#12  starts from the land rule (below)

    For a group of powerful nobles and land, they want to control is a very difficult thing.

    They have large real estate, but also continue to occupy the land around the attachment lost their land in their farmers, only the most willing to become tenants.

    And depended on hunting for Survival Hunters is even more so. No one can enter the owner's permission hunting grounds, expensive bows also belong to the nobility of the property, can only be attached to these nobles who can live.

    Any one Deepwood count without these nobles, he can not sign the tax, there is no rule -- even if it is the last of the Senna family, as well as on this point.

    But as long as people, especially a group of people, they are not possible without weakness.

    The reason to conduct a thorough investigation and measurement of the marquisate of land, because in the past hundred years, those small farms are not immutable and frozen, the new land was cleared, the new village was established, also increased in population.

    These new reclaimed land, land reclamation was originally belong to those farmers, just by aristocrats in various ways to exploit away. Seized more land aristocracy, is becoming more and more powerful.

    The same thing can be applied in the hunting master's body, even more easily - no hunting bows, no props, then a good hunter can only be starved to death.

    And this is the Loren plan, to confirm these nobles. Through surveying the land, those which do not belong to these their land back to the peasants, or under the jurisdiction of the Earl's back.

    This move is directly from the aristocracy body flesh bloodletting, but definitely will get farmers welcome -- flieder duke said, let the nobles fear, let the civilians love.

    When hundreds of thousands of farmers and their families to get the land, no one would question the legitimacy of Ruben Frider's rule.

    Lu Wen gave their land, they are the only guarantor. In order to protect their land, the farmers will try everything, let the Deepwood count can last forever.

    But this approach must be careful, once a slight mistake, the marquisate of Deepwood will want to hold their own land One divides into two., farmers will unite in the Lu side, and want to reclaim the land barons shopping in the end.

    The situation will be even worse than that of the ignorant farmers were nobles up, go against the new count "tyranny"!

    It is definitely not Loren wanted to see, if he want to be able to complete the transition of peace. The killing is always the last resort, not the absence of choice, should not easily use.

    Of course, if it came to that step must be thoroughly, all the rebels uprooted.

    In the late afternoon, the young count was riding a horse back to Deepwood, although his face is tired of the color, but still can not cover up the eyes of the excitement and joy.

    "OK, hold? Those nobles are how to say?"

    Quiet bedroom, sitting side to his bedside in the Luwen poured a full glass of ale, do not forget asked: "I guess they must look very exciting, right?"

    "You guessed." See the Luwen looks, all the little touted about Loren: "in fact, now there are many people in the hall waiting for you, hope you can retreat."

    "Then let them wait a good mood when I will go see them!" Lu Wen sneered, but also for these insatiably avaricious to him, he is a guy who create all sorts of obstacles, no good.

    He also waved toward Loren, smiled and said: "you can take a chair and sit, I said not so stiff, slightly casual little, standing there I have to head up and talk to you."

    Chuckle dark haired wizard also had to sit beside him, give yourself a mug of ale: "this is just the beginning, they will not easily surrender."

    Lu Wen nodded, he also clearly want to let these nobles give up the hand of the land, what is difficult.

    "Sir Aaron's band began a thorough investigation, within three days of land around the castle to the measurement is completed, after a month will be able to complete all the work, we must step up speed, absolutely can not leave them the reaction time!"

    When all Deepwood nobles will have to make a choice: whether it was completely accept the Earl's rule, or to protect the hands of the land of defiance.

    And that Loren to intensify the speed, more important is to grab time. Winter has come, if not get in until next spring, the completion of the reform, or as much as possible to complete part of the work not completed.

    Wait until the busy season, the farmers will not be on the reform is so warm, they want to next year's rations of toil, then they stir up that is too difficult.

    "Everything goes smoothly, before the end of this winter, the farmers around the castle can be assigned to a part of the land, and the rest depends on whether those nobles do not cooperate with." With a little dark haired wizard to speculate, said: "if not, it will only ask Sir Aaron with some tough means."

    "They don't dare!" Luwen confidence drained, then look to the station at the corner of the page: "what do you think, Senna family will have what dissatisfaction?"

    "Me?" The attendants stared at herself, Reuven and Loren have turned back, two people look down on him.

    Will Sena was a bit afraid of expression, not only did not dare not to say again as if afraid of their words, even a word zhizhiwuwu will come out.

    "Don't worry." See that he has worried Loren comfort: "no matter what you say, except us, there will be third people know."


    The attendants sweat like pulp nodded, like: "in fact is very difficult...... The adults are now doing, the Senna family from long ago began to do, but never succeed."

    "Every generation who have tried to count back the newly reclaimed land from the hands of the nobles, but I failed every time. They will use a variety of ways to block, let the Senna family work not completed."

    Laurent nodded, it is not difficult to understand, any lords do not want their vassals are too powerful, will do so is reasonable.

    And now the Senna family is standing in the opposite of Luwen, simply because he snatched the title of count, so they only and his cronies together, ignoring the interests of the original.

    "So if you do it, the vast majority of members of the Senna family, should not oppose." Will Sena carefully said: "especially Barry Grandpa, you should work with him."

    "I will try, after all, he is my Grandpa." Lu Wen nodded, shining eyes staring at:

    "If you can...... I said that if one day I have to, and the Senna family as the enemy, especially with Barry Sena as an enemy of the time, you will choose which side?"

    Will's face is more embarrassing, let him choose what is the support of Reuven, still support his family. In the face of a young lion count's eyes, eyes dodge in a dilemma.

    "If...... Quite a few words." A bite bite, suddenly raised his head: "I am your servant, in accordance with tradition, I will be loyal to you wholeheartedly!"

    The young count look somewhat surprised, but soon a smile, happy to stand up to the attendants of a bear hug.

    "I never love free promise, but I would like to allegiance to the people, I will give everything they want." Said Reuven vowed: "this is my promise to you!"

    Look a little excited Will Sena bowed his head, like some refrain from their emotions. The young count comfort like patted his shoulder.

    Sitting in the back of the hold of his head a little to one side, look somewhat strange, dark eyes full of treacherous.

    A family can betray people really believe that his loyalty?
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