#1 71 War (on)

    "By the Imperial Cabinet ministers, distinguished members......"

    In the hall, the black wizard's voice, as in the past calm:

    "Before the imperial trial, I have submitted sufficient evidence to imperial justice; on the contrary, the Chan family and the Santa Croce church can provide all the indirect evidence, there is no one can directly prove lussac Corvo is killing the murderer Te Chan francisco!"

    "In fact, not only the master himself always in lussac tried to deny their attack move, I have provided evidence also illustrates this point, pharmaceutical formulations, an absolute Heathcote Charnley stand the test, no one can reach the lethal effect."

    "Yes... Even for a sixty-seven year old man has not reached the point of death; and that some people say the opposite!"

    Victor Huges frowned, church judges face difficult to see the pole directly.

    The next step, Charnley family seats several old man staring at his hands behind his back hair like wizards, hate not directly rushed to him into ten thousand pieces.


    Neither fast nor slow up a small cleric Webb look dignified, tight hands apparently already strained to the limit: "first of all is the adult lussac Corvo Heathcote personal physician, did not guilty of this point this is groundless statement."

    The second is the potions master lussac Corvo and the Empire's capital, is also the best physician... The potions master such as the single formula slightly and others simply cannot be aware of, but did not dare to challenge -- the so-called formula may be ready to refuse to post!"

    "I learned to Laurent Turin utterly ignorant of alchemy, sir, but I know a little."

    The Loren saw small eyebrows slightly straight into his eyes. His eyes, revealed a serious: "even a small amount of chemicals on the body also can produce the effect, but it is not easy to be detected!"

    "Well, all kinds of pharmaceutical formulations on any poison and poison, and Heathcote Charnley adults?" Hold a HMF, slightly up the corners of the mouth:

    "Excuse me... Not matching, but without any similarities?!"

    Not only that, just as I said, you did not come up with any objective evidence that "poisoned Heathcote Chan Corvo lussac is the murderer" this, no reason to kill lussac Heathcote, from A to Z are purely subjective!"

    "This case is only able to explain, as Heathcote Chan Corvo lussac's personal physician, with the most basic conditions of crime...... It is only that "a murder suspect lussac a clue"."

    "This is the only." The silence of the hall, Loren voice become more ironic: "this alone... The Empire's top potion master will be as heinous criminals, pressing the condemned!"

    "What is he that poison in the middle potion ready for Sist Chan? What insisted that he is the murderer?!"

    Repeatedly pressed under his little fist clenched the priest.

    "What is not, what evidence is not......" Lauren eyes directly scan to sitting on the stage of the church judge, said every single word or phrase:

    "Just don't know what time from the beginning...... Half an empire in that lussac Corvo is to kill the murderer, golaud Wen hill everywhere is shouting to "justice" of the people with lofty ideas!"

    The Church of judge Troels Lufgache, the face has been hard to see a purple.

    "Pan -!"

    The uniform sound, hall in the royal guards against the floor with a halberd.

    "Pan -! Pan -! Pan -!"

    Harsh and loud noise, let the hall silent moment.


    Sitting on the throne of Victor Huges quietly raised his right hand, cold glance has become the focus of attention to all the dark wizard:

    "I'm the first to the two batch of the fallacy of Loren firstly, viscount; family and Santa Croce church Charnley provide evidence, and can not be completely regarded as" pure subjectivity ", and also what you said on the contrary, the family of the deceased's testimony can be used as the first evidence of the."

    Secondly, although there is no record in the "code", but sacland interrogation practice is' the most likely and motivation "as a suspect; as you said maybe no reason, but this is one of the sacland custom, a custom law is natural law, can be referenced!"

    Victor's voice down.

    The black wizard did not refute, hanging formulaic smile to the royal justices nod.

    He had guessed, the royal justices will not easily bias one... Before making a final decision.

    The atmosphere in the hall to relieve, Victor turned to the young clergyman Webb, calm voice is not the slightest emotion: "for lussac motivation and suspicion of these two points, whether there is a need to explain what the church?"

    For a moment the hall silent, all eyes once again to the small.

    "Please allow me to explain your suspicion lussac corvo." The refined and courteous to Victor Weber bowed, solemnly: "that has first before providing evidence, before the Lord Heathcote Chan was killed, and always Charnley lussac as his personal physician."

    "We have asked Charnley family members and servant of Lord Heathcote Chan, although the body is still healthy and advanced in age, but still very cautious, almost all drugs, and every day the normal food and drink to go through rigorous examination, check and arrange colvo lussac."

    "We can say... Anything Heathcote adult daily intake, are under close monitoring of lussac Corvo in such a case, if not lussac my behavior, he still blame that Heathcote died of poisoning!"

    The feeling behind the pressure, small light hearted priests sigh: "therefore, in the case of Chinese and Western Scott Charnley were poisoned, so needless to say, I suspect most lussac corvo......"

    "I suspect most lussac corvo...... You're right! Is this kind of speculation to make a speech, the top master of pharmacy Empire have to suffer in prison!"

    Black Witch coldly interrupted small words of the priest: "absurd... Funny!"

    The corners of his mouth twitched, small cleric Webb taut cheek.

    "Lord Webb, you just mentioned that you don't understand of alchemy... Indeed, just your testimony is also very perfect to prove this point." Loren said: "I will not mention the poison in addition to normal oral intake, and low intake of the air and skin problems."

    "Charnley family is a very big family, although I lussac Corvo is Heathcote's personal physician, but not every day, every hour and moment is not on his side, how can we ensure that all his goods are closely monitoring the intake of lussac Corvo I?"

    "This, of course not every hour and moment......" Small priest slight frown, face some anxious: "but as a private doctor, would certainly have been told lussac Corvo of Heathcote adults in this area, and have a clear plan......"

    "In other words!"

    Lauren slightly up the corners of the mouth, "bang!" The sound of his hands on the table: "Santa Croce church is also recognized... There is a single existence of pharmaceutical formulations... It is not like what you said before, is groundless statement right?"

    "If it is... So before I submitted evidence has shown that there is no drug with any one, want to poison Heathcote pharmaceutical formulations......"

    "If not... Then the so-called 'evidence' that is Sir Webb just nonsense, was framed --!"

    Victor sat beside the minister narrowed his eyes, look very delicate.

    The young monk who was pale, anxious: "but......"

    "But what, you are ready to refute their just presented evidence?!" Loren's voice echoed in the hall: "or said the Charnley family testimony is purely fictitious, is a person in order to frame and Kewocai lussac......"

    "Laurent Turin sahib!"

    Victor's voice sounded again and said coldly: "you... Too much."

    A moment of silence, gently smile hold his hands behind his back, and sat back in his seat.

    The royal justices hold neither fast nor slow handrails, rose slowly:

    "The next... Please call witnesses both!"
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