#1 72 War (below)

    The hall of the atmosphere is one of the meal, small priests pale slightly improved, with strong spirit sitting in the seats, arms also hold the doctrine of the Holy cross.

    Before next step peers are no longer like silence, identity are not allowed in such a solemn imperial trial loudly, just hide in countless shadows, whispering.

    A small voice, like eating wood ants; treacherous eyes from the shadow cabinet minister looked at the steps of the relative standing of the priests and the small black haired wizard, with their cunning of heart to surmise, which side of the winning higher.

    They won't Laurent Turin easily in a bet, not because of the strength of the church will be hopes in the small cleric Webb's body.

    Listen to the whispers of the ear, looking slightly heavy Victor Huges eyes cold, chilly from every corner of the hall sweep, no trace in the eyes of the fluctuation.

    Loren can clearly feel that the royal justices tried to suppress their anger.

    In his mind, sacred and inviolable "imperial trial", but these noble members as a benefit and power decided gambling; finally they choose is not fair, but the possibility which one wins more, which side of the victory for them is more favorable.

    That's it。

    At that moment, Loren suddenly realize why Victor holds so much hostility... I'm afraid in his eyes, his purpose is not simple.

    What you do, there is no difference between the three hundred barons... After break, only to benefit, in order to make the promise of Brandon.

    And kill Root Infinit...... The title of Earl of power.

    On the steps, several cabinet ministers of the expression are not the same, always silent military affairs minister Seweilin Desa Leon, as if the imperial trial and he didn't have the slightest relevance.

    The church judge Troels Luf made no secret of his dissatisfaction with the evil eyes never left from the black haired wizard who killed his daughter, as if looking at.

    Elbert Tarlow's face is still a trace of hesitation... Temporarily the Laurent Torino and did not give him too much sense of security, in the eyes of the mood seems to be more fear.

    Only Metternich Leopold...... The minister's position is very subtle, to a certain extent, he represents Eckhardt S himself, but on the other hand, as a minister, his attitude will affect the emperor himself.

    Not only that... Loren has heard there came from Brandon, Metternich himself also served as a royal justice, and that makes the Victor blow by the tragedy have very close connection.

    There may even be... He also know some insider.

    So the key of this game, is Metternich Leopold's attitude...... As long as they can to minister, imperial power between the wizard and the church in the cabinet will become two, absolute rolling!

    The problem is... How can we let Metternich Leopold give up neutral, official position?

    Whispers continues; in a whisper in the sound of the church's Witness went into the Holy Cross hall.


    Bilbo Doron, a family of inferior charnley...... See Heathcote and Charnley lussac Corvo walked into the room in the evening banquet;

    Peter Pal Heathcote - Charnley adult bodyguard part-time driver...... That & Charnley Heathcote adult once on the way to the party to take out a medicine bottle, medicine bottle was validated and used to offer lussac Corvo very similar......

    Andre Chan, Heathcote Chan's cousin, the longest existing Charnley family...... Have seen many times and Heathcote Chan Corvo lussac argued that there have been more than once......

    Nolan Nar, one of the senior pharmacist guild There remained but a single one....... Charnley said the family had more than once investment pharmacists guild, get very late, and respect; lussac Corvo more than once, who opposed the implementation of policy......

    Toronto Doyle, former deputy lussac corvo......

    Once the partners lussac corvo......

    Lussac Corvo friends......

    Lussac Corvo..................

    A related person lussac Corvo like a revolving door, in the town hall in the back and forth; very sincere words as if can let people hear their cry.

    Small priest spirits up to them with the refined and courteous inquiries, through induction each witness words are surprisingly similar, seemed to imply what but not directly show it.

    From A to Z, black wizard has not open once, ten fingers cross on the knee, joint because of hard and slightly pale, cold eyes quietly appreciate a little priest Webb's performance.

    "...... That is to say, Mr. Eden Ellen, you as a former pharmacist guild clerk, had been out of lussac Corvo pharmacist guild, so I ask what the reason he is on an infallible clerk made so much move?"

    "There is only one reason, I am a staunch supporter of president adult program!"

    The witness box, with a young man excited, eyes also with resentment color: "yes, master lussac is indeed very powerful, but he has no humanity at all, never care for patients! In his eyes a life even less than his experiments, often unauthorized patient him new chemical experiment, this is not what secret!"

    "That is to say, a similar example is probably more than once, and there is no record?"

    "Of course not! Is the master of lussac's top pharmacists guild, guildmaster always try to settle in the face... But I'm the guild's clerk, was forced to use drugs like this without patients I have recorded!"

    The next step, which can calm peers who have everywhere privately at a loss about what to do, talk low noise... Obviously, these rich and powerful nobles are regular pharmacists guild "".

    "Royal justices, all cabinet ministers, I think the clerk's words can have it before I did not answer to the second question."

    The young monk who turned the reverent and respectful slightly bent, face with a bit dignified: "lussac Corvo is indeed the most outstanding master and pharmaceutical Empire Empire, but this does not mean that he is perfect in every respect!"

    "Unauthorized use of untested drugs, do the experiment of lussac Corvo is nothing new in terms of the patient's body, so even if Heathcote Chan adults are not poisoned, but died of drug lussac master, I am afraid this... It's not impossible!"

    "Besides lussac Corvo guild president and former pharmacist disagreement, while Heathcote Chan was president of the adults also sponsors and supporters... In the Holy Cross, I don't want to make my master lussac mind, but it is difficult to say he will have much affection for Heathcote adults."

    "These contradictions... Maybe he finally made this regrettable decision factor."

    On the steps of the church, the judge was slightly eased, and the throne of Victor still face, eyes on the side of the cold dark wizard:

    "Laurent Turin sir, this is already the tenth witnesses, you are not going to say a word?"

    Voice down, all the people's attention again focused on the Dark Wizard's body.

    "Don't say... Because there is no need."

    With a bit of ridicule, back to ignore the church trial involving functional murder eyes:

    "All the witness to the church to find now, just that Bush lussac Corvo have certain suspicion... The only suspect, there is no evidence!"

    "Since there is no evidence, I don't need to refute what." Slightly up the corners of the mouth, Loren tone a bit more tired... This is a long delay he hate.

    As can be imagined, these so-called "witness" how much is being paid to the... And can be bought, there must be.

    Since his death, the fatal blow to them now!
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