The eightieth Chapter House (below)

    "Hush, hush!"

    Standing on the stairs, the little wizard suzhebozi, I turned back and stared behind Isaac: "you want to be the tutor found?!"

    "I just think it is a serious mistake." Isaac pleaded innocent, then turned a supercilious look: "say the tutor he is still the president there, we just break throat shout he couldn't hear!"

    "If the Loren escaped, even if you are stupid enough to mentor Dalton this point, he can guess who is doing."

    First of all, you are the fool; and secondly it will not find." Hate that AI Yin, angrily looked at this guy: "do you want to watch him die?"

    "I think that you have a logic error." Isaac couldn't help but want to insert a mouth: "we do not know the president and tutor they'll do to him, and you said you like what they would like."

    "Shut up, are you coming?!"

    "I can not go back now?" Isaac turned his eyes.

    Although two people actually do not know exactly what happened that night, but also from Dalton Kandeh's expression noticed a perverse, even Peter Dean also uncharacteristically charged them, absolutely no contact to lauren.

    With a small church battle, and previously aware of Ayn Loren in search of something, a little secret, rumors, wizards got a less reliable conclusion.

    That night left Loren is to look for something, and when about to succeed by the tutor and Dean found.

    Although Isaac criticized Ayn this conclusion is completely subjective, intuitive result, but Loren locked up is true. Even say more, he could not really matter.

    "In short, the whole plan is this: I used to unlock the shackles of solvent Ghoul Loren, you are responsible for the lookout and remember to open the window, wait for the confirmation of tutor has not come back before we......"

    The little witch is rhythmical orders, Isaac suddenly stared, hurriedly patted her shoulder, let AI Yin could not help but frowned: "what is the teacher, can come back?"

    "You got it."

    Almost cold voice frightened to let Ayn little cry out, deep breath at the station behind his black wizard, light is let her eyes with hair standing on end!

    "I just didn't hear." Black Witch condescending, carrying his hands at his apprentice: "perhaps can explain it again."

    "I......" What the little wizard throat suddenly twitched, not to say it was behind Isaac to behind: "we are ready to save you from the hands of Loren and dean!"

    "Oh?" Dalton slowed the tone: "I warned you not to interfere in this matter."

    "Yes, but ain very absurd thought you would be killed or maimed lauren." Isaac's neck, still not back: "although I think this view is ridiculous, but I also have no evidence to prove that it is wrong!"

    "So in accordance with a qualified wizard, since it is impossible to prove that it is wrong, it must default it is correct, but I cannot accept this result. Laurent Turin is one of the two my only friend, I can't watch him!"

    The above is my argument!" Eyes trembling Isaac little wizard behind me, still staring at Dalton's face.

    "The wonderful deduction, but is a false proposition." Dalton raised an eyebrow: "totally ridiculous guess - you can be guaranteed from me, Laurent Turin will not die, at least not die in my hands."

    "Naboduolu dean......" AI Yin is still not assured.

    Peter Dean in the interview with him." Black Witch looked at his study eyes narrowed slightly: "what is the key in his own."

    ........................ "Before starting the conversation, I want to thank you."

    Sitting in front of the old man with Loren, sincere face and a pair of blue eyes looked at him: "no matter what you do, your words and actions are saved to the college, although is not the way I look."

    Look at this without touching Loren, Peter could not help but sigh: "you come from the first day, I had hoped that you can really be here as your home."

    "I know Dalton and I treat you very harsh, and forced you to do a lot of things, even risking their lives; but we also try to believe you, trust you, which both of us is not an easy process."

    "I can understand." Never trust people hold deep thought: "so sorry, failed to live up to your trust and vampires in this matter, I have something to hide."

    "You are not the kind of Karan Loren, overweeningly ambitious man, I don't believe you will want to know the It is without rhyme or reason...... The secret of frightful to the ear." Peter still did not give up: "there must be a special reason, forcing you to do so."

    "Tell us, maybe we can help you to get rid of, and I guarantee you won't suffer any unfair treatment, I will treat you as their view, will train you to become a real caster."

    Loren is very clear, the elderly do not have what reason to deceive ourselves. And there is really a moment he is moved, but it is only "heart".

    And as their Burrell already tied together, is in the same boat -- it is not correct to say so, if he died, this guy is up to his cellar.

    A wry mouth cocked, Loren shrugged: "thank you, Peter dean. But I am really sorry, I can not tell you."

    So, let me for you to save time to persuade me. I just want to know you, and what do I do with my tutor ready?"

    Peter looked at complex Roland, I only sigh. He really love the apprentice, not only because of his extraordinary ability to search and track, or his incantation science talent.

    What he cares about is Lauren communicative competence, which is the weakness of most of the wizards do not go out all the year round, the school has always been in jeopardy, there is such a good at dealing with people is simply too valuable wizard.

    But Peter is not a very care about the pros and cons of people, so only slightly regret will return to normal: "you are such a wise child, must know Dalton and I don't want to hurt you."

    Of course, Loren nodded. If they really want to kill yourself, you should not give their own treatment -- where the injured himself let die, it is more convenient? Don't get your hands dirty.

    "But again, you can't stay in the Wim Parr school, although I very much hope you can stay." The old man lamented loudly: "you're the latent risk factors, is likely to be a threat to the college, I think you know it."

    "I understand." Of course Loren knew, for their own will not make a bomb in his own school, the independent and personal feelings, but the problem is not responsible.

    "I will try to arrange as soon as possible, not directly to you first." Peter kindly rubbed his head: Loren "whenever you are welcome to come back to see Wim Parr."

    Yes, maybe you do not know, in the evening, Dalton himself will grab you back from the hands of pharnaces and then back to his study, treatment. You can live up to now, almost all in his work."

    "I've never seen that Dalton Kandeh had never heard him say that he is really going to you as my apprentice." With a smile on the face of the old man: "you care about him more than you can imagine, children."

    After saying this, Peter turned away: "Oh, yes. Now that you have to unlock the shackles, I won't give you another key, go to sleep."

    "Oh?" Loren face suddenly out of a strange expression. Wait until the old man walked out from the quilt, only two have been their brute force chains, a little depressed stare at a glance.

    "...... What was found?"
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