sudden loud noise coming!


    Two people hiding in the house, is to find the door knocked gornt loos to cover pieces!

    Grey face discoloration of the first moment young pupil is a small sub wizard dragged behind the right hand holding the sword hilt already slightly.

    Panic AI Yin and Roslyn looked at each other, puzzled expression while writing in the two person's face.

    But this is not even a second confusion.

    "Are you sure, the two men here?"

    A rude and chilly voice, can hear the rude and drag a screaming voice.

    "I, I also don't know... Sir, I just guess!"

    Pitiful pleading, but let the grey eyed young pupils suddenly made a sudden contraction.

    "The last time I sold to the man in the map, and he is here to meet a face... Guess he may hide here."

    "Either... You look toward the inside?"
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