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    "...... Thank you sir, for taking the time to deepwood. In Laurent Turin, his lordship's adviser to Lord Ruben Frider's name to express our heartfelt thanks."

    Polite smile and impeccable, with humble dignity in the eyes, Loren calmly ended his opening remarks.

    Not spacious table on both sides of the full costume Deepwood nobles, eyes staring at his lordship's. As a representative of the Senna family Barry Sena was old, sit in the front.

    The old man's facial expression is very complex, this is the first time to count Luwen's name, called nobles all throughout the territory. Almost respected nobles have come, but the Lord has disappeared, they received only this wizard named Loren Dowling.

    What the hell is he going to do?

    A few thick stack of parchment scrolls on the empty table, looks very old, the old man is very curious of the content, and see the dark haired wizard's face, today they have to talk about things obviously and these things were related.

    Stand on the side of the squire Will Sena expression revealed a somewhat shocked, apparently know some facts. But now the situation has not asked him. Restrain her curiosity, Barry Senna will look back to see the "Wizard Loren, consultant what tricks.

    "As you know, until the Lord Ruben Frider has only recently become Deepwood count, so for the situation here and your family are not well understood, even even people who do not know, they have a new count."

    Lauren looked from Barry Sena's face sweeps, the elderly completely indifferent expression, the mouth slightly up the black wizard:

    So, the ready to carry out a reform to establish his authority. At the same time, it also can make this land truly understand, who is their ruler!"

    The table on both sides of a quiet, all the nobles all sit on the sidelines, no one is willing to take the initiative to stand up, don't even willing to make some response.

    "Then...... Lord ready to let these humble servant, what to do for him?" Barry Sena still crustily skin of head said: "to the territory of people propaganda?"

    "Don't need." Will Sena Loren beside a snap, not yet recovered from the shock of a hurried forward to, will be a picture of the parchment to every noble hand.

    Barry Sena quickly glanced at the old face, slightly there have been some changes -- although only a moment, but the dark wizards still catch.

    "It is the content of Deepwood's collection room, the keeping the marquisate of all large and small farms, orchards, land and villages, hunting and several quarries amount, their need to pay taxes, and they belong to different family."

    Calmly said Roland, with no tone of voice: "I believe we are not unfamiliar?"

    Sitting on the table on both sides of the nobles can only nod silently, just don't know each other, take out this thing what to do?

    "Excuse me, my lord it is ready to thoroughly investigate the tax territory?" The old man or Barry Sena reaction quickly: "if this is the case, the Senna family is willing to......"


    A loud noise broke the old man's words, also let the presence of all the people shocked at the right hand, still suffering from the shock pat in that stack of scrolls above black wizard.

    The speech was interrupted by Barry even anger, he had been stealing to hold.

    "I do this, is the earliest Deepwood records division above specific records the marquisate of big and small land, forests and rivers, and is under the jurisdiction of each family."

    "Yes, I think we have guessed. The above and just that recorded on parchment, almost can be said that there is a world of difference."

    After all, "... Over a hundred years." The old man smiled reluctantly: "there will be some fluctuation is normal, some families rise, some decline, naturally not the same as the original."

    "Is it?" Loren sneered: "but according to what I found, about the tax revenue in recent years Deepwood pay, or even in my hand this record to pay!"

    "I am very curious, isn't Deepwood hundreds of years ago the first people arrived early in front of the situation is expected? So we will have to pay the tax is calculated, so that today we can according to the above records to complete their obligations?!"

    "If this is not the case......" The dark pupil from the faces have surprised nobility swept, Loren raised hands scrolls: "it shows that there is a person to hide himself should pay the tax and should fulfill the obligations, pocketed!"

    All of the nobles could keep calm, don't even look at each other, a wish to hide under the chair to regret why he would come here today.

    Barry Sena was shocked, he envisioned his lordship would use some drastic measures, but did not expect to move - it really is he can think of attention?!

    Or that the Duke was ready for the cards?!

    Once you start to turn old, it absolutely cannot stop, all in order to avoid the crime accused the people around, I feel insecure, and who are willing to stand in the loyal Senna family?!

    But only to this step, there are opportunities to come back to save. Be calm Barry trembling behind stood up, with all the nobles look of hope and expect him to be able to stand up for all defense.

    "Grand plans for the lord...... The Senna family will support the marquisate of tax liquidation!"

    The old man's voice just fell, behind someone directly from the chair and fell, a wide mouth wide expression stay like carved mold, all the nobles were dumbfounded.

    Barry Senna he...... If it is not crazy?!

    Loren's face still not half face, carrying his hands waiting for the other to the next floor -- he did not believe that the Senna family will then simply raise both hands to surrender.

    "For some...... Special reasons, the tax is always an important problem of Deepwood." Barry Sena impassioned arguments: "thanks to the Lord, to discover the problems for us; and our humble servants, should be natural to deal with it!"

    "Just......" The old man changed the subject: "such grand plans, take a long time to survey and study, in order to draw a conclusion. Can not be done overnight, it should be cautious."

    "Could you please tell my Lord, this plan will give him humble servants. A serious discussion we will discuss a practical way to realize his lordship's desire."

    Barry Senna think very simple -- just to be the "reform" held in the Senna family and their cronies of the hand, the final result is not what they say?

    When not only the Senna family situation will be more stable, the Earl of Ruben Frider will be further elevated, and the Duke, will be no reason for their trouble!

    "You seem to be on the Lord's plan, some understanding of the deviation." The formula of hanging smile, Loren "regret" shook his head: "a thorough investigation of the tax, is only one step of reform."

    In addition, to complete the liquidation and measurement of whole marquisate of all farmland, orchard and hunting area, understand each family should to be the size of the land, and then finishing the book."

    Not only that, we will communicate it to the whole marquisate of every noble, every civilian's ears, let them see what the tax paid is not above the record!"


    "This kind of thing......" Scared all say not a word of the old man was choking himself: "such a big thing, why adults don't count?! I want to see Lord Ruben Frider, Lord Ruben Frider, I want to see!"

    "Sorry, sir Ruben Frider is not in the castle." A quiet Roland, with a smile in the eyes of the old man with hair standing on end:

    "He and Sir Aaron together with the Knights guard, to measure the marquisate of land!"
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