#26  into the trap beast (below)

    Atishoo -- "!"

    A blanket in the hard hat sneezed, shivering squatting beside the fireplace, holding a bowl of hot soup.

    Just from outside the shack back to the castle's hat, he is to report to this period of time to find the black wizard.

    "Are you sure?"

    Loren gently squint eyes, like thinking the same expression: "I mean, not just some rumors and trouble, but there are people behind?"

    "Is absolutely true." Seems to feel each other in doubt, hat quickly argued: "you have to believe me, I did not say half a lie!"

    "That night after the barn fire are not even half a day, has spread outside! People everywhere in the castle Duanliang things, what are. If someone is not deliberately doing the news is not so fast."

    "Not because I put the relief of the bread and potatoes halved?"

    "My master wizard ah, you will not receive relief food." A hat like a grownup sighed, smiled and replied: "now the weather, for those poor people who have food is already very good, who is critical of how much?"

    "Of course, and where people are, but certainly not. But if no one organization, this rebellion is absolutely impossible to climate, less likely to become now."

    "But you may not know, every time as long as the castle guards patrol the left, there will be a bunch of guys in the shack, encouraging young people everywhere that the elderly and the remaining; not only that, I also heard that even many castle guards are in rumor, said the barn had no food!"

    "Even the guards are in rumor?"

    "Is not so, those guys seem to sneak in is ready, those who join them will give a dagger, there are a few potatoes what." A hat from his pocket and handed Loren: "this is me from another guy hands up."

    The hold over looked thin. A texture is very rough, and even have been covered with rust - but in any case, it can also be used as a weapon.

    "This dagger, how many?" Lauren asked: "they have to how many people?"

    "I don't know, but certainly there are hundreds." Hat flat mouth: "although the cover is good, but I still can tell at a glance, the appearance is simply not starved!"

    Lauren in thought. Whether the distribution of food and weapons, and even persuaded to refugees, bought the castle guards, need not a small money can do.

    Stand behind these people, only the Senna family and their dog -- the whole Deepwood only they can have plenty of money, and he do all this.

    The castle will be bought, this point Lauren had expected. After all, these people are used to the Senna family soldier, just because Deepwood count for the people, only their allegiance to Reuven Frider, will be almost normal to.

    But those recruited from refugees and soldiers, compared with a credible loyalty even higher, but I'm afraid I can only be used as guards. If you really make them adhere to the castle, the results will be disappointing.

    Formulate the castle guards, mesmerized by the refugees, together with the Senna family and their cronies private soldiers...... Deepwood walls absolute stop so many enemies, just by virtue of a guard and guard the knights, probably only a day to.

    Even this, the most optimistic estimate is lauren.

    Of course, if it evolved to that step, is the whole Deepwood nobles open rebellion of the problem, the Duke Lothar certainly will not let them -- even if it is only for their own life. These nobles are also not stupid to this step.

    They will mobilize their private soldiers, but the number of absolutely not particularly. Really need to worry about, only those refugees and bought the castle guards.

    Even so, the enemy is too much, just by virtue of a castle is not stand too long time. Sir Aaron at least ten days to return to Deepwood, the Senna family were certainly not to wait for tenth days.

    Within ten days, they will start!

    You must solve the dilemma of manpower shortage, the castle as soon as possible before the knight can castle in front protection, but the enemy will formulate several guards secretly attack, even open the door will riot refugees put in, and then managed to kill Ruben Frider.

    If the raid may be relatively good at words Lauren, but this time it is to protect the count, in front of the staff was pitiful, only by virtue of their impossible everywhere can get into account.

    As for the little wizard...... She can protect themselves lucky enough lauren. I'm afraid I have distracted to Ayn's safety, you can't be free to take this opportunity to hide behind Barry Senna and his cronies!

    How to do what...... Let as Gabriel begin?

    No, that a granary can also explain for himself ready, but if a group of nobles in their home was attacked by a vampire...... Just a minute, he and Ayn will be taught to hunt.

    Aas Muriel is the only helpless choice, and also his last card. And now they need to be able to appear in conventional forces, under a public occasion.

    Brooding black wizard hiding in the fireplace not to utter a single word, the hat is not silent, quietly drinking soup, room only firewood in the flame crackling sound of voices.

    The room came knocking at the door, a guard Knight panting came in a letter to the Black Witch: "Laurent Turin sir, this is sent from the ancient wooden forest border tower, arrived this afternoon!"

    "Hard." The man nodded from the other hand took the envelope. After Sir Aaron had left, Loren temporarily replace the military manager position, has become the whole marquisate of people responsible for the defense of the nominal.

    Although a wizard of the job is really too wonderful, if in peacetime those nobles would raise the roof. But now everyone's attention in the cold and the reform above, naturally no one will pay attention to these things of no great importance.

    More importantly, Loren surveillance in this castle are far more than the monitor Reuven much less aware of the young count of natural power to him, so it can ensure that a message is not leaked.

    After opening just swept one eye, dark pupil immediately shrink it, changed the expression immediately to see that guard Loren Knight: "this is what time?!"

    "Yesterday." Guard Knight quickly replied: "they have been waiting for a night, but due to the agreement does not have direct access to the marquisate, otherwise the message will be delivered last night."

    "Border guards immediately to the tower, to arrange a meeting tomorrow morning I will depart, let these distinguished guests who patiently wait a night."

    "Yes, sir Turin laurent!" The knight guard immediately turned to leave, because even go too hastily, even forgot to turn off the door of the room.

    His hat quickly stood up to shut the door, looked curiously at the mouth evoke a smile: "uh, lauren...... What's happening?"

    "Well... You don't have too much to tell me!" Immediately realized his talkative hat, hurriedly waved his hand: "I was curious, not really want to know!"

    "This is really a secret, and not let others know." Some pondering smiled, raised his head slightly looked at the boy that looks like Loren covered with confusion: "but you are not" other people ", you are" hat ", so of course I can tell you."

    "From the ancient wood forest in the direction of the emergence of a group of elves, they seem to be the messenger of ancient wood forest settlements, came to Lothar for help."

    "The wizard ah......" Ve never seen the elves long what kind of hat, just feeling a cry: "why would you be so happy?"

    "It is because I had been seeking for a long time. They are."

    Smile at Roland, under the gaze of confusion hat saying stupid words.
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