#21  premeditated (on)

    "Laurent Turin sir, how are you - I mean, my Lord?"

    Into the map room of Rand family home, Visalli Rand, very surprised at his black hair was back to the wizard, but still with a pleasing tone asked.

    There are a dozen noble followed behind, is also very strange, face and even exposed some bad feeling. They are heard Ruben Frider call to meet them this is the wizard called lauren.

    After such a long time, these people also know how to trust the Luwen wizard consultant, said he can even point, but does not count, is not worthy of their hard to please.

    Some people have even smell a conspiracy, quietly hiding in the back of the crowd, ready to run away.

    "The count has other things to deal with, so I received several." Smiled and turned the Roland, snapped his fingers gently, "a hover charm to lock the door," let the nobles jump.

    "This is what you mean?!"

    "You are mistaken, sir Visalli Rand." See each other in horror, Loren immediately opening calm way: "this is just to avoid someone heard our conversation."

    This is exactly what to do?

    "You adults, you have been in this castle fierce against the count plan, several of them even more than once." Said: "I still hold today is the representative of Lord Ruben Frider, and you come to negotiate."

    "I, we are not going to count against the plan!"

    Heard someone said so, Visalli Rand immediately anxious, quickly some lousy choice of word explained: "just because there are too many land disputes, and we are not without pay will get, we are forced to pay out......"

    "I can understand." Lauren smiled and sighed a little helpless stand stand hand: "in fact, the way of dealing with his lordship in this matter, it is too rude."

    "But...... Who let him count it, our humble servant can only as far as possible to satisfy his desire, to do some small contribution."

    "That, that is certainly, we are my lord loyal servant." The fat man wiped sweat wipe his forehead, please toward Loren smiled and looked behind the nobles of one eye, only carefully asked: "then...... What is your plan?"

    "As adults wizard consultant, I have the responsibility to fulfill his wishes; but at the same time we also have to face the reality, can not live in a dream." Black haired wizard easy-going smile: "even as the Lord, the count is not forcing you to hand over their land."

    "So I am here to propose a reasonable suggestion -- his lordship will not force you to hand over their land, but at the same time, you can not continue to stand out, the rest of the people together to defy the count's plan with you!"

    "And, as you said to the count of surrender, you also need to provide enough cattle, wheat, barley and potatoes to Deepwood, these foods as a remedy for those free people of the material, that you loyal people, and for the contribution of deepwood!"

    "I very much hope that you can accept this proposal. As you know, the count has not much patience." Wry Loren sighed: "as his humble servant, I have no better conditions to."

    Visalli Rand turned and looked at each other and several noblemen, he carefully asked: "because Deepwood food is exhausted?"

    "You really want more, I just want to give everyone a chance to let you feel able to count on his loyalty." Loren chose not to answer.

    But this argument, also let Visalli Rand and several nobles confirmed his guess: Deepwood was almost out of food!

    On the surface or face to face the nobles, my heart is in constant sneer. You stick to now really is correct, the count is certainly not hold out, but do not pull down the face of his mercy to these people, had to send this wizard to lighten the atmosphere.

    Although it is not clear how many Deepwood stocks, but for so many people is absolutely not enough, he can not stand long!

    These nobles were all playing a small abacus heart. What is now accepted count and conditions, or continue to surrender, forcing him to so far?

    If you promise now, it was a little loss; but if I am afraid the opposition lordship would immediately turn -- they're really afraid of is Ruben Frider's father, the Duke of Lothar!

    Also, the new military explorer Sir Aaron has left Deepwood, requests for assistance to the Duke of Lothar. Up to half a month, the carriage will reach full of food!"

    Lauren smiled his playful smile: "if you still can't make a decision, I am afraid the count is not like this good."

    Just heart Qiexi nobles immediately with a shocked expression, they did not expect Luwen action would be so fast!

    There is no doubt that in order to win the marquisate of Deepwood, Prince Lothar will spare no effort to support his son -- until the food to Deepwood, they have absolutely no chance!

    The Duke will excuse the escort, then sent troops?!

    "I will give you two days to two days, after that you can leave the castle." Loren gently snapped his fingers, the map room door was opened: "now, please go back to the room to rest, you must have been tired."

    Look different nobles even forgot to say goodbye, you have to leave here, like for like, the panic look even hide all hide down.

    Even do not guess, Loren are clear what they will do, and this is their purpose -- they must wait till two days later, may not have the courage to wait till Sir Aaron's return.

    Since that day, Ruben Frider never had enough and they talk about any conditions, he will direct the resist arrest all his nobles, hanged at Deepwood gates on kill a chicken to scare the monkey.

    They must also know about this point Biluolun.

    "You're so confident?"

    From the black eagle feather turned into adult form as Gabriel sitting in the table map, is full of curiosity looked at Loren: "if they don't do as it is, your last chance?"

    "There is an old trick, called just know what each other wants, you can let them listen." Loren confident smile:

    "We now know what they want, so I have full confidence to let them into my trap."

    They can't wait until Sir Aaron came back, and once again want to sneak out of the castle can be difficult. So they only have two days of opportunity to destroy the castle granary, let Reuven had to surrender to them as soon as possible!

    More precisely, it is only a chance at night. Because of the early morning is when the guards patrol shift, and a dark environment is their best choice!

    "These people inside, and that Mr. Visalli Rand."

    Boy suddenly said with a teasing like expression: "you promised Ayn Rand to give her family Rand to solve?"

    "I'm not supposed to ask how do you know?"

    "Of course, we are friends, should not have the secret between friends." As Gabriel smiled behoove expression, crooked head: "actually you don't intend to keep from the beginning and Ayn agreed to?"

    "If I'm not mistaken, my dear Loren, you knew from the beginning, Ayn Rand is going to do what. As for the treatment of these nobles, just as easily."

    The lazy boy lying on the map on the table, Qiaozhuo legs flash flash, lunches and Loren looked at each other.

    "Do you think she is going to thank you or hate you?"
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