#10  judges and planning (below)


    A shadow with a broken jaw muffled flying through the air, a moment of landing in this chamber to raise large dust, and shaking heaven and earth screams.

    "Prepare to play a game?" Back out the uppercut, to carry out the hands of Loren sincere smile: "it is early."

    Clutching his chin Butch on the ground struggling for a while, to see the Dark Wizard's eyes full of shock and fear. And those around him and was placed on the brothers, now a haven't wake up!

    He even don't remember just what happened -- like a bright flash, he heard around the non-stop companions came yelling, and then he was on the other side to blow down.

    The whole process is too fast too suddenly, even have a chance to react, just like a dream. But his chin and collapse fly two teeth are very real!

    "You cheat!" Two broken teeth Butch, a mouthful of blood's protest. But it is a pity that the sound is too small, and even the family, did not come out to support him.

    "I'm sorry, but my Lord has just told you, I was a wizard." Laurent shook his head helplessly, warns: "well intentioned but a person and I beat you five, slightly with some small means... I think it should have."

    "I......" Just want to refute the butch, but found that he did nothing.

    "Now you have two choices: accept the settlement of the count, get Rand family or compensation...... We can be more than a."

    Lauren's expression is very sincere, dull and slow voice: "but I want to remind you, I will not hold back two times."

    He swallowed, struggling with a slowly underground head: "we are willing to accept defeat, his lordship's condition." He stumbled up, knelt in front of Lu wen.

    "You made a very wise decision." Black haired wizard patted Butch's shoulder, turning to the side of the RAND family patriarch.

    The some older man, his face a standing body before the young count, kept the bow profusely, so that the original number is only for some of his good Lu Wen, cap-a-pie very comfortable, as if every pore Shu opened.

    After all, even pretend to be like again, Reuven still just a young man. And now he is the most desirable people sure of his time, and praised the most touted for no resistance, some will forget oneself is can hardly be avoided.

    After seeing the black haired wizard came, chubby Rand family patriarch quickly resigned, took the initiative to hold the Loren's hand: "it is really very kind of you, I don't know how to compensate you! If you did not come, we will probably not go abroad!"

    "Too exaggerated." The man smiled to withdrew his hand: "just a little bit of help not worth mentioning."

    "No exaggeration, no exaggeration......" Shaking the body fat, with a smile on the face of the patriarch.

    "In fact, I had a friend, is like a surname rand."

    "It is our honor!" The patriarch did not notice Loren says this sentence expression, still flattery ingratiation: "I don't know if this is not your friend, but also Deepwood people? Maybe we know!"


    Leave a quite interesting, black haired wizard turned and left the village with Luwen chamber, the young count is quite satisfied with what happened today, but also ready to take advantage of the next time, continue to stroll around the castle near the village, the villagers to see his new count.

    Until the night, a line of people tired returned deepwood. The old man Barry Sena had waited at the gate position, stand beside him and Will Senna with profound respect and humility.

    See the two person Luwen cold hum a, and hold back together the castle hall. The old man pulled a he's really not letting this go, close behind, closely.

    "It seems that if I do not let you speak, you will not miss me." Sit on the chair of the count's face hard to see the extreme, very impatiently waved his hand: "what to ask, just say it!"

    "Dare not." The old man stood in front of Lu tattoo, expressions are also very serious: "just ask the Lord today actually gone?"

    "Is to patrol around the territory, the way to solve a few things." Didn't want to dismiss his Luwen: "is there a problem?"

    Of course, you do not know your authorization to leave the castle, give us these humble servant has caused much trouble." Barry was sighed: "throw down for the Lord's duties, to solve those......"

    "I am the count, I have the authority to decide what is my duty, which is!" Lu Wen directly interrupted him: "you're not accusing me of doing wrong?"

    "Dare not." The old man said: "just as insincere expressions count your safety to consider it, not what the Taiping Deepwood place, if you leave the castle, the humble servant, do not know how to protect you."

    This is close to the naked threat, clenching the Luwen simmered down and hold the arm of the chair, tight shoulders and small arms trembling.

    "As your faithful servant, of course we are willing to help you as much as possible, but it also needs to have a basic degree, if you do not notice what we say, how can we help you?"

    So, the next time you intend to use when your wrist, please notice, after the study of the nobles until Deepwood, will give you a satisfactory answer."

    "You can leave, Barry Sena! The public!" Luwen teeth almost out of the sentence.

    "Thank you, my lord." The old man bent stiff, indifferent toward Reuven bowed, then turned and left the castle hall.

    Stand still does not know what to do after Will Sena, Reuven gave a glance, also fled the. The hall was empty, leaving only two people Lauren and luwen.

    "This old thing, dare to threaten me!" Surprisingly angry Luwen directly shouted out, Dakoutaikou panting, like a wounded lion: "how dare he threatened me?!"

    Stand on the side of the Loren calm down at Luwen growled, this time to say what is useless, only let him out.

    The other person will do nothing to hold the accident -- change into oneself, must not expect his lordship running around out of their control.

    They are very worried, worried about Luwen gradually establish their own prestige, let the whole marquisate of noble peace people who recognized his rule, because it means that the Senna family completely lost.

    In order to protect yourself and your family belongs to the title and power and interests, especially the interests of the people will use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

    "We do not go far enough."

    Lu Wen gradually calm down, like the same automatic speaking murmured: "just put down the contradiction between the family, is not enough to make the whole marquisate complete surrender, the nobility is certainly not convinced, and people even doesn't know who I am!"

    "I need to be more intense, more direct means, in order to highlight the body count of authority." Lu Wen suddenly smiled: "my father always said, only let the nobles fear, let the civilians love, in order to become a qualified lord."

    "He is right."

    "So what do you do?" The young count tried to ask his advisers: "no wizard particularly clear, even if it is only an idea or one or two."

    Look for their highly anticipated Loren Lu Wen, a little hesitated a moment.

    "Indeed...... There is a way." The black wizard nodded: "just this way is very risky. Indeed, if successful Senna family will never challenge you; but if any accident occurs slightly......"

    "You may have to do a good job for the insurgency!"
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