#29  expected (on)

    "Who is that?"

    Stand in the little wizard at the door, a confused look to follow the stranger to Loren, lips pursed, blue eyes through a somewhat alert.

    Although the other dressed in overalls and cloak a very compact, behind the javelin and spear in the hands of a mercenary is also like to dress up, and even the whole face wrapped up, revealing only a pair of emerald eyes.

    But Ayn Rand's very keen intuition told her that this is a woman, and very beautiful.

    "The messenger from the ancient wood forest elf settlement, Liya miss." A little bow and Loren, the wizard carefully explained: "it was a war dancer, according to her statement, is the master of the elves hunt."

    "Wizard......" The little witch eyes could not help feeling a sound, but then very wary of looking at Loren: "since it is the messenger, why will appear in your room?"

    "Because it is a secret, can not find an outsider." Here the Luolunbuyoude pulled mouth: "of course there are other reasons, but it is too complicated to explain."

    Is simply a distinguished war dancer Liya miss, don't believe this wizard will keep the promise.

    Although reached a cooperation agreement, but if we take dozens of elves came to Deepwood, certainly will cause unnecessary suspicion, and one hundred percent of the Senna family will be found.

    So they will be Loren placed in a deserted farm, there was in the control range of Deepwood within the distance of Castle only less than a quarter of an hour's walk.

    But do not believe that Black Female Elf necromancer, take the initiative to stand up and asked to monitor the Roland, make sure he doesn't use or profit to promise and then deny in succession, he agreed.

    Luca did not feel what is necessary, but the extra insurance is good -- so much a Lauren behind "mercenary accompanying", and the entourage had already occupied his stately bedroom, like curious squirrels everywhere turned.

    "This time I will be very busy, so the Leah and miss hat will be handed to you." Patted the little wizard on the shoulder, very solemnly Loren said: "do not let others find her."

    "Why do you say the accident seems to be the same."

    Although complained, but still Ayn nodded: "although reassuring to me, no one will find out."

    To make this arrangement, of course is self - Lauren according to Luca, a pedestrian after they Leah is his "war dancer", although it looks very young, but in fact has been involved in many times and the ogre battle, he killed more than twenty head!

    Loren had fought and ogre, the monster might understand. If Luca is true, it would be able to safely keep hold of the little wizard and Ayn give her protection.

    "That is the wizard who is your friend?"

    Away with the little wizard doubt, still looking the Leah cannotbut asked: "you seem to care about his way, although a bit strange."

    "Ain Rand is one of the few friends I have, so you say."

    Loren's face hung a formulaic smile: "as a friend, I have to take account of the other's feelings and self-esteem, of course, so some words can not say directly, slightly...... A euphemism."

    In addition, I know you to watch me. But what if there is accident, also want to protect my friend Miss Leah -- this is not in agreement, but I urge you to help."


    "Well?" Loren froze, he had intended to try to convince the female elves, the other even without thinking promised.

    "If you are so attached to this friend, even if I don't, you will think of a way to make my promise." Said the elf woman behoove.

    How would you know?"

    "Of course." Leah proudly stood up: "I am very closely watched you."

    "When you are in our camp, although pretending like confident appearance, but in fact did not end." Leah in a very dull tone and said: "you seem to be very good at persuading others."

    "...... Who told you?"

    "No one, I found myself." Elf woman casually replied, but flashing eyes revealing a trace of pride.

    "Moreover, since this wizard called ain so important to you, so long as I watched him, you will not dare to rogue -- I say right?"

    What is this world because women are so sharp, or said that in fact he is too underestimate women?

    "So...... You are because of this point, only to insist on watching me?" Some of the depressed Loren shrugged: "because of the fear that I will use you?"

    "Not all." The female wizard shook his head: "I am very curious about your human. To be honest the first time I saw you long like this, almost laughing out loud."


    "And for your food, really very strange. Take wheat baked stone to eat fresh vegetables; it has been very good, but also some things don't seem rather baffling, it will be difficult to swallow."

    For a moment, Loren thought the Female Elf is kidding myself. But her face tells Loren, the other is very serious.

    Indeed, compared with the spirit of slim physique, even myself are very tall; as for looks...... Loren can only say that both sides are somewhat different, compared with a standard cannot.

    To explain it, the elves look than the actual age they look smaller; but also because of racial differences in human eyes and they were the same, in turn is probably the same.

    "Since you on the human impression so bad, so why not come with us?" Lauren asked: "in your fellow side is not better? So don't worry about someone will expose you."

    "I said, I'm curious." As he spoke, Leah still did not forget to look around with Loren room, casually looking for a Book: "you look at the castle, village, and history...... All of this, I am very curious."

    Female Elf like emerald eyes sparkled with strange light, as it is to see the treasures of the dragon, even don't forget to look over the fireplace.

    "I think we should first consider a more practical problem."

    In the female wizard to look at the window of the black eagle feather before, Loren coughed quickly. Some unhappy Liya back: "what problem?"

    "Where are you sleeping tonight?"

    Four looked around, Loren sad found a fact that my room is small, but a bed, a table and a small fireplace, there is no extra space.

    That is to say if there is a single bed, another must lie the table bed.

    "I am a guest, of course should I get the bed!" Elf woman behoove replied: "you are a man, do not insist on it?"

    First of all, you are the guest uninvited." The formula of hanging smile, Loren could not help but replied: "secondly, I may have to insist on more than one night!"

    More importantly, if someone come in, how can I explain their own bed and suddenly a woman?"

    "This is not normal? I heard you are such a human nobleman." Elf woman asked.

    "I'm sorry, but I'm not what a gentleman, just a wizard." "Loren laugh" and explained: "no one saw before you enter the castle, the case was found, it may cause some unnecessary alert."

    "What do you have good idea?"

    "I heard that the elves can sleep in the tree." Loren tentatively said, back to look towards the window: "well, there is a tree in the castle, as......"

    A minute later, standing in the hallway Lauren look behind the locked door, and blanket, with a deep sigh.

    "Tonight is not an accident, just relax." Automatic speaking, out from behind Luca gave his honey wine, hold a bite off the cork. Sweet scent through the nostrils.

    "No way, who let me be a good man!"
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