Chapter 69 arrives OMAE (on)

    The curtain wall with black and white dome, the red light to illuminate the entire hall, three hundred seats around the side, the coat of arms of the iron crown impressively.

    Hall: sacland Empire State House, referred to as "the house of lords".

    Now, the whole hall layout appeared some changes -- the centre vacated a space, and in the open on both sides for two long tables.

    Around the seat was also slightly adjusted, collective face in front of the top of the ladder, it belongs to the sacland supreme emperor, iron crown under the banner of marble seats.

    At this moment, the whole hall also can not see a shadow; only outside does not stop with the royal guards patrol back and forth.

    "Lauren, did not expect to meet you here."

    "No... It should be me more appropriate, didn't expect to meet you here." Mouth hung formula smile, black eyebrows slightly wizard:

    "The priest... Webb."

    Froze in place of small priests sigh, complicated expressions look to the eyes of the incomparable Loren, firm: "this time I will cross as a representative of the church, for the Chan family and all standing on this side of the people to defend them."

    "According to the Chan family trust, and... The orders of the church, we asked the murderer lussac Corvo sentenced to death!"

    "I'm sorry, but Mr. Rolon... This time I might have to go against you." The small priest bowed his head.

    Inadvertently, both of them had stood in the hall of the central government.

    "You are Santa Croce church priest, I'm nine star wizard wizard tower... Of course we could not betray each other's family." The black wizard looked very natural, indifferent shook his head: "this does not prevent us friends."

    The priest looks small and not because of the words of Loren has improved, always deliberately avoid eye contact and lauren.

    "I heard you ain and went to the Royal wizard school, did not follow you?"

    "Sir Ain Rand......" Here the small priest suddenly sighed and shook his head: "although there are poilly Corvo lussac master key, but... The test data of lussac master is too much, just one day even classification is impossible, let alone find the key evidence."

    "But you ain and did not give up... Before I came, saw a person in the EIN over pile up like a mountain hand parchment scroll, hope... What really can find helpful evidence and clues of lussac Corvo."

    "I'm sorry, this is my idea of a person, because you want to help Mr. ain is only involved, the results up to now are really in this matter is busy......"

    "No, you're right... Even I did not expect to go to the laboratory for clues." The black hand stopped wizards still want to blame yourself little priest, whispered: "this approach is correct, just hope too slim."

    With a heavy but uniform sound, hall of the three doors are opened at the same time.

    In different chest went into the hall with armorial bearings aristocratic members hang; no greeting, no noise... Walked into the lobby of the nobles position according to their family background, and the power and the amount of property, ordered from three door entry, since the twelve generation that find their own family seat.

    The gap between seats, go to hold only one person through, but the Council did not feel the slightest confusion, each person's footsteps are easy to make people believe that they are in practice this half a lifetime, if encounter others or voice would let their family shame in general.

    Stand in the central hall of the Dark Wizard and cleric attracted a lot of attention, every kind of look the same on them, but no one speak, quietly sitting in their seats waiting for

    "It seems that the trial will start." The formulation of the smile on the face of the Black Witch: "we should prepare for the next, after all......"


    In the Dark Wizard slightly surprised eyes, the young monk who actually first step grabbed his right arm, his expression was decisive: some things in my position should not have been said......"

    "I don't want to see Master lussac was sentenced to death, I did not dare to look at his eyes after the trial of poilly father... This, this is definitely not the Croce believers can do things out!"

    "It is not something you can change me......" Loren reluctantly relieved, quietly to draw back the right arm was clenched tightly in small.

    "But! Lussac Corvo must pay for what he had done... I think the way, I have a way to save his life!" Webb suddenly stared: "I beg you... Loren, I can meet again?!"

    "Roland, I will try to make this a decent end of the trial, both sides are not embarrassed embarrassed; as long as you are willing to......"

    "I'm sorry!"

    Smiling eyes have Loren more than a cold, abruptly withdrawing the right hand: "but... Impossible."

    "You... That win or lose value?" The young monk who doesn't want to give up.

    "I did not win or lose value." Loren raised one eyebrow and turned back: "I can only win......"

    Can not lose!"

    The expression of a priest answered small dark, ugly face turned away.

    "The Imperial military affairs minister, Seweilin - - Desaliang!"

    Outside the royal ceremony with a loud voice, wearing a military uniform cloak, cutting ax moment a middle-aged man strode into the hall.

    Near the seat of the nobility also keep people up to pay tribute to the Lord, but he ignored all the past; look solemn military affairs minister stride forward, walked to the nearest location at the top of the marble throne hall right side, sit down without hesitation.

    "Imperial minister, Metternich Leopold!"

    A registration sound continues, wearing a simple, but a refreshing old man stepped into the hall; dull complexion, walking slowly, smiled and motioned to side of the nobles nod.

    "The royal justices, Victor Huges -!"

    Look cold Victor a rason, entirely absorbed a serious face, arms holding a look so heavy black books, the above gilt characters around them nobles have eyebrows.

    Sacland "code of Empire".

    From passing in front of the moment, the black wizard can clearly feel Victor on her eyes dull complexion; Loren cross ten fingers on the table, gently remind the mouth.

    The heavy looking slightly narrowed eyes, calmly to their own seats.

    "The church judges, Tellus Lu - complex! The imperial wizard consultant, Eyre Byrd, Tarot -!"

    Hear the royal ceremony for the town hall in almost every turn!

    The two cabinet ministers should arrive at the same time... Looked up the black wizard, see opposite face complex small priest with a sigh gently, his face has been difficult to see the pole.

    His face is like, would have guessed this is like.

    Tramping, Elbert Tarlow did not go directly to their own position, but stalled in the black wizard before; at the same time another church judges have done the same thing, the small cleric Wei Bodang behind.

    I hesitated for a long time, Laurent Turin." The old man looks very hesitant, also very tangled, no longer had the kind of hypocrisy and:

    "Just now, I greatly offended the judges of the church."

    "Originally we have made the compromise plan, and how to preserve the lives of lussac Corvo, and now... Our situation with the fire."

    "You will not regret it." Raise your eyebrows by Loren nod, sound decidedly: "like Corona masters on the word of mouth."

    The cross is the past, the wizard is the future; then behoove... The past will give way!"

    Elbe De's lips trembled, meaningful see the black wizard eye; alone on the steps, only feet no longer hesitate.

    At this time, the royal ceremony came again a loud voice:

    "The ancient kingdom of sacland successor, the dragon family line;

    Croce defender, patron of wisdom and truth;

    Ebden leader commanding the Arles people, Lord Ailewang and lotario people, Byrne and the boii co owners, sacland king of men;

    The sword Knights of the first imperial legions;

    Sacland Empire twelfth Generation High Emperor Yu long;

    Your majesty -!!!!"

    The whole hall of the nobility stood up, neat eyebrows; through overlapping the crowd, a determined figure has appeared in the gate.

    As heart, small black wizard and cleric Webb also looked back, four.

    To begin!
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