#39 starts the game! (on)

    "Laurent Turin adults, miss Lena, two of the original here, so I am looking for a long time!"

    Claremont president smiling elusive sound is not general, it has been standing in the Dark Wizard's desk: "do not know also satisfied with the dinner tonight, if there is something please ask for love."

    "Although the auction will have to wait until after midnight, but if the adults Loren and miss Lena speak, we will stay in any case for 2!"

    Looking back the black wizard mouth hung formula smile, eyes are entirely on a young man beside the president of Claremont on each other, that's shining eyes staring at him in the same.

    Her brown black Weijuan hair, dark pupil and slightly tilted with a hint of indelible pride; Turquoise brooch in the chest, wearing a red long sleeved black Byrne open collar only young people hands behind the back, slender tall stature such as pine.

    But not arrogant but high-profile publicity, know the convergence...... From head to toe, give a person a kind of unspeakable arrogance childe temperament, totally unexpected is just a no title of nobility, the son of the president of the chamber of Commerce, without the slightest breath of the philistine.

    "The first meeting, Laurent Turin."

    Mouth evoke the young man ignored next to the Claremont, still talking, one step ahead of the opening: "in the father is the president of the chamber of Commerce Yoder, can you call me little Yoder on it."

    Then, he directly extended her right hand: "I am your opponent tonight, please exhibitions!"

    Smiling brunette wizard and he shook hands, eyes glanced was hanging in there, some embarrassment to the president of claremont... It seems like all the rich young master, who also ignore those of others.

    But how do you say... From head to foot like nature itself, without affectation, it does not make people feel disgusted.

    "You are really very kind, I'm just a little wizard."

    Lauren performance very lightly, and not too much enthusiasm; themselves and each other is not what friendship at all, they do not intend to and one of Byrne's main pull much daikin.

    Brandon and the Countess of Sherlock after a formal marriage, it should consider how to deal with them, but not now.

    "A royal wizard consultant, honorary Viscount is only a" little wizard ", then we are the 'small merchants' and what?"

    Small Yoder hearty laugh: "too modesty is not what good yo, I heard you Loren; however, you have to beat the game tonight in the new successor Charnley count, and defeat!"

    "Oh... I remember the last time he lost the virtue, has been a few years ago... Claremont you say?"

    "That was five years ago... Now a small Charnley count chess is not only the capital, is one of the best in the whole empire; to win is almost no more."

    President Clement did not seem to be angry, first name was not the same, but smiling nodded: "you can make him lose hold of sincerely convinced, higher level of count obviously several levels!"

    Of course he has defied the Claremont president capital controls the West sacland and Eboden Gem Trade Chamber of Commerce, perhaps in the north is also called the imperial large chamber, but even gold and sitting on the right of exploitation Yoder chamber compared to what all is not!

    If not because of this casino is also implicated in many imperial upper nobility, and even family Charnley such history Haozu shares, even small Yoder are reluctant to deal with them.

    Even Lauren, for him is just barely able to see... Your Highness Prince cronies around, only to let him "good groveller"; in Byrne, and want to talk about business at least Yoder chamber of commerce is also personally to count.

    A place like Arles was poor and far, if not Arles and governor Byrne personally opening, Yoder was stationed there to chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce to do business, for their business meager leather and iron ore trade.

    By virtue of the chamber of Commerce Capital and mine as a backup, Yoder chamber of Commerce had branches throughout the south, and even began to push north as heir to the chamber of Commerce in small Yoder Empire, is a part of development plan of the chamber of Commerce yoder.

    He knew his father sent to golaud karambunai, not only to play the northern chamber of a slap in the face, but there are more long-term purpose.

    In the past hundred years, the bulk of trade north are always Eboden's freedom of nobility and their monopoly of these Southern Ocean Fleet, they want to participate in the chamber of commerce is impossible, it is all over the Duchy of Ai Le Mans businessman Eboden territory.

    But this is different from the past... Blood drug events make Eboden weakened, many liberal nobles were head cut off, the Bellini family of such commercial Haozu is almost destroyed.

    The chamber of Commerce Yoder, it is a golden opportunity!

    As long as you can succeed in persuading the house of Lords and the Empire Imperial Cabinet, and he gains the Wen greatly small chamber of Commerce Chamber of commerce can help Yoder while Eboden has never recovered before the first step to occupy their left blank.

    Even... Reached out to the legendary ocean fleet, will spread to overseas branches of the imperial chamber of commerce......

    Here the small Yoder, looking at her even more heated Loren cut.

    Two people were deliberately touting the slightly worn Loren mouth: "good luck."

    Whether or not the good luck, I'll definitely not and you play chess, too boring, even a couple of minutes to 1 million, to see the outcome!"

    A pair of small Yoder impatient attitude, the blink of an eye with his hands behind a strength: "as I said is gambling, it should be all luck talk...... Sir Loren, have no interest in playing dice?"

    "Of course, I don't mind to accompany you a disk or card or...... If you have confidence in their own luck, after all... If you lose too much, accompany you to miss Lena also must face light?"

    Here, he was grinning deliberately glanced blankly "black glasses", as hinted at what.

    It is overbearing momentum, in front of the small but Yoder said is like that for Lauren, behoove.

    Loren mouth hung indifferent smile, did not speak.

    This is an absolutely asymmetric "battle" -- even if you really can from the hands of Jod win 2 million silver coins, but also on such a sitting neither painful nor itching and gold metallurgy industry family.

    But for myself... Don't even want to come up with half a million million, it is very difficult; once they have huge debts in the news to Brandon's reputation is absolutely fatal blow.

    Although by virtue of the relationship between the two, let Brandon help himself to help his palace in the sky about debt relief is not difficult, but this way the two sides had fairly mutually beneficial relationship is completely broken, they also owe him a are not always clear!

    Aas Muriel was once again in favor of "torture" after Loren absolute did not want to go back on this "debt".

    "Otherwise... Each step back, the game is divided into two?"

    Is always hanging on the side of the Claremont president again in said: "the first game than the dice, then replaced second cards... This will not only have the luck to compete against each other, two think?"

    "I have no problem, as long as you agree to hold!" It is a small Yoder hearty laugh, and waved: "but since Claremont president has let you hold the rules give every bet, can be determined by me?"

    "No problem." A calm is very decisive Loren promised down: "I don't know how much you want to bet?"

    "Then... Five hundred thousand."

    Small Yoder smile Sheng, mouth revealing a tiger: "by rolling the dice to count, a round of five hundred thousand."

    Of course, whether you win the number I will lose much, accompany you to play a card, as long as... What time do you have that feeling?"

    Loren did not directly answer, but looked back behind Lena, "black glasses" is still deadpan, but in a moment he turned over, but deliberately avoided the eyes.


    The next moment, take a deep breath in the Dark Wizard turned to face a smile:

    "No problem!"
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