#70  commotion trap (below)

    "Shut the door!"

    With a little solemn, standing on the main hall outside the fort a wizard holding a magic wand to shout. Along with the rotation of the dust door creak sound and the ceiling fell, the whole hall sank into silence in the dark.

    Hiding in every corner of the hall of the students looked at each other with heating, in the darkness, who also dare to make a sound.

    Afraid of almost all written on their faces, even people began sobbing; or why not go and leave the self pity, as if even the air is filled into the famous "fear".

    President Petrus and several instructors left, the rest of the tutor and the older apprentice stuck outside the castle, in the hall of the only their most common apprentices, even rely on each other to feel any sense of security.

    No one knows the castle keep not defensible; no one knew what time the door will be open; and if the castle fell, they would be what?

    The fear of the unknown is like an infectious disease, one after another, plagues all hiding in the hall of the apprentices, hiding in their corner trembling, eyes stare at the closed door, mouth murmured, pray for holy cross to shelter themselves.

    "Damn, damn...... I'm just a wizard, not what to take an ax to barbarians, why want to hit this thing!!!"

    Has to be the heart fear mad Isaac squatted on the table again and again cursing his teeth chattering sound can be heard across the table and crystal clear.

    Even the little wizard is not better than him to go there, curled up sitting in a chair, his right hand tightly clutching his mouth not to cry aloud, constantly trembling eyes tears oozing, heart beating faster and faster.

    Behind the sudden footsteps, let AI Yin heart of a tight, stiff body trembling, even the head are not around. Until the figure entered, only to see who.


    "God damn you this guy just gone?!" Excited and scared Isaac scolded them, then he clung to allowing no explanation "my heart almost scared out!"

    "I'm sorry, was slightly delayed." A little to appease the Isaac, Luo Luncai to sit down: "I was professor Dalton called the past, just let me come back."

    "How is the situation now?" The little witch eagerly asked: "why do teachers to shut the door? Also, I heard that Peter Dean and Professor Dalton Dudu left, is it true?"

    Peter dean to aid them, the village guards." Loren nodded: "as for the tutors closed, because the enemy will come at any time, in order to secure everyone......"

    "Boom -!!!!"

    The roar of a sudden moment interrupted by Loren words, just a silent scream and cry in the hall has been coming as one falls, another rises, the collapse of the edge of the apprentice, completely broke the last string.

    "Help...... Who will save us... As long as you can leave here...... Whoever......"

    "The Holy Cross will bless us...... The Holy Cross will bless us......"

    "All are false...... Are false... I'm dreaming... I, I don't want to die ah ah......"

    .................. Loud cries and shouts, let the already calm down Isaac and the little wizard again in fear, all eyes looked at sat motionless and Loren, but he could not resist chin up thinking.

    Just listen to the sound, I'm afraid the castle door has been open to know Peter and Dalton are just starting soon, I am afraid not to go far. According to what you said the other will wait in the door from the beginning, specially when they leave to a raid.

    What is definitely not a coincidence, but premeditated!

    The door closed to ensure the safety of students, but also cut off and all outside contact means. It is certain people storming a castle must have been waiting outside the Wizards beat up, but how long can it is entirely unknown, maybe you can hold reinforcements arrived.

    Here is a castle after all, even if the door was broken, not much combat experience that students are with walls and towers, with their mentors temporarily resist to the other side of the offensive.

    But is it really the other wants?

    Karan wants to get, is hiding in the castle. And he knows the exact location, so why from the front assault? Don't try to take advantage of Peter and Dalton are not in, sneak in is not a better choice?

    In order to survive, the castle of wizards and apprentices and certainly he desperately, Karan could not clear this point. Then why he must choose this silly choice? This is completely illogical.

    "Pa -!"

    Just head to contemplate Loren with a clap, the two side are shocked. The little witch timid slightly closer: "how, man?"

    "Eh? Sorry, I am a bit absent-minded." Barely smiled, still gritted his teeth by Loren frowning.

    So hide guess the feeling is too bad, not your style. Pat the cheek to calm myself, Loren decided to let her change a way of thinking.

    If this thing is not the castle raid on Karan's choice, but he must do it?

    Yes, he needs a chance to enter the castle, but he didn't really need to capture the castle, if the goal is simply to get a vampire, that he only needs to look like you can.

    The biggest obstacle is Peter and Dalton, now two people are not, no one can stop him wizard. In such a situation, Karan wants to sneak into the castle was easier than expected.

    "I was really stupid......" Suddenly want to understand the Loren murmured automatic speaking completely unclear, let him fear in the little wizard why the head back.

    Obviously they already know each other, here is still entangled in the process, focus on clear eyes do not need to know.

    Yes, from the beginning he doesn't need to know what Karan will do - whether he play what pattern, his purpose is the only vampire, as long as it is sufficient to know that this, everything else is just a cover!

    "I may need to temporarily leave." Make a decision involving no longer hesitated, said one side stood up: "it shouldn't take too long time, but...... Anyway, half will probably not come back."

    "Where will you go now, the door of the hall has been shut out, all are enemies, and......" Isaac immediately asked, he said half surprised to stare big eyes: "you do not want to go out and those who desperately?!"

    "Very close, but still a bit." Lauren smiled down on to Isaac himself stopped: "of course...... We can't tell you."

    "Are you crazy? Nobody wants you to do so! Professor Dalton is not here, Peter Dean didn't give you what you want, go to die?!"

    "I'm not out to die, not because of what the task." He shook his head, black pupil very firm: "but I'm very sorry, because I really didn't have a choice."

    If not for Aas Muriel, Luo Lun don't want to head a vampire and a wizard desperately. But this kind of thing he could not let Isaac and the little wizard know.

    "If...... I mean if." Although it is talking to Isaac, but will hold his gaze toward the AI Yin: "wait until tomorrow morning and I haven't come back, do not look for me, also don't relate to me -- you'd better when I'm gone, the dog blood to forget me too!"

    "What you're saying nonsense, you but my brother!" Isaac behoove rejected: "I spent nearly half a year to tolerate your presence, if you suddenly disappeared, I still go to tolerate another head of irrigation potatoes?!"

    Although he was clearly Loren expressed concern, but Isaac really very sarcastic potential.

    The little witch is much quieter than he, just slowly lowered his head, leaving only faint Lauren heard:

    "Million... Don't trouble ah."
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