#48 you take what I win?! (2)

    Thirty million -?!

    The banquet hall was boiling!

    Taiwan under the Claremont pale, everywhere around the guests were shocked and loud noises, the "great game" atmosphere to a climax of hitherto unknown!

    Even if it is standing in the corner, he could see the hypocrisy and aristocratic past billionaires now face are all excited to the extreme expression... The enthusiastic atmosphere, let him start breathless.

    He did not understand what happened on the table, is the result of a small accident, Yoder so big in the middle stakes gambling as sure as a gun!

    If in order to let Brandon wizard adviser to his highness of debt, the opportunity to control ten million draw him enough, this is not for the relationship between the two sides to a deadlock.

    Thirty million...... There is no doubt that he is going to completely kill small yoder!

    In the face of overbearing little Yoder, pondered for a moment the small Yoder shook his head: "I'm very sorry... I can not get Sanqianwanlai now."

    "Never mind!"

    Small Yoder sneer: "money can lend you Yoder chamber of commerce... It is of interest free loans, no collateral, more do not accept a point of interest!"

    Because now you have even a penny also dig out, sleight of hand!

    In a moment just to brand, small Yoder had secretly glance at his card - red, black seven, white eight...... A full twenty points.

    Laurent Turin, today you're dead -!

    Small Yoder now only worried about one thing, that is the black wizard may discard the risk does exist, after all, up to thirty million of the bet, for anyone will be as discreet as possible; and he deliberately took out his evidence of cheating threat to yourself, in the eyes of small Yoder is lack of performance.

    As Luo Lun said, if the next every game he discard it, would eventually lose about five million and five hundred thousand... This is definitely not a small number to yoder.

    See still pretending to be calm, playing with the black card wizard, small Yoder heart more convinced that he is from the beginning to calm now are all fitted out, I'm afraid nervous to lose self-control?

    Thought of here, a small mouth Yoder across a ferocious arc.

    "Lauren Viscount, if you think can rely on the discard onto a big gamble end, you are completely mistaken!" Small Yoder sneers, continue to give the black wizard pressure:

    "Yes, the twenty-one rule is a card for a bureau, but the" great game "rules do not lose all in - bet before, no one came to an end!"

    The banquet hall in the increasingly tense atmosphere, is also increasingly a breathless.

    Time... As if still in this moment.

    The golden red flames, the flow of air, trembling heart...... All frozen at this moment.

    Always thought the black wizard squinted, right hand on the table that a mere two or three cards, looked up to look grim little yoder.

    At this moment, small Yoder eyes like raging fire.

    All eyes are on the Loren body, all the people are waiting for his final answer.

    What is the choice of the discard for safe, or a stroke in this desperate bureau?

    Any one anyone can see small Yoder if not got the absolute advantage card is impossible so rampant -- his points should be at least eighteen, or even nineteen or twenty.

    In other words, even if he wanted to hold and draw his points at least or less than eighteen... This sounds very simple, but very little from twenty-one points in this game!

    Thirty numbers into a group of three, there are four thousand and sixty combinations! Let alone twenty-one points, after almost all small Yoder away in the big, he got twenty points with probability 1% are not!

    At this moment, the banquet hall is almost not many people optimistic about the Brandon Royal wizard consultant, most even confirmed he will discard captive... After all, the absolute disadvantage, but not a fool knows how to size up the situation.

    Only Lena Desaliang still calm, look at the small eyes Yoder and even more a pity.

    Stage two people have fled every act and every move her gaze...... Now the Laurent Turin far more than his dice should be calm, that is clearly a winner's performance.

    His strong stabilization, his action... Are all deliberately do to see small yoder.

    Thirty million... No, no, deliberately to lure small Yoder bait, Lauren's goal is definitely not the money, only thirty million of the chamber of Commerce for Yoder is definitely not an unbearable burden......

    Difficult, don't say?!

    "If you have never mind, I will not insist."

    Look at the small Yoder Loren expression grim, dark eyes still deep and quiet, but more than a decidedly:

    Thirty million, "I'll bet you!"

    In a word, completely detonated the entire banquet hall!

    The black Wizard makes the original sound confident sonorous and forceful, small Yoder face a panic...... No, he can't see how a little scared?

    Bluff... Yes! It must be so, he deliberately bravado, he imagined that by this means to me......

    Not to worry about what my card, but 20, unless he got blackjack or I'll win... This one-on-one game, blackjack is impossible to get! But, but even the casinos are on my side, how can they......

    "I warned you, you little yoder."

    Loren cold voice interrupted his small Yoder suddenly looked up, make blind and disorderly conjectures, see is the Dark Wizard significant smile:

    "I also gave you the retreat, and often and often persuade you not to do so;"

    "But if you are so firmly, then don't blame me......"


    For a moment, a small white head Yoder, pupil instantaneous diffusion.


    Do not give him the opportunity to go back, with his Loren 3 card opened according to the table: "my card is white, black, black 10 9, a total of 21!"

    "What do you want to beat me?!"

    Giant earthquakes and landslides --!!!!

    The banquet hall to the wealthy elite, to the waiter and the maid dealer, all terrified, surprised to incredible!

    The old dealer has completely stopped, looked at the motionless convulsed with fear and small Yoder are still indifferent black wizard, be like thought of what, chanweiwei turned to fight with all my might shout out:

    "The second round, twenty-one Viscount Loren of Yoder, you bet twenty, thirty million victory!"

    The ballroom is a screaming!

    According to sacland twenty-one rules, and in twenty-one the rate for a compensation of ten, that is to say to give Laurent Yoder chamber of Turin for three hundred million!

    The money is equivalent to the sacland empire for nearly a year and a half of the tax!

    How could this be, how......

    He's lying, yes, they are lying, you can not lose......

    How can I lose, how could I lose to a magic guy......

    He is cheating, cheating... Yes, it must be so! Is he cheated!

    You cheat -- "!!!!"

    Stay small Yoder suddenly hoarse howl: "impossible! How can you get twenty-one points?! False, all false, is you cheat, you and the old dealer collusion to get twenty-one points!"

    "I'm cheating?"

    Hold a sneer, hold the hands of cards in front of a small set of Yoder panic: "before saying this, I suggest you need to know what the consequences are, and understand what he is not saying this qualification, you little yoder."

    Suddenly a little stiff, Yoder shocked.

    "Just bet, if I have to do what will make you feel any discomfort, or local discomfort, also please forgive."

    A right hand turn the cards, Loren hid in the sleeves, to see the small Yoder eyes is like watching a living dead, mouth revealing a cold smile:

    "Please Yoder ready value of three hundred million chamber of Commerce Silver Gold bonds before I leave, or at least equal valuables... The chamber of Commerce for your reputation, I am willing to believe."


    Plasma red mouth out with the hands of cards, small Yoder collapsed on the table.
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