#63 "them" (on)

    The Royal Palace, a former cabinet.

    "The imperial trial about five days later......"

    Aloof Eckhardt S suddenly stopped and glanced at his ministers: "how do you have something to say?"

    The solemn silence in the room, in addition to the emperor on the table, there is no sound.

    Several cabinet ministers face some tension to the eyes are at a loss about what to do, can't help those two were vacant seats...... The original Imperial Cabinet is "streamlined", now more is the small size of the poor.

    "Cough... Indeed, your majesty."

    The seat from the nearest minister Eckhart II - Metternich Leopold gently coughed and looked a few cabinet ministers one side only: "I thought... If only for the trial of Heathcote Chan adults die... With the imperial trial way too."

    "Metternich, what the hell do you want?!"

    The church judge Tellus Lu complex eyes: "we discussed in the cold, but Heathcote Chan, the count of the Empire, the imperial chancellor!"

    "That a month ago, still sitting among us, Heathcote charnley!"

    "You said... Too much?!"

    In the face of the church frowned the judge reprimanded, Minister Metternich did not refute what.

    "If only one common murder involving a cabinet minister and the count of the Empire, the imperial court granted." Metternich quietly open, a hoarse voice can not listen to the passions: "but for some reason as everyone knows... This case has become the source of recent imperial commotion."

    "Your majesty as subject, we must deal with the matter as far as possible, careful, dangerous riots and unrest nipped in the bud...... As for the imperial trial, this approach can only put up a pageantry further stimulate those emotions."

    "We should be more rational, rather than blindly follow the request of the owner of the."

    The Church of the judge is cold to hum a, expression is a contemptuous disregard.

    "The reason?"

    "Now the whole empire eyes are staring at lussac Corvo's decision! This time you want us to reason? Metternich, do you want to watch people rushed into the sky palace, let your majesty to give them an explanation?!"

    "As far as I know, you are referring to the 'people' now many are in the name of the Holy Cross flag, and even many priests and clerics have been involved?"

    Metternich's voice is very light, just like the old man when chatting whisper: "perhaps we yearn for justice and the voice of the people of Tellus adults, believed that the church had represented people in the empire."


    The Church of the judge hands against the table, and almost jumped in front of Metternich!

    "How, minister to impeach me?!"

    Mianbugaise Metternich nodded slightly, eyes still do not see the passions.

    A moment later.

    Eckhardt S gently rapped on the table, red eyes narrowed, like pondering.

    "So... The judge is of the opinion that the church held an imperial trial, responded to the voice of the people; and that the minister must be cautious, low-key handling of the case."

    The emperor looked up, red eyes shining in the same luster: "let's listen to justice Victor Hughes adult's idea, after all... He is the one who really want to assume the final responsibility."

    At that moment, all eyes were on Victor's body.

    Already undemonstrativeness Yu former judge nodded slightly, eyes motionless, eyes and faces stiff clear form the most distinctive inverse:

    "I do not agree with the church judge said, but...... I agree with him."

    Metternich unconsciously frown, slightly low sigh.

    "The death of Lord Heathcote and Charnley, its meaning beyond the case itself......" Victor looked solemn, look more dignified: "more important is lussac Corvo himself, also is not a case of this problem."

    "If it is a low profile, and do not say will not like the church the judge said Sally, more is to let the original set up sacland Empire law authority of the opportunity to become a private trading conspiracy."

    "I think of how to quell the incident, the pursuit of what is definitely not a good offer."

    Victor quietly said: "but I am not against the minister...... As Metternich said, to meet the demands of the people at all costs... Definitely not the right move."

    Of course the most important point... The imperial trial five days later, the empire is not within what secret; if this time open back... It will only get worse!"

    "Your Majesty, I do not agree or oppose" the voice of the people ", but this kind of thing from the beginning should not exist in the imperial law...... Will be influenced by external forces of the court, not to mention absolutely fair!"

    Voice down, Victor swept the three remaining one eye.

    The church minister and judges, completely unmoved.

    As for the Imperial military affairs minister Severin Dessalio... Victor did not expect, no one expect to get any support from the mouth.

    From A to Z, he supports only one Eckhart majestyqueen.

    "Not touched by external forces the court... It is interesting."

    The church judges looking at him coldly, in a tone of ridicule: "if not the slightest 'justice' in your mouth, have become more divine existence."

    "Both the concept of the difference, sometimes called 'justice' is not absolutely fair, just as most people benefit." Victor rudely interrupted him.

    "Beg to differ! If not for justice, faith and the voice of the people, you so-called justice what is the significance?!"

    "Let the people can live in a power law and not rule the Empire, law-abiding people can get the rights, illegal acts deserve punishment, this is the meaning of" fair "!"

    "So, why do you allow Prince Brandon wizard consultants around to collect evidence, attempting to overturn lussac Corvo?"

    The left eye church judges a contemptuous disregard, even worse: "don't you know the man of the crime has come to a point of it?!"

    "Before the end of the trial set, no one is guilty." Victor has a deep voice: "not to mention no law expressly specified, detainees will not allow others as he cleared!"

    "Even the whole empire people found him guilty?!"

    "Especially the Empire people convicted!"

    Victor suddenly looked up: "will be influenced by external forces of the court... Absolutely not fair!"

    "If the loss of justice... The imperial law also will lose all the significance of its existence!"

    Two people tit for tat, eyes piercing cold filling!

    In the eyes of the judge and no retreat of the imperial church, the judges frown like stirred up, struggling to restrain.

    Sigh the minister Metternich Leopold looked pale, eyes slightly glance toward the side of the Supreme emperor.

    Eckhardt S cross ten, expressionless in the chair.

    Metternich frowned, uneasiness more strongly.

    Think of his royal highness Brandon wizard consultant, remembered by your Majesty's finance minister candidate set early... He felt that this situation today, is your hope.

    But for what?

    The imperial trial held put up a pageantry may be able to temporarily calm people restless mood, but also makes the results more There's no telling...... If you make a decision, there is no room to ease.

    Santa Croce church, conservative faction nobles...... Look at these people tried to kill lussac Corvo, Minister had a feeling of oppression with hair standing on end.

    These people... All is the most staunch supporters of the connaght.

    Don't say... Your plan is......

    "It seems that my cabinet is in favor of the imperial trial."

    "Very well, then we will use this trial... To sacland people to prove the justice of the empire."

    "Since then they want to know the results......"

    "I gave them an account of!"
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