#53  investigation after lunch (on)

    The old wooden door, a shake sign painted on a long red beard wine mixed with barbecue, and the smell of sweat fermented ale which, as if the door in the guest girl seduce.

    Time is noon, I still yawning sleepy pub wiping glasses, the boss behind the counter to count money last night. To see Lauren and ein came in, just kick in the little ass, let him hurriedly go up to greet the guests.

    Silent ain sat in the straightforward position of the window, it is a great Lauren careful questioning of a few words, and then a few points like.

    Although the tavern only, but not because the evening was so quiet. Probably lorento gave a silver coin when tip, gallant brother pub will soon send something up.

    Delicious lamb, exudes a cinnamon baked apple, fried golden crisp fish and bread together, plus two cup of rye and two potatoes baked meat pie - pub delicacy classic, simple but mouthwatering.

    Especially the meat baked potato pie, this dish can make Dalton such a serious person can not help but want to try, nature is not without reason.

    We must first prepare some fresh pork, beef but can of course be better. The meat into minced meat, with a small spoon of olive oil to stir the pot, until the meat is the best whitening. With the heavy taste. Into the onion and garlic, onion to color completely transparent so far.

    Then add a small cup of Wine, a small cup of water, slowly open the pot to boil, add thyme, quietly waiting for about twenty minutes.

    Other pot of water evaporated to almost half, and then into the flour, stir clockwise to gradually thicken gravy. The soup is more thick, the final flavor is more delicious. Sprinkle some salt and then evenly, if there is pepper, especially black pepper that's great, strong spicy taste more seductive appetite.

    Then the cooked potatoes mashed, made of Mashed Potato. Add the butter, fresh milk, stir slowly. Then the beef dish shop, ready to complete Mashed Potato, with taste and add some shredded cheese, finally sent to the oven, Everything will be fine.

    Overall not what time the food, but it is most delicious food, meat special soft and mellow flexible Mashed Potato together, thickened gravy to penetrate into the whole pie, and sprinkle on the outside of the grated cheese together in the mouth of bloom. Even just wake up soon, in the face of this attractive fragrance will also be appetite.

    Enjoy a delicious mouth, drink a mellow wine in the rye, Loren meal very satisfied with bread dipped, unable to part after the rest of the gravy into the mouth. It looked up at the little wizard still silent.

    "This is the second time you come here, how do you feel?"

    "Eh? I...... Also, ok." The little witch slightly shy bowed his head, like the startled squirrel: "the last time Dalton and mentor together, but also eat these......"

    Idiot idiot idiot, what am I talking about?! The little witch kept scolding her in my heart, this is when others and eat together should say?!

    Say, why you have promised him in disorderly fashion, this time should not be reserved at? No...... It should be very strange, why they are not only invited Isaac together? Don't say they were found, he was ready to privately expose yourself? Otherwise......

    The little witch full of blue eyes make blind and disorderly conjectures, will soon turn into the glass fell even incense are unaware, black ale instant sprinkle on that wide wizard robe.


    At a crucial moment on the occasion, suddenly caught up Lauren was about to fall glasses, face will be affixed to the front of the ein. Screamed the little wizard froze, cheeks can vaguely feel each other's breath.

    "What are you thinking about?" Smiled the Loren re put the glass in front of the AIN, then end up: "to have a drink with me."

    "Eh? But......" Just want to drink the little wizard in amazement: "you must not just to eat a meal to come out?"

    "Of course." Behoove nodded, Loren was in the heart of each other at incomparable intuition: are some things, I think it may be better to say with you."

    He found that he was found! The little wizard in the heart again and cried, the surface is still very calm, but his hands still don't tremble.

    Isaac found some clues from the book of magic, the assassination of Anthony the priest wizard is very likely to the pub, so I guess there might also have other traces." Loren calmly said: "so I'm going to check here."

    "Just like this?" Ain asked, don't know is disappointed or relieved.

    "Originally and Isaac, but in this kind of thing...... I think you ain should be more careful, perhaps can discover some I cannot perceive the place, you'll have to trouble you again." Loren gallant smiled, but eyes flashed a notice: "and although that is not appropriate, but Isaac, I believe you."

    So that is what it is...... Small little wizard look relaxed, my heart is raised a touch of pride -- indeed, he still believe me some more. Well, even if again how, oneself also must be more than the pompous Git is more careful.

    "How to do?" A little nervous ain couldn't help asking.

    "Don't worry, wait until the meal finished." Drinking wine in the rye neither fast nor slow rowlen, said: "very leisurely enjoy a good meal, and then we'll start."

    The little witch helpless, also had to continue to hold the hands of the glass, there is a no one drink, watching the lunches like what Loren has no where "hanging", even the heart could not help but annoyed.

    Really, i...... How is this guy still worried?

    Time is at noon, even eat bread clean still did not want to leave the seat Loren mean, pub people are more. A start can sit in the EIN, surrounded by the noisy conversation and the smell of sweat smell, feeling more and more anxious.

    Until then, Loren got up and walked to the hall to greet guests in the tavern owner, and explain a few words, the boss didn't seem to understand. Then Loren went on to say a few times, he is very patient and discuss several times, you want to leave, and Loren to pull back.

    Finally, the tavern owner thoroughly anxious, noon time is not wasted in such a guest body, plug directly to hold a bunch of keys, shoving him upstairs, face some helpless Loren standing on the stairs, toward the little wizard is still on the position of waved, impatient ain immediately follow up.

    "You just what was going on?"

    "I need this pub all the key to the door." Loren waved the keys: "now at hand."

    "All of the key to the door?" The little witch confused: "do you want these stem what?"

    "The book of magic oil above is on the page, so I guess it might be time to eat each other in the room, accidentally!" Loren explains, while quickly went to the first room to open the door: "under normal wizards are not a public occasion to read their spell book to."

    "Unfortunately, the slightest clue so I can't determine which room, so I need all the keys to the door!" The time said Loren had opened the door, and then throw the key to the ein.

    "When is the best business here at noon, the tavern owner also does not have the time to ask; most of its guests last night should be in the downstairs for dinner, so only now, we can have time to search all the room and not to be found!"

    "If there is anyone in the room?"

    "Stun him!" Of course, the Luo ethics said: "we are now in school but who cares about the fight for survival, this?!"
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