#69  commotion trap (on)

    Although from the beginning, Karan did not intend to destroy the entire Wim Parr town plan, after all, if the bigger things and certainly not end, if not carefully implicated himself, he has reason to believe that the man is absolutely not pharnaces for their security.

    But Karan more clearly, those who is not able to control their own, in order to ensure the success of the castle by surprise, he took away the most trusted and capable men.

    Is responsible for causing a disturbance to the mob led by Gu Mu Zhen, want to make a fortune mixed with mercenaries, and full revenge of the world mind wandering wizard.

    When the first open a rogue houses door, begging sound screaming and waving torches and sword, when women and property dragged out of the wet with blood, the whole situation is out of control......

    The only town guards, is not clear what happened in the raid by the mob under all. Four fire the streets everywhere thugs and mercenaries Carnival roar into any house, in the best of spirits, with hand torches and weapons away from everything you want.

    The villagers were sleeping in even not knowing what happened, in the dream died in the hands and the flame, any guy can rob the rich spoils of war, the whole town turns into their playground.

    As for those who stray wizards with hatred eyes, is crazy from the wild ghoul, like a ghost wandering in the streets, wanton wand shot any ordinary person who dares to stand in front of them, enjoying the pleasure of revenge.

    Although those rough spells root shoot not to wear knight armor, but for ordinary people is still benefited in every way. They don't want what they want to hear their wealth, despised them, dying screams......

    Killing, looting, arson, screaming...... Panic is a street of the town, a street in flames!

    In front of the knife and the monster, even one to be able to stand up against the villagers are not, can only see the shadow fleeing a kneeling down to beg for mercy and fear, in the laughter was down to the ground.

    By law in the West Sipailai watch Karan knight has been completely stunned. Only dozens of thugs, actually will be a small town into a holy cross the scriptures of the hell!

    Stand in the street he is surrounded by burning houses and fallen bones, the distance can be heard crying woman and child screams, but he did not even do the hand handle what all don't know. Want to stop those thugs and stray wizards, it is impossible.

    What to what it really is to cross?

    If the rogue wizard and Karan of this cooperation before the profane, just let the knight confused words, now that he has been completely confused.

    This is what adults say pharnaces clean? Or say that he is wrong, is all that Karan wandering wizard conspiracy?

    To, must be, must be his plot, everything he planned! Struggling in the edge of the knight for his crazy to find a reason, slowly firm right hand grasping the hilt, pulled out a sharp sword.

    Since this is his plot, then you would have to stop him, and kill him!

    .................. "The town has been finished."

    Go down from the tower of Dalton Kandeh, with a few words the most concise, will be conveyed to the outside of the situation still anxiously waiting for Peter and several wizards.

    "This, what is the matter, why should these people attack the village?" A robed wizard, staring at Dalton and Petrus: "I think we are the wandering wizard's goal."

    "Indeed, this is their trap, to entice us to leave the castle." Dalton's voice without the slightest emotion: "lost the walls of protection, we have these people, not those thugs opponent."

    "It should be how to do? Watched the village, so that even a person all have no!"

    "If people want to die out, I wouldn't be opposed." Dalton looked cold to see the opening of the Wizard: "but remember, school safety is the first, the castle also has dozens of young apprentice barehanded!"

    "I know how dangerous it is, but watched over the same village is very dangerous!" The wizard also argued: "the church is not let us know!"

    "It is possible, and we can fight." Dalton still does not relent: "but if I go out, just stepped into the enemy's trap, no doubt."

    "You......" Just want to go against the wizard, another carrying a sword figure walked past him like a helpless shrug their shoulders, stopping in front of Dalton.

    "Let me go, tutor." No matter if Lauren smiled and looked at black Wizard: "I is not Wim Parr College's apprentice, you do not have to worry about my life, but also relieve such an awkward atmosphere -- you see, all of a sudden for two!"

    Dalton was not amused him, the atmosphere is more embarrassing.

    "You are the school's apprentice, lauren." Peter's voice came from behind the old wrinkled hands hold Loren shoulder: "and I won't let go for me at the expense of the apprentice."

    "Dalton, there are a few please come with me, we go to help the village guards." Push the nose of the lens, Peter dull tone and the past can not listen to what distinction: "a few left, please take the older apprentices in the castle, to protect our school."

    A few wizards finally nodded slightly, at a loss about what to do, accept Peter arrangement. After all, this is still the president of Wim Parr college, even the elderly, but also the entire Duchy of one of the outstanding wizard.

    Only Dalton was unable to accept this arrangement, before Peter left grabbed his sleeve: "you don't see it, this is the other side of the trap?!"

    "Of course I know, Dalton." Peter sighed: "your biggest problem is that it's hard to believe others, this is a good chance, why don't you try to believe the other wizards, and your apprentice?"

    "He is not my apprentice!" Black Witch eyebrow, tough refused and said.

    "But he is! You taught him, will also "caster" gave him - in accordance with the Rules Wizard from ancient times, giving wand is admitted mentor apprentice, is already a qualified wizard!" Peter sadly shook his head: "some day in the future, you will regret for today."

    "There will be no more!"

    "I've had enough of your stubbornness." The old man sighed, toward the still standing on the side of the Loren waved. Mouth slightly tilted Lauren hurried forward, a pair of at a loss.

    "Listen, Laurent Turin, I did not give you as an apprentice, but a wizard of ID, ask you to protect Wim Parr college." The old man's tone was full of unquestionable power: "left behind in the main castle, once the walls were broken through, you are the last line of defense. If the enemy is too much......"

    Here, the old man's tone was shaking, even panic at around one eye, lowered his voice: "you took Isaac and AI Yin escape, there is a path to the top of the main fort can have far you get back, never leave here!"

    Escape? Loren really is to see such a gray look from the old man's eyes the first time, it is inconsistent with the memory of his image. So she asked a sentence: "people are not going to be......"

    "They really wanted, then give them! If Mr. Karan really has the capacity." Peter shook his head: "ambitions devoured people, never know what you are facing."

    Loren almost subconsciously nodded, and re straighten the old man sighed, and like a voice automatic speaking, listening to Lauren and Dalton said:

    "Wim Parr is my lifelong dream. But since it is a dream, it will one day wake up, not what terrible!"
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