#43 stare (on)

    "I give up!"

    At that moment to see the final results, livid face small Yoder not hesitate a moment to throw in the towel, cold look no half waves face hair wizard:

    "Congratulations, Loren Viscount, you win this bureau!"

    Then, he took up his glass on the table and drank, Touyebuhui turned away.

    Not only because I lost all ten million chips, but their It is all up with...... If you don't decisive defeat, then the situation will only become increasingly unfavorable.

    Continue to lose again, losing is not just their own capital, and the foundation of dignity and himself with the chamber of Commerce Yoder victory again and again the fierce!

    The purpose of his visit is not just gambling, but to conquer the Empire completely in this way the size of the chamber of Commerce, let them see the situation and choose Yoder chambers of commerce not to himself.

    If you can't let them understand Yoder chamber of financial resources, can not understand how he will dare to tell themselves against people in hell... What they get their allegiance?

    The banquet hall is still a noisy sound of amazing, a lot of people's eyes are staring at the table ten million... It is definitely not what "small number", even the president of the chamber of Commerce many unions, all their money may not have this number!

    Sacland empire in the first half of the full tax, but also one hundred and twenty million silver coins; in front of the prince Brandon wizard consultant only the first round, winning the 1/24 annual tax of the empire!

    And the ugly little Yoder had slipped into a corner of the hall, eating thing and whispered to the person next to small quarrel, apparel is Yoder chamber of Commerce.

    As for the original is still waiting for the banquet hall, smiling president of claremont... In the ten million win Loren instantly disappeared Not the least trace was found. who also don't know, where he went.

    "This is the Viscount, Loren, you win chips and gold bonds... Do we need to help you all cash, or a loan?"

    The old dealer has completely lost the beginning of the calm, trembling over the hill as many chips and bonds, withered hands kept trembling.

    "Not yet, you must be very small Yoder want to win back, I have to give him this opportunity." Lauren indifferent expression, picked up a stack of gold bonds offered the old dealer:

    "These are your hard money tonight, have to trouble you to tidy up here, please help me and miss Lena to a room on the top floor, tonight we must walk away......"

    "Thank you! Thank you, I'm going to Viscount, ready, will bless your holy cross"

    Surprised look old dealer of the take over and covered with confusion, although compared to ten million is not much, but in the imperial chamber of Commerce Yoder very good credit, a dozen gold bond value is over one hundred and twenty thousand silver coins!

    In "unexpected rewards" enthusiasm driven by the old dealer looks old but amazing enthusiasm, quickly tidied up the table, and call a waiter to prepare the room for the black wizard and miss Lena; the last is still not assured, personally went to the roof.

    At the moment he left in a hurry, and did not notice the always smiling brunette wizard, "accidentally" let a dice fell into his pocket......

    "You look very proud ah, your Highness Prince wizard consultant adults."

    No expression of the "black rimmed glasses" stood beside the sound of words in Loren, there seems to be a little unconvinced: "this is only the first game, but a little good luck."

    "Oh... Miss Lena had to come over, just to remind me to be careful?" Hold up the corners of the mouth, the sly laugh: "I moved to cry!"

    "Don't flatter yourself, I just agreed in compliance with our previous." A HMF, "black rimmed glasses" raise your eyebrows: "Isaac Grantham, you are in my eyes and big little mouse almost."

    "Look not to come out... Actually you love Isaac so?"

    "If you put the same similar to" heat ", I have reservations."

    The girl still relentless: "most of the human brain is only about the size of a walnut, can think of things extremely poor, stupid and throughout the year not every hour and moment in estrus, see women and property expressions with the donkey almost on drugs."


    "Unfortunately, the Great Holy Cross let me become the stupid moron populations, but it is not equal to anything VAILLANT, let me have any feelings for a group of retarded and temperament confusion of the beast."


    "I don't know how you do it, but I know you must cheat, but from the beginning." Lena pushed his black rimmed glasses, a dead man's face to see loren:

    "I know the reason why you are dragging the last step in addition to bet reasons, more is to confirm whether the small Yoder cheating -- from the view of results, the answer is yes."


    "Oh... Why don't you speak?"


    The whole for 5 minutes, finally recovered from the shock of the Dark Wizard long out of breath, won the table with gold bond box: "this is the million gold bonds, please be sure to take good."

    The girl had no slight frown, take over the plan: "this is not what we say, great game isn't over."

    "On the contrary, because no end I will give you the money." Loren look very solemnly: "from now on you I don't have any doubt, but will you as my sincere ally!"

    This is a deliberate Loren in five minutes after the... If this is really miss Lena Desaliang seduce your bait, deliberately pit their bait, then whether or not to help her pay off the debts, have their every act and every move in her hands!

    "You... I'm not afraid to take the money and run directly?"

    "Fear, fear of course... But do not what meaning." The black witch sighed: "but even wait until the end to give you the money, but can you?"

    "Miss Lena, you name Desaliang... Even as members of the royal family, I was not a little wizard consultant can touch, if I really want to with you, I am afraid he will wait until after you help me finish the job."

    "But in this way, I will have one more worry... Not many can take a one-time two million silver Empire, but it is definitely a lot; I do consider that you may be likely to buy others, financially and fight them, absolutely no chance of winning."

    "So just to help me to pay off the debt, with small means the good to ensure their alliance?"

    The girl shrugged, a somewhat obvious Qingheng disdain: "it is a pity to waste me, for you still have a look of intelligence."

    "...... Disappointed really sorry ah let you."

    Loren mouth twitching, smile on his face very stiff: "that do not know... If you have what is a better way?"

    "It is very simple, I will not put the fate and hope in others, all from the worst start." Lena saw a black wizard meaningful eye:

    "Trying to control an ability of independent thinking... No matter how low the biology and there is very stupid, it is extremely arrogant move!"

    "Do you still want to know how to win back the debt for me two million, Laurent Turin... Although I never expect you will succeed."

    "Then why did you bring me here?"

    "Well... Anyway, as you said a pleasure which would cost nothing; my name is Desaliang, they did not dare to leave me."


    The answer is really invincible!

    Desperately rubbed his face, was recovered from the "black rimmed glasses" hit the shock of black hair wizard, see small Yoder has re sat opposite him, livid face has not seen much smile.

    "Cough... Two gentlemen, since both sides are ready, so is to start the second round of the game?"

    Trembling old dealer go again to the central table, hands playing with a fine card:

    "In accordance with the rules of the two round of poker game... After we discuss the subject of this game is......

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