#66  huaiguitai people (two)

    Loren "gentle" voice of his hat thoroughly frightened, a whole evening always on tenterhooks plus was nearly killed by experience, let the boy have been overwhelmed, shrinkage in the wall was almost crying.

    "You see, once as interaction partners, I am willing to protect you, and temporarily give you a safe place, but unfortunately, you seem to be using my friendship, making money for your new masters. What do you think I should treat you the betrayal of my friend, a hat?"

    "I don't know, i! Please let me go, I dare not! As long as you don't kill me, whatever! Really, what is ok......"

    The hat has been completely scared silly, besides crying at all what they have to say, tears mingled with the nose all over the face, holding his head to see one eye can't even hold.

    "You make me very difficult ah, hat." Loren sighed, handed the boy a handkerchief: "if I really want to do to you, do you think I'll wait until now?"

    "Then, say so......" While holding a handkerchief and blew his nose, red eyes, looked at the boy with Roland, eyes is full of hope: "you will not kill me?"

    "Depending on the situation." Lauren smiled, then cried out hat.

    Well, the children not their own strengths.

    "But now I'm not going to kill you. After all, what is the use?" Lauren forced himself to continue: "if you can tell me more information."

    When it comes to this, the boy was too nervous to hide behind immediately desperately, even if is behind the wall: "no, please don't do this, in addition to what! Really, you want me to do what you want, can kill me!"

    "Don't worry, calm -- you're Wim Parr castle, here are the most powerful wizards duchy." Loren quickly calm way: "Mr. Karan on the no matter what you do, we all have a way."

    "You all know!" Hat almost cry out, but shook his head, looked very frightened: "no, I have not saved, for who are not saved!"

    "He give you something?"

    Hat a little desperate, sound more trembling: "give me a bottle of something that actually, the gentleman, good drink, and drink can be a long time dream, the dream is especially true. The drink into the mouth, eat into the stomach, clutching, and like it!"

    "But after drinking, only one month i...... I feel I am going to die, is worse than death!" Hat look more fear: "head shot up, the body seems to be only tens of millions of biting insects, but is not dead, but alive and die won't die!"

    "The LORD promised me, said just listen to him, he will give me a bottle of. Otherwise, otherwise it will be the same with that guy, was lit up, then open......"

    Hallucinogens...... Of course Loren knew this kind of thing, the principle of the low potion as deep meditation or dream, with a small amount of space force for strong hallucinogenic effect. Although simple but because the material price is very expensive so hard to find.

    It seems that the master Karan really is the money this thing, most people can not afford, no wonder the hat will be so afraid of him, I'm afraid addicted.

    "Don't worry, just ordinary hallucinogens. It is not difficult to treat." Loren comfort: "and if you really love that feeling...... In fact, the configuration of this things than you think is simple."

    "Really?" Hat a little skeptical.

    "Let me tell you something." Lauren stood up slowly, pointing to the church in front of the most holy cross sculpture: "remember what you just did? I guess Mr. Karan let you put the small pendant on the groove inside, right?"

    Hat nodded.

    "What doesn't seem difficult, but he forgot to remind you of a few things." Loren said very calm, like talking about last night's breakfast: "this pendant is a magic item, a" key ". The sculpture is actually an organ, wait until you put it in the above organs can open -- and then your head will split!"

    "Really? You kidding me?!" Clearly do not believe hat.

    "Although you can try." Lauren smiled, the pendant handed to the boy in front: "believe me, you will not feel pain at all!"

    This powerful authority, if not the spirit of the hall a very powerful wizard, or have super will not withstand the impact of a moment, the void can be blown into pieces of watermelon head hat.

    "So, what should I do?" Whether or not the Luo Lun believe that hat is clear now he did not retreat, as long as go out, here the Wizards must not miss her: "please help me, sir Roland, I don't want to die!"

    "Rest assured, as long as there is in me, no one can hurt you." To hide in the hat around, the boy patted the shoulder with Loren: "as long as you don't betray me in, I will do whatever I can to defend your safety."

    "Not for school, nor the Mr. Karan, but I. Hat, I need you to be honest with me wholeheartedly loyalty."

    Do not know what hat, just nodded, staring up at the very Loren deceptive smile: "if the next time, I will give you a third chance to understand?"

    "Ming, see!"

    "Now that we have to leave here." Loren musters a cheerful expression, pulled the hat pulled up from the ground: "go back to sleep, when no matter what happened!"

    The boy would not oppose, smile to Loren behind him, went to the door and gently opened the bolt - the two figure is right and left standing in the church door, waiting for them for a long time.

    "Good evening, Roland, and the little mr.." Peter smiled opening broke the awkward atmosphere. Just beside Dalton the cold eyes let the effort is really not what improvement.

    "Good evening, Mr. abbot, and mentor." Loren immediately humble bow. Then patted the hat back: "could you please go back to that hat? They may have something for me."

    "Oh...... Good, good!" Immediately react quickly with the boy nodded, watching Jiumingenren stare Lauren one eye, then quickly ran away.

    The church door suddenly only three people, the atmosphere again embarrassed up. Slightly sighed, his hands turned back Loren Dalton: "I remember you promised me, not on my monitor."

    "Please don't upset the child, Dalton, this is my idea." Peter immediately pulls down, said the apology: "it's not that we don't trust you, but this thing is so important, we must know that Mr. Karan will know how much. Can you tell us the name of the small hat, Mr told you what?"

    "Of course." Loren respectfully bowed his head: "that man named Karan hat to fill a bottle of hallucinogens, and as a means of coercion, let him hard hat, looking for something."

    "It is a poor villain, the scum of the wizard." Push monolithic eyes, Mianbugaise Peter then asked: "so, does he want to find what?"

    "It is not very clear, but should be a" organ "implicated - this is only my guess." Just behind the pocket touched, that burned the Holy Cross Pendant handed Petrus: "but before Gu Mu Zhen, I once accidentally discovered this, and I'm afraid the hat to seek something related to the church."

    Took the already burned netsuke, Peter and Dalton eyes was revealed at a loss about what to do, what. And Lauren is how many relief, if not before the left hand, it is difficult to cross this evening.

    "You have done well, Roland, and even can be said very good." Silent for a long time, Peter to say this sentence: "so that a hat child......"

    "He is not what a threat, rather than the person behind him is a real threat." Laurent shook his head: "I don't know exactly what he wants, but one thing is for sure."

    "He was soon to begin, we have to get ready!"
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