#77  phagocytosis (on)

    Trembling right hand. The bottle, gently took a sip of the cold liquid, Loren mouth still twitching.

    Professor Dalton said what? Half an ounce to a ounce of pain, lose consciousness, two ounces will shock death...... He almost drank more than one ounce of it?

    Look at the bottle exudes a blue light liquid, involving some self deprecating smile, only to expose the temples and forehead veins, so severe headache increasingly intolerable.

    Not only is a long time to maintain a "beyond perception" the high order curse, every time the use of "bright silver" will also increase the burden of lauren. If not because of their "special", I'm afraid I even feel headache, head directly into a broken watermelon.

    Just to catch up with the vampire speed, if there is no tranquilizer, I had pain lying on the ground directly twitching.

    I can not stop ah...... Bloodshot eyes locked eyes focused enemy, entrenched in the ceiling of the vampire has also began to be wound, restore faster and slower, regrow limbs is also gradually become weak and feeble.

    It has begun to perceive Lauren tactics, panic hide in the ceiling not down, just scream like a wounded currish, even active attack.

    As the higher of human life, the same with the vampire "fear" of the inner self protection mechanism, when the impending death, they will also choose to flee or fight.

    Mouth slightly tilted rowlen, right hand gently snapped, "the curse" white spot gently in the palm, toward the ceiling of the vampire Floating past, blooming out of dazzling light near the close.

    If it is not the injured vampire, this trick can let it blind a moment - but now it has been caught in fear, dare not even for a moment of the blind.

    Contains a screaming voice came from the top of the head, the black shadow falls in the center of the church. A little proud to hold a "bright silver lauren".

    When using the "firefly curse", he also secretly added a "crystal curse" is replaced by the original -- even the beast skin will not hurt, but right now......

    The injured monster growled at Roland, is blind in the right eye of wolf's face is a very ferocious, with a bloody mouth tusks to break his neck.

    Just...... Now it is really not let Loren feel how much fear.

    Waving the grey blue lightsaber figure, like to have to predict the location and a half weeks in turn, Jianmang arc air cut elegant, the vampire chin together with right arm together from its body!

    More than a strong vampire whining screech, ignoring almost broken eardrum vertigo, more and more blurred vision the Loren staring eyes, finally the sword to light up.

    "Give me death!!!!!"

    To roar, grey blue purple lightsaber ripped the skin that indestructible, the vampire will break!

    Don't wait until the next open, endure the side effects of Loren once again inspired "bright silver", this time the sword of light appear directly in the vampire's wound, with irresistible momentum it will break the ribs and spine!

    The sword flashed, the thriller figure into two parts!

    Cut the monster screamed and inverted out, the lower part is cut directly into a pool of plasma, half of the body residue is hanging in the sculpture on the Holy cross.

    Just hold same uncomfortable, the last challenge lightsaber, almost drained of their last effort. Even just drink the sedative also feel head is about to blow up the temple and the heart beat too fast.

    The approach brings inertia, let the body directly lost his balance and fell to the ground. Change is usually will quickly roll up the hold, but right now......

    Mouth a smile, drank too much sedative side effects, is to lose consciousness. You almost feel the presence of legs, just muscle memory let him not to hold the left hand just loosen the hilt.

    But it was enough to hang in the sculpture on the vampire and did not recover its severed limbs, but is more than the wailing scream, and that Zhang face is getting angry.

    It finally made a decision.

    The vampire stopped crying, deep throat constantly heard a muffled sound, again and again as a spell in the chapel in the faint echoes.

    With the plasma like received traction, as a small blood bead floating in the air, gathered in the sculpture on the vampires, slowly re condensed into its lost body, even began to grow.

    Behind the bat wings spread, it will be almost the entire package. Originally as a mummy like body has become much stronger, even the body also increases a lot, sharp claws like demon sword, exudes a strange luster.

    Another strong point of this is the vampire mutation in the void under the influence of them is more thorough, even has not really "life", when necessary as wizards use magic, let oneself change short.

    In such a situation, has collapsed Loren obviously won't have what the odds, how long can linger completely to see the other side of the mind.

    Lie on the ground of Roland, but show a relieved smile.

    You can finally be a beast......

    "It's really wonderful, Laurent Turin."

    I do not know when the Aspen stands in front of Gabriel Rolon, reverent and respectful towards lying on the floor he bowed, hung with a sincere smile delicate face: "the other thing is please give me, you only need to quietly watch it."

    He was wearing a little dress boy turned evil eyes and even feel the slightest fear of vampires, the can't help took a step back.

    "Oh oh...... Although it is my idea to grab your body, but still felt you use it to hold."

    The young face tangled look, holding a pair of shoulder problems like: "it is a strange illusion, as if he had anticipated me when I was just a start, and he used to beat the last step you like."

    "And a vampire confrontation, it is foolish to the extreme right? I do change, 80% and you will get you -- of course, this is a joke."

    "A bit surprising, even I have some friends with hair standing on end...... As he had defeated, what do you think?"

    The vampire shrieked with open wings, want to escape from the church. No fly screamed fall on the ground, as if chained like, could not move.

    "I advise you not to do unnecessary resistance, when you choose this form is no way out." As Gabriel handsome face, revealing a somewhat distorted, desire expression. The body gradually becomes the black fog coming from from all sides.

    Lying on the ground. The vampires had shrouded by fear, desperately struggling to escape, but the wings was black mist directly from the body down, the body is tightly bound to move, far looks like creepy crawlies.

    "Well...... Creepy crawlies, really describe just perfect." The mouth flashed a taunt of the teenager, more black fog gushed from his body, the whole vampire wrapped in the middle, little by little penetration into its body, howling screams constantly came.

    Aas Muriel has been impatient, fog directly poured into the vampire's throat, deprived of its last mercy rights thriller it can feel they are being swallowed by the abyss can't see the bottom, this seemingly powerful body no longer belongs to it.

    "Santa Croce church, this is the low life you can have, the best place to rest." Young voice become very gentle: "quiet dream, a long dream will never wake up, then will you give me to keep the body."

    Voice down, young whole body turned into a thick fog, in the Holy Cross in front of the statue will be completely engulfed the vampire!

    No sound, no more crying and screaming, everything was calm. Almost turned into ruins within the church, only the fall in place remain unconscious lauren.

    The snake his right arm wrist rune, then disappeared Not the least trace was found.
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