#71  Chapel (on)

    In fact, Karan was seriously underestimated against the desire Wim Parr college.

    In the face of a dozen stray wizards and mercenaries of the storm, they can still rely on walls and towers rising resistance. Although since the raid hit somewhat flustered, but soon recovered, even several times the castle has rushed into the mercenaries to fight back.

    Standing on the walls of the Sorcerer's apprentice, constantly with crossbows, firelighters and low order spell hinder the mercenaries, speeding arrows and air across the blue "meteor" again and again over the wall, set off bursts of smoke on the walls.

    Firelighters volley falling rolled up dazzling light, although only a short moment, but also let those mercenaries Huangbuzelu retreat.

    After all, they are just to make money, not really necessary and these wizards desperately if it can take off the storm is natural, but there will be casualties, so these mercenaries just do not contribute labor.

    Those who gathered at the gate behind the Wizards also face the mediocre not resigned to playing second fiddle, "colleagues" to fight against.

    These people can not experience the apprentice, especially in the remote areas of the wizard, how many have a swordmanship. And they are fighting in the Street wizards did not much advantage at.

    Soon, Karan's men began to appear among the casualties, a wandering wizard waved shout and wrangle pointed hammer, will stop at the gate of the edge of the wizard school kick turned to the ground, before a hammer to knock her tianlinggai, as firelighters bottle was hit head drop from the clouds, the hair was instantly a fire lit, the head of the piercing scream genuflected.

    Karan immediately under the command of the Wizards wandering down, the two sides in a stalemate near the gates, only occasionally use spells and bows mutual harassment, plus the constant summoned Ghoul die impact resistance and rising college wizards intertwined.

    The cold moonlight in his body, distant villages fire still did not stop the meaning even more confused. But all this is only the precursor, pharnaces will come at any time, then there is no chance of their own!

    "If this continues, we will not attack Wim Parr castle!" A body hanging injury wandering wizard ran in front of Karan, looked very excited: "please quickly think of a way!"

    Look around the same watching their eyes, Karan suddenly feel a shiver, these people are going to die tonight, but because they believe that their death.

    But what of that? Who makes them so stupid, the hope in others? They deserve to be a stepping stone to his luck!

    "...... I have a plan." Karan said, with a little vibrato, but soon returned to normal: "but I need you to cover for me, I will continue to attack the gates from elsewhere into the castle, as long as those who seize the apprentice, they will not fight!"

    "Then you go!" A wizard's face looks fearless of death for a just cause waved his wand, and mace: "we will stick to your back, for freedom, for revenge!"

    In order to revenge!!!!!" Just wandering wizards become dejected and despondent shouting, hungry wolf roar toward the direction of the gate rushed up to the side of the mercenaries terrified, also had to follow together launched the assault.

    The sudden attack of the gate, let some wizards even be caught off guard, the wall's apprentices desperately archery, projectile ignition agent can prevent the mad dog of the enemy, the castle defense suddenly up in jeopardy.

    In this case, naturally no one noticed a tall man suddenly disappeared, and in fighting among cries and covered all movement and sound.

    Snuck into the castle Karan not have the slightest neglect, after repeatedly confirmed that nobody had followed him, immediately towards the castle Chapel gallop.

    As promised before those who stray wizards, all he was behind me.

    I have no time to lose, will arrive at any time pharnaces -- he can not sure the person know what they want and what role, but also in accordance with the agreed conditions returned to their own good!

    When walking to the small church, Karan clearly felt void power traces, it seems that even before the door becomes strange. But hesitate to opened the door, went straight into the.

    The nave is quiet, placed in front of the Holy Cross sculpture cold and solemn, it can not help the heart of worship.

    But in fact, this sculpture is the work of a wizard Croce hand, Karan mouth evoke an ironic smile. His own wand goes to the front of the sculpture neither fast nor slow, gray and blue light gathered at the tip of the wand, gently touched.


    What did not happen.

    "How could this be?!" When Karan finally blurted out, he obviously has the keys to the little beggar, he should not disobey their orders to!

    Where exactly is the problem? Don't say their work key is invalid, or by Peter found, the results changed to unlock the spell? Or......

    "If I were you, I would not be so surprised."

    When the frightened Karan turned and saw a church sitting in the chair, holding the scripture at the dark haired young people themselves smile.

    "Laurent Turin?!" There's no doubt or confirmation, gnashing of teeth, Karan knew who the person is, right at the top of the wand directly Lauren forehead: "are you?!"

    "Half right, Mr. Karan." Against the other's wand is still face Loren, fearless smile, eyes full of confidence: "the other half have to thank you for your help."

    "I thank you?"

    "If you hadn't sent specially hat -- oh, that is you fed the LSD little beggar, I couldn't find here." Loren sighed, shook his head slightly. "I'm afraid it will never know why you will kill father Anthony."

    "I'm probably can guess why you will give a hat. After all, the authorities will start to consume a large amount of energy, even for a real wizard for too much. So you find a scapegoat, even if his head will be blown up."

    "The little things you have?" Karan immediately reflected over expression more angry: "I know, do not believe that these humble pariah!"

    "Oh, is it?" Loren smile asked: "dear but because the hat executed wholly intact your order, otherwise how can I find this church?"

    "Let me continue to guess. If the material is good, I am afraid you and Fa Hei Sith is one of them -- otherwise he is not necessary for you to cover, Gu Mu Zhen all the blame to Green Lyle's body. This is too unreasonable, how could a wizard and a church cooperation?"

    "Unless you are from the beginning, or what his men. I'm afraid before the uproar about Gu Mu Zhen and the pharnaces adults, even the adults and tonight is your pharnaces good trap, he can make the right and proper troops, then the Wim Parr School of ashes!"


    Karan clapped up his wand, anger reverse smile: "clever, you are too smart, but Laurent Turin, you know, smart people tend to die more than words, because you love yourself too!"

    "Do you think that after so many, I will not kill you?!"

    "On the contrary, because you most willing to listen to me so much nonsense, but really lost the opportunity to kill me."

    On the hands of the Scriptures, rose slowly the Loren sighed: "if you just do it, it is possible to my life, but now it seems still standing on my side of the Holy cross."

    "What do you say?!" Suddenly aware of some news of Karan, frightened back half a step.

    "Do you know why that authorities did not respond? It's very simple." Loren revealing a strange smile.

    "Because I had to open it."
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