#68 of choice (below)

    The cold stone, bright lights, row upon row of pillars, spacious door.

    To the palace hall corridor, in which the black wizard beside I do not know when a red haired boy figure, his hands behind his head, looked at the eyes of banter kept their psychic advisor.

    "I don't know how you do it, but this is actually the case can be lussac Corvo dragged up the imperial trial...... It was difficult not to let people sit up and take notice to you ah, my advisor of your wizard."

    Brandon Dessalio mouth smiles, eyes with a sly: "you should see that those nobles who first heard of" imperial trial "of the expression... Have not seen a person's chin fell to the ground and what look like?"

    "I have never seen."

    "It is ready, because you will see the 300 people at the same time chin out spectacular scenes on the ground!" Your Highness Prince smiled very bright: "in any case... This beautiful!"

    "Thank you, sir." The black witch was unchanged, accompanied by Brandon, kept from one side after the royal guards.

    "The number of guards the house, a lot more than usual."

    "It is of course...... Royal before the trial, the last time was as justice minister in Metternich Leopold, has been many years ago, estimated that many nobles are just heard."

    The dark corridor, frequent patrol guards... When the whole sky palace is the atmosphere of the atmosphere, the smile on Brandon's face is still unabated, even more brilliant.

    "That... Their attitude?"

    "You should be able to guess... The court announced that it wished lussac Corvo to death, and then escorted to the sky palace were killed -- preferably beheaded or hanged, certainly can make them happy!"

    "Beijing people, they will not participate in the trial?"

    "The church is very hope so, but most of the Imperial Cabinet collective opposition can only give up - rest assured that the group was rumors and incited mob at Santa Croce church in golaud Wen Hill downtown a downtown, not to the intervention trial."

    "The Imperial Cabinet attitude?"

    "The church and School of military affairs minister Cervi Lin B expressed their opposition, justice minister Metternich Victor absolute neutrality... More subtle."

    "Well?" Loren eyebrow.

    "Don't look at me so I surprised than you." Flat mouth Brandon cocked his head, right hand rubbed hair: "general Metternich is not easily stand... The old man is not generally smart, want to persuade him very difficult to do what."

    Although he is still neutral, but a biased wizard will also say "don't let a person for the lussac year thing for the words"." Brandon bit his finger: "if who can make the minister became so bold, it must be......"

    "I wish the emperor." Lauren slowly open.

    "I worry about is this." Brandon sighed, could not help but turned a supercilious look.

    The Imperial Cabinet attitude although not directly affect the final decision, but to Eckhardt S my attitude... More importantly, these ministers each person itself represents the Imperial forces and the domestic, absolutely can not be ignored.

    "So......" Your Highness Prince slightly eyebrows: "you exactly how to persuade Eyre Byrd?"

    "Well?" The black wizard turned to confusion.

    "Don't be a fool, my advisor Lord wizard... This is the Philippines Tero Nye sister-in-law personally told the information, Eyre Byrd was one of the instigation to church."

    Brandon deliberately yaotouhuangnao, lips taller than the nose: "sister personally sent intelligence certainly won't be wrong... So you have to think of ways only will he pull back...... What did you do that?"

    "It is very simple... First, Elbe de himself made the decision is also very reluctant, either agree or not is for imperial Wizards of the future, a point that is to expand the wizard class in the future."

    Loren tone: "the other bolanbujing gave him a very ideal, and it is possible the future -- the wizard class can live in harmony and mutual respect for the church hierarchy, and treat each other, something like this."

    "The wizard and the church... Love each other?" Brandon raise your eyebrows, suddenly very fake a smile: "you got?"

    "You can laugh a little more false?"

    Wizard: "black mouth twitching that is unbelievable, but had to admit... I came to believe that the theory of Eyre byrd!"

    "Sorry, I said was... Not 'have you been? "... "Hey you but how much?!"

    "If! I mean if... The mysterious theory can be used to prove the existence of the Holy Cross, if the world all sorts of rules, the conclusion and the phenomenon we found are created by the Holy cross......"

    Loren ignored the "face fool expression" Brandon, reluctantly explained: "if the wizard into a church under the jurisdiction of the Holy Cross agency... Or alternatively, accept the supervision of the church?"

    "Perhaps the beginning is not very well, but if things go on like this...... The theoretical basis of wizard theory will become holy beliefs of the church, they become a set of theories that support; and the church can provide very large resources, let the whole empire and even people around the world believe that is the blessing of Holy Cross class wizard!"

    "As a result, the Wizards provide much-needed expansion of the church, and the church can give wizards legitimacy... The two sides into a completely complementary cooperation relationship; as to the original contradiction... In front of the interests contradiction is to talk about."

    Voice down, Brandon surprised expression gradually faded, no longer words.

    Two people continue to go deeper into the palace, the royal bodyguard around more and more by the grand hall is in sight.

    "That... How did you persuade him?" Brandon looks as usual, however in the eyes a bit more dignified.

    Loren chuckled, brisk footsteps become a lot.

    "I can tell him to do this difficult, or unrealistic... The status in churches today want them to accept this result, it is not easy to finish the work for decades and even centuries may only see a little effect."

    "So I asked him... "You are the most willing to"?"

    Showing a trace of confusion in the eyes of Brandon, but after a few seconds his highness prince returned to normal, holding hands in the head with black wizard side.

    Even if I can accept such a future, not as a representative of the wizarding born Elbert Tarlow, will not have the slightest complaint of Santa Croce church.

    What sacrifices the Wizards always......

    What is always the clergy occupied the commanding heights of morality and justice......

    What we have to bear all the pains and tears......

    What... What you don't have to pay the price......

    A simple truth.

    "But... The light is not enough." Brandon mouth a little raised, meaningful contemplated his Psychic Advisor: "I know Eyre Byrd, he simply does not agree."

    "Yes." Loren sighed: "he and I did a deal."

    "What's the deal?"

    "A secret." Black haired wizard smiled: "we exchanged a secret... In other words, we are now holding each other."

    "Oh...... I guess you don't tell me what it is."

    "It is Brandon prince, was extremely intelligent."

    "Don't disgusting, I have goose bumps out." Long face Brandon turned a supercilious look, the first step in front of Loren: "I have to tell you two things before you enter, lest you rush."

    First of all, I still can't help you this time...... I am the royal family members can not participate in the trial before the royal family, because the emperor, the twelfth generation is my dad!"

    Secondly, this is the "Holy Cross Church out of the defender very troublesome!"

    "Very troublesome?" Loren frowned: "the church judges?"

    "No, if the guy is good, I can tell you his weakness, but this is not him!" Brandon: "the man's teeth......"

    Voice down, another voice suddenly sounded in two behind:

    "Roland, here you are!"
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