#33 will you play cards? (on)

    At noon, the Royal wizard school gate, Loren met already here waiting for the Grey Sal wizard, four mesh two relatively nodded and walked toward the school.

    Even after Chamberlain was killed, the atmosphere in the school is still orderly, like everything in good order and well arranged continuous rotation of the gear, and is very harmonious.

    But... Can still see some clues.

    Holding the book and reel wizard apprentice, low head;

    Originally bustling, can hear the loud discussion that fountain and lawn everywhere, now empty;

    From time to time have caught their mentor, just nod to hold the forehead, even have to greet each other......

    "Because of the death of Lord Heathcote, recently there are a lot of negative voices within the imperial wizard." One side of Grey Sal quietly said: "there are rumors, said the Wizards killed the imperial chancellor."

    "The garrison Corps Patrol has searched two times in the school, especially in a hundred team name is to protect the school safety, is to monitor;"

    "The alchemists' Guild and guild, workshop, large and small group wizard... From the investigation of different degree, and some also forced to dissolve, or be the door provocation bigot and refugee smashed the door open shop, go to unsustainable proportions;"

    "The apprentice who dare to leave alone, who is insecure... If not because of Eyre Byrd and the Royal Master title, outside the school for wizards would have stood in protest, or is ordered to door closed?"

    Followed by the black haired wizard always did not speak, just follow each other's footsteps.

    "We did not urge you, also want to know the master lussac cleared, is almost impossible."

    Gray Salton Dun, voice choked: "but go on like this... The Royal wizard school will be destroyed those rumors!"

    "Royal backing, and is on a par with the Imperial College furnace, the central capital industry."

    The head is not back light Loren to ask him: "in any case, your majesty will keep this college, isn't it?"

    "But if that day, imperial wizards for hundreds of years to strive for the right to work in just ways in Royal former cabinet position into Ukraine will have!"

    Grey Sal's face is very heavy, seem to be worried about Loren do not understand the meaning: "you are a wizard, not even to Brandon sir, do you want to see sacland wizard to be as miserable as Lothar wizards point?!"

    We want to say what was the Loren Grey Sal hand stopped, middle-aged wizard is very sad sigh: "I'm sorry, I was talking too much, you are prince Brandon wizard consultant, will give priority consideration for your highness is you should do."

    "Miss Lena Desaliang now in the library of the innermost layer of the study, that Isaac Grantham was selected for his" special "your place; she seems to have guessed you back, so have not left."

    The middle-aged wizard nod: "please don't be too hard on her, miss Lena is a good man, say goodbye."

    The black wizard nodded and turned to walk towards the library.


    The study is very quiet, to Yulianluolun steps and pushed the door becomes crystal clear sound, light also let him have no place to hide in front of the "black glasses".

    At the moment of the door, the sight was looked up surrounded by a pile of books conscious girl, after seeing people sighed, in the hands of the book aside.

    Black haired wizard a bit unexpected: "do you know me?"

    "No, but I know you must come to Isaac Grantham." Lena Dessalio face numbness, decadent scratched the long hair, a pair of fate:

    "Say it, how much to pay money?"

    "Oh?" Lauren at.

    "Although I want to say... You just got beat me." The girl is very helpless sigh: "but who let me put my name Desaliang, wounded in the sky palace will come to you the trouble, this is the only way you can make Jiehen, I don't have to be."

    "You... A lot of money?"

    "No, we can only give you a thirteen to nine ious;? Golaud Timor is the highest level of usury."

    Can also go up?"

    "Should not." Black glasses is no shrugged: "but if you like, 'maybe' can you back."


    Calm down the mood, Loren's face was just perfect smile: "you misunderstood, miss Lena, I'm not in retaliation for you to come."

    "On the contrary, in the next goal is to compensate you by because of Isaac's loss, and also ask you to do me a favor."

    The black wizard took the last sentence is very light, like deliberately to a belt like.

    "Oh, my compensation?"

    Dumb girl seemed surprised, subconsciously pushed that some big exaggerated black glasses: "this really is the first time someone told me so."

    Well, all her attention on the front of a top... Hung white full smile Loren face, his hands crossed in front of him:

    "Isaac... Is a self-esteem strong guy, want to let him face to face to admit mistakes is very difficult, especially had to admit his defeat to the others, so I had to come forward by the."

    "I know it is unfair to you, but please Miss Lina can understand -- as long as you are willing to help me and can compensate for a 'busy', if you open any conditions."

    Although this is shameless, but now the distance and 27 days trial; even for just in case, it is impossible in a witness who spend too much time.

    There are still many doubts the whole case, still do not know who is the murderer of behind the scenes; in this time urgent situation and investigation as soon as possible, and to ensure that the witness... I really do not have much choice.

    Black rimmed glasses girl still chin meditation, huge frame and Brandon is behind those red eyes flashing strange luster, light circulation.

    Dark Wizard is wise to keep quiet, waiting for the miss Lena the last condition; himself picked up the teapot on the table, pour a full cup of mint tea for myself.

    In this world do not drink tea, a cup of fragrant mint tea is probably one of the few can be refreshing, also does not have any side effects of the drinks.

    "You just said... Any of the conditions can be, right?"

    The girl looked up, a pair of red pupil in glasses very bright: "so 'money'?"

    "No problem, cash or real estate?" Black witch is very casual shrug, the request of the other party is really so directly let him unexpectedly.

    As Brandon's adviser and honorary wizard Viscount, Loren salary is two times more than ordinary Royal entourage, plus in Deepwood and Eboden accumulated assets, he has no money.

    If you want to store or land or something... Although it is not so good, but let the Royal wizard school should think of a way is possible; for this reason as soon as possible to master lussac cleared, they should not refuse.

    "My creditors have cash, cash only." Lena Dessalio shook his head face numbness.

    Yes, how much?"

    "All in silver words......" She thought for a moment: "is almost two million."


    The hot tea spewing out, almost spilled a face girl.

    Loren really shocked at lotario even in Eboden, a sorcerer's Apprentice full tuition is three thousand silver, this wizard consultant almost every year to pay eight thousand of the next.

    That is to say he does not eat or drink for two hundred years are not clear her debt?!

    Of course, this money can not be so - the Royal entourage salary in the empire is not high, because these people are also extra work and income sources, as the post Imperial Cabinet minister and without any compensation.

    But this can also explain this, miss Lena's debt to the extent of exactly how terrible......

    "Well, it looks like you should not have so much money, right?" The girl seems to face numbness this result was no surprise: "you can do it the other way."


    "Can you play cards, not if I can teach you."
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