#57 (on) a sudden turn for the worse

    Soon will come to understand the true Lauren, master case lussac is far from the end of time......

    Third days in case of a pharmacist guild, the Royal College Tutor was a neighbor knocked on the witch house, still did not know what was the influx of what house mob violent death, when the garrison soldiers arrived, Montreal is already reduced to fragments of minced meat.

    When the soldiers arrived, these "thugs" not only four scattered, even the anti capture, shouted "long live the Holy Cross", "witch who the hell".

    After this group of people in the garrison Corps will escort, Croce clergymen are the first step to the dungeon...... No one knows what happened, but when the priests left after all "thugs" all out without injury.

    Empire reply is the lack of evidence, it is not clear which group of people who is the murderer; privately, all kinds of speculation beyond imagination tattle and prate, like the plague spread throughout Timor golaud.

    To face the truth, people prefer not to be divulged to the Empire scandal as cheerful as a lark.

    And the traditional civilian class, so the rich and small aristocracy, and stood on the top of the powerful Royal Pyramid structure perfect compared; powerless, but have a special power and good fortune of wizard class pressure coupled with the natural church most vulnerable to spare no effort, jealous hate and suspicion.

    One day he had no, the year the pharmacist guild scandal has spread in the Empire, and more and more outrageous -- from the street, turned into the hundreds of thousands of civilians in the capital district!

    There is even a "guess" the so-called "sacrifice" never stop, imperial wizards have been arrested and even unscrupulous civilians to the aristocracy, they believe in the Cthulhu consecration.

    No evidence of voices of doubt soon disappeared, all kinds of horrible tales and rumors in the popular in the empire!

    What? Do you doubt, ask I will not be too fake?

    How could! What are they, is God's lackeys, the devil's minions!

    What do they do?!

    You, you! Have you!

    How dare you speak to God's lackeys, is going to work for God?!

    Originally just a handful of thugs, quickly became a large-scale riot.

    Always maintain a wait-and-see attitude of the Santa Croce church finally completely stand out, then the pharmacist guild "ugly acts completely", "the imperial The case is entirely cleared." honest "believers see wizards like Santa Croce, see how they disregard for human life.

    Regardless of the church clergy to propaganda, have died in the ruins of the apothecary guild executives, have never excused themselves.

    Originally think they can stay out of the Royal wizard school, also after the tutor died in... The apprentice is not hiding home living in college to leave; the garrison Legion also sent enough troops to protect the Royal academy.

    The tragic death of Heathcote Chan, completely evolved into Santa Croce church launch counterattack... When trying to stop the motion of the church, on this day completely became "the incarnation of justice" and urged that, campaigning for death lussac corvo.

    All this... It is only the beginning of the distance there for 10 days before the Royal trial.

    No one can guess the final judgment of Eckhart majestyqueen... What exactly is.


    "You have to Laurent Turin, at this time for you to really very sorry."

    Sitting behind the desk, "College Tutor Grey Sal with the apology to visit, tone is insisted:" but now the situation outside you must be very clear, if not necessary, I will never do that!"

    "This time you met privately and secretly... In fact, there is no other reason, only one purpose......"

    "You want to know what I want to know how many odds, whether or not I am sure let off the master lussac."

    On the back of a chair Loren deadpan, opening: "and in a leisurely manner... You are not alone, right?"


    Her face smiling middle-aged wizard nod: "the whole Royal wizard school in jeopardy, we are willing to stand behind you, even as it can testify lussac master......"

    "But... You must give us an answer now! Sir Loren... You, how much?"

    The black witch fell silent, a little tired of looking at the wall behind the middle-aged wizard.

    Although guess it will happen, but... Just in the past five days, did not expect the Royal wizard school will hold.

    They... I have started going to church of the Holy Cross to seek reconciliation!

    Of course, is closely related to the Royal Academy and the Royal wizard, even if the matter referred to the last into what extent, can not be completely banned Santa Croce church them.

    But if everything goes as expected...... Imperial wizards for hundreds of years of accumulation of power and status, will be all gone.

    It is also because of this they did not directly surrender, but choose to run and discuss your own...... Moreover, even if the Church cannot take college, but can these wizards on their hands.

    The pharmacist and the tutor guild died... The alarm has become the heart of all.

    Things to this point, the church has the intention to be significantly more obvious... They would like to use the imperial trial, the imperial wizard class one-time lick2!

    If Victor finally woke up, may Loren are yet to find out who is behind, very pleased with oneself in the hands of the witnesses and evidence, that the winner.

    The Church of the Holy Cross, has begun a fundamental solution!

    Victor Huges, Santa Croce church... Wait until the whole empire all identified lussac is a heinous, heinous.

    He could move out of evidence... Also It doesn't help the situation!

    See the black haired wizard face, Grey Sal's face is very ugly: "you really can hold... No chance?"

    Hold an eyebrow, to God: "can I ask a question?"

    "What's the problem?"

    "Although it may be very strange, but......" The face forced smile, Loren sink a track: "your college is just a teacher died, plus the garrison Legion has blocked the school, you... How about the settlement?"

    "It must be a tutor, or put in powerful people in this school."

    Grey Sal frowned: "Laurent Turin sir, this thing is all of us......"

    "The imperial wizard consultant, Eyre Byrd, the master... Right?" Lauren shining eyes, interrupted him.

    Frozen Grey Sal frowned, silent.

    After a moment, he was hard nodded slightly, a long sigh.

    "So, you come here asking me, I also don't want to know if I have to grasp." Lauren looked up: "but Eyre Byrd master allows you to" notification "i......"

    "The Royal wizard school, has been prepared and Croce church!"

    "As the master of lussac off... First you please me." Deadpan Roland, like in the automatic speaking: "until now, but you are ready to give up, and I also put the backhand lussac master sell."

    "You... Dry really pretty!"

    Her black hair wizard, growl out every single word or phrase.

    "Sorry!" Grey Sal's head.

    Black eye is like a wizard of silence, what thinking.

    Chuishou middle-aged wizard stood along the item, humble not to utter a single word.

    The Royal wizard school never quit... It is willing to stand on the side of the master lussac are not many people who, if the imperial trial itself alone, it is bound to lose the!

    Since Elbert Tarlow is the one who wants to settle their masters, so I need to find out what forced him to have to compromise, and even to the Chamberlain's identity... To the point of Santa Croce church bow and scrape!

    "Please... Eyre Byrd, convey Tarot master, that I am willing to accept this result."

    "However, he must tell me why!"
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