#46 (under the tongue)

    The banquet hall fell silent again.

    It won the victory of the small Yoder at the moment but no half joy, a cold sweat collapsed on the chair, Dakoutaikou panting, resentful eyes bloodshot.

    Black Witch but indifferent sat there playing with the chips, eyes narrowed a crack, seemed to meditate the next plan.

    At that moment to see both sides of the hand, Loren finally figured out one thing.

    Before their own kind... Or, too simple.

    The wizard and the Emperor Wen golaud casino in the size of the chamber of commerce are inextricably linked, both sides can come to this step is the result of mutual support, wizards status also need financial support to the chamber of commerce.

    So I started the plan only to beat a small Yoder a person, don't think he obviously had already won the ten million dice, they still choose to cooperate with Yoder chamber of commerce.

    But in fact this is folly... With just a wizard is of course consultant than sitting on the southern half of the wealth of the chamber of Commerce Yoder strength is more powerful, and more favorable and small Yoder alliance, was only a nameless real wizard consultant. If they see their eyes not Brandon's not even worth!

    Expect to use ten million to let them change mind, that's impossible!

    "...... Trying to control an ability of independent thinking... No matter how low the biology and there is very stupid, it is extremely arrogant move......"

    Lena Dessalio said is right, I stupid, too arrogant... Continuously victory, really make them as a paper like display, novel supporting, thought that as long as several victory can let them see the situation.

    He completely forgot, in the eyes of these people will see the benefits, will be based on the situation is good or bad situation, is the same as their own... Living, thinking of biological foolish prejudice.

    Since they are still stubborn, then you also have to help them understand the situation.

    Two, the "......" The old dealer trembling again open, still low head, facial expression is better than one more nervous: "you can start the next round?"


    Although the Dark Wizard only lightly said, but in the old dealer's ear is tantamount to beast bite before the growl; Loren ignored his opposite eyebrow:

    "How do you like it, you little yoder... Dare to continue and I bet it?"

    "And what not?!"

    The childe still grinning, a fierce look; but to the people around the eyes is tantamount to stern appearance in stubble, could not help shaking his head.

    At the moment he is a completely lost, anxious eyes gambler; when manners, politeness, hearty laughter is totally gone, only a pair of scarlet blood eyes.

    A chamber of Commerce Yoder's successor, actually so easily angered by the other side, it is disappointing... There are a lot of people are very clear, under the same situation, not many guys can afford.

    The first is in the grasp of the dice on lost ten million, followed by a Dark Wizard repeated threats -- can stick to now not completely hysterical in the first inning, enough to prove that the little Yoder your conservation level.

    "Then the beginning of the second round."

    In a flash card, all eyes once again to two people in the center of the stage; staring at the black wizard small Yoder, twitching cheek is flushed.

    And at that moment, almost no one noticed the old dealer who they secretly washed out a card.

    The second round of the Ming, Loren a white two, small Yoder is a red...... Good luck still seems shrouded in the chamber of Commerce Yoder heir.

    But only one person knows lauren... His hand is a black ten, while the small Yoder is black seven, barely pulled one back.

    Two white and black ten, the red and black seven... Twelve points to twelve points, a draw.

    The key to victory or defeat, in the first three cards!

    The black wizard eyes slightly contracted, hold the card right even sweating... You must go to a third card, but also allow small Yoder initiative together with his fill only the odds.

    So... Just like that cheat him?

    No... Although he has some chaos, but the same as never again second times... If your plan is good opportunity for him through, so a lifetime may be wasted.

    "Do not intend to continue to hold a card, and then forced me again?" Red eyes small Yoder suddenly "jest" a word, just smile a little bit ferocious:

    "So confound appearance, not your style!"

    "The card is too small, no confidence." Loren face a formulaic smile, keep right on their cards:

    "I see you this round of good luck indeed, you little yoder."

    "Well, you can not hold the Viscount, just to win ten million of the gamble said."

    Although only a small action, but small Yoder almost immediately noticed the Dark Wizard not natural right, my heart suddenly ecstasy!

    Sure enough... He the game card is still small, Claremont they did not deceive me!

    "No, on the contrary... Because I have won ten million, I will say."

    Black Witch insipid sighed, smiled very tired and helpless expression: "this is just a suggestion, small Yoder sir," great game tonight "......"

    "May even draw?"


    Small Yoder suddenly shocked, surprised to see to the cool look dark wizard.

    "If you don't agree, I can for a play." Loren lazy shrug:

    "Now I have almost ten million chips, in accordance with the following each round of abstention, eventually lost about five million and five hundred thousand can drag the end."

    "So... Now I can get these five million and five hundred thousand chips to you? In this way, you won the second inning game of cards and half chips, and I also got enough for miss Lena to pay off the debt amount and the first game of dice, this "big game."... We draw."

    Hear this explanation, small Yoder expression becomes somewhat subtle.

    He is not a person, even the guests to see the table on a strange scene, although also began to There were many discussions. Had just lost a black haired wizard, but he won the bet is still as high as eight million and five hundred thousand, plus his five hundred thousand chips and nine million silver coins, far from time to admit defeat!

    Do... He found what?

    The table under the eyes staring at the black wizards hung indifferent smiling face, want to get an answer from this guy on the face take it leisurely and unoppressively.

    Wrong... This guy is and just, he deliberately cheat small yoder!

    Deadpan Lena Dessalio Jiao Qu shaking lightly, black rimmed eyes under the red pupil suddenly gave a little excited, excited as it is to see the most wonderful drama, even in the limbs are shaking.

    He caught what is the key to handle, to coerce small Yoder, put him over the edge!

    It is... It was wonderful, very exciting... In this guy to take a gamble was right!

    See conspiracy to hide under the table moves inside the contest, add a bit of luck......

    This is the true meaning of gambling!

    "Is it......" Bloodshot eyes small Yoder sneer: "if I don't agree?"

    "Absolutely so don't speak, you will agree." Black hair look very confident wizard:

    "Oh, excuse me Yoder chamber of Commerce in the empire gold store about how much?"

    "Well?" Looked up small Yoder Alert: "why do you ask?"

    "Even so the chamber of Commerce, if suddenly encountered a temporary run... It should also be confused?" Lauren still smile:

    "And this thing compared... Don't think that my proposal to you, is really a bargain?"

    "What the hell are you talking... Huh?!"

    The sound stopped small Yoder look completely stiff on the face, only the eyes are constantly trembling!

    The central palm Loren covered, with a small dice!

    "Small Yoder sir, you'd better think about what you really want to say what." Lauren mood completely cold down:

    "I'll give you one last chance......"
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