#78  phagocytosis (down)


    The chapel door burst open, surrounded by the church guard pharnaces cannot even conceal inner excited, hold the Holy Cross Pendant right hand is full of sweat, eyes revealed a faint.

    I don't know what happened to Karan did not appear, but this incident did not affect his good mood now, he didn't even care about that guy.

    Wait a minute, the desecration of Holy Cross School for wizards will be personally destroyed!

    The side of the Peter and Dalton complexion, several times to the Dark Wizard was pulled out his wand back by Peter, what is Dalton is also aware of their "excesses" of the consequences.

    Even if only one person, pharnaces will also take the opportunity to the whole school Big deal, wizards and apprentices were hanged!

    From school to rescue a thorough search, the other is clearly premeditated, definitely not what sudden moves -- even those thugs tonight and he wants!

    The old wooden door was open, trembling pharnaces mouth can not help but slightly up, but Peter then closed his eyes, ready to silently accept this final result, wake up from this thirty year long dream.

    The cold moonlight from the outside through the chapel, can't the first break in pharnaces. Dalton Zhaoboduolu shook his head and then turned, he didn't want to see each other that arrogant pride rampant.

    "This...... What is the matter?!"

    Surprised shouted with a hint of anger, originally at the door of the church and the Knights quickly rushed into the guard. Two wizards are looked at each other, aware of things or transfer, quietly follow behind.

    The chapel is a mess of broken stone sculpture Croce, the broken sword, with walls and ceiling cracks, and everywhere the bench into pieces.

    There is no doubt that it has just experienced a fierce battle, but this is not the law to the Sith - Karan, and he said to Wim Parr, and the enemy of the things they where?!

    "Laurent Turin?!"

    Just walked in Peter and Dalton, immediately noticed by the guards cavalry around the central black young people remain unconscious.

    Black witch went up and dragged him up from the ground, lightly explored under the breath, then back Zhaoboduolu nodded: "still alive."

    The old man took a deep breath, old and tired eyes towards the surrounding the cavalry saw one eye: "please don't embarrass the apprentice, no matter what he did all borne by me!"

    "No one would embarrass him." The knight softly said, the next person also silently nodded.

    Just look at the body of the injury, knew Loren has just experienced a kind of fighting -- whether win or lose, they are worthy of this young man with a minimum of respect.

    Dalton opened the black, the wand in his temples on top, he whispered. Lauren closed eyes snap open.


    Almost in a coma like consciousness was severely hit a shot in the arm, to regain control of the body. Just dry energy and weak limbs, so that he even see in front of people who are a bit difficult.

    "Teacher and...... Dean Petrus?" The tired mouth retreated a Loren very reluctantly: "the smile...... Good evening."

    "Why here?" Dalton Shen asked: "you should be in the main hall of the castle now!"

    In asking yourself? Wrong...... Blurred vision eyes looked around to sweep a circle, after see pharnaces, Loren to determine what is the situation now.

    He is in the remind yourself, don't say the wrong thing.

    "I, I heard a noise outside, you want to help out." Even the headache, Loren are trying to organize the language: "on the way to the gate, bumped into an unknown wizard."

    "I followed this man, originally thought he was going to attack the main Fort Hall, turned toward the small church, so I sneak in, then......"

    "Then, then what!" Pharnaces suddenly open, eyes staring at could not even stand up Loren: "hurry, send what?!"

    "However, then......" Fa Hei Sith was "scared" Lauren, face expression of fear: "he found me, he and I struggle for a period of time......"


    "The man, he he......" Loren like suffered great shock, fear that even the eyes are trembling: "he turned into a vampire!"

    "What?!" Just a pair of people like to eat pharnaces, immediately terrified.

    The next time, the hold with a trembling voice and fear expression, the battle of the "real-world" meanders -- how he once again was turned into a vampire Karan down, and how to contain not to let him leave the church.

    In appearance, with a hook vibrato, and bruises on the card, almost all people here believe his lies.

    In addition to a black face of Dalton, and stood quietly listening to Peter dean.

    In the end, was knocked to the ground by Loren Karan looked grim smile, raised the sharp claws of grace came towards him, licking the blood on it.

    He was desperate, he spent the fall to the ground, right hand clenched hilt is dying. No matter what you do, it is no longer possible to reverse the situation.

    The scars of the body like a broken sack thrown to the Holy Cross sculpture, he looked behind him coughing up blood more than the fragmentation of the Holy Cross sculpture, oneself in the dying even pray no object?

    No, this is not true!

    The cruel Karan did not immediately came up, he immediately knew this vampire trick -- he is like in their own dying, mercilessly torment yourself!

    He began to cross All thoughts are blasted., pilgrims pray. When he give up completely, and sneer at vampire walked in front of him......

    The light appeared!

    The dazzling light to illuminate the dark church, grinning monsters scream. The body is false, dirt cleaning. Bathed in the light of the humble he saw a sacred figure......

    "No --!!!!"

    Pharnaces rude interrupted Loren's words, look at those who also get enough followers, went up and grabbed hold of the collar, ferocious eyes staring at his face.

    "What you must have missed, I want to clear before opening!"

    "I, I really cough... All say cough cough..." Consciousness gradually fuzzy Loren sound more slight.

    "If all you say is true, that Karan's body in where?!" Pharnaces immediately caught on: "the light is not possible even the bones would" purify "?!"

    Fa Hei Sith was shaking, haven't been able to get the answer you want, hold the first step fainted like sleeping like a side of his head, mouth still hung a smile.

    "Pharnaces adults, I believe he has explained clearly enough. But he's very serious injury, not timely treatment will have life risk."

    Dalton Kandeh's voice sonorous and forceful, fearless and Fa Hei Sith looked at each other.

    "Now, please let go of my apprentice!"

    Hesitated for a moment or give up the rational pharnaces, will take the idea of Loren she had lost a card the most important threat to Wim Parr, it is not the way to immediately turn.

    Not to mention the name of his troops is putting down tonight mob, if hastily ordered the arrest of Roland, it is hard to say whether the Church of the cavalry will not listen to orders.

    After slightly declined Peter Fa Hei Sith in the reception, the attendants surrounded, left the dilapidated church.

    "It is...... At a crucial moment." Peter some with a sigh, a look is still in a coma by Loren: "I never imagined that this thing will end in this form."

    "Also proved that he has been playing the fool." Dalton lingheng.

    "You are particularly proud in heart, right?" The old man suddenly smiled, as is reminded of what similar spots: "yes, you just call him your what?"

    "...... I don't want to talk about it."
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