#47  killing figure (on)

    "That, you sure he is in the father's bedroom?"

    Green Lyle mercilessly swallowed spittle, tightly stick gingerly back on the wall with three people behind the dim blue eyes in the dark night four looked as if at any time there will be a shadow channeling out like.

    "That guy's cunning, the last time in the barn is, I didn't even see what he looks like, and then the whole barn......"

    "I said, he's here!" Go in the back of a skinny man suddenly interrupted Green Lyle's words: "is not the same with you, Mr Lyle. But we spent this kid for two days, followed by the priest saw him in trouble, so please don't say this shit!"

    "Waste and rubbish?!" Feel insulted Green Lyle suddenly raised his voice: "is that you haven't seen him more, I do not run fast already dead to the last!"

    "Since you are so afraid of him, why did you come with us?" Skinny sneer asked: "you might as well stay at home, so we put the firm and secure the kid's head for you."

    "Afraid of him? You told me to kill this guy, I was with you here!" Green and angry upwelling: "and because of this boy, I was forced to like a mouse running like this -- I have to kill him!"

    Slim flattery nodded smiled, turned cannotbut spat. Whether he can be much despised behind the incompetent rich people, the other is always the gold master them, look at a gold they must also endure, and then try to protect the incompetent idiot.

    Originally this task should be the "adult". Unfortunately, when this afternoon was the Sorcerer's Apprentice plot, along with his right arm half burned, had to leave Gu Mu Zhen to treatment, only the "sheep" to protect themselves.

    "Damn, Tom, Lyle left follow the master!" Two skinny mercenary helpless towards walking in front of the said: "Jerry, you come with me to catch the damn apprentice. We have to let the boy know what people should not provoke!"

    "You promised me, let me kill the boy!" See each other ready to throw himself, Green can hurry grabbed each other's clothes.

    "We beat him half-dead, will he give you the disposal, Lord lyell!" Humph was out of the hand of Green, and with the church over the fence, leaving only that Tom and Green mercenaries to stay in place.

    Even Holy Cross Church, at midnight also does not have the fire lit. After landing safely, they used a "lightning spell" from behind pulled out his wand, two men followed the only light, with the door a bit close to the bedroom impression.

    After going to the door, called "Jerry" mercenary go up, wring the door knob, then lowered his voice behind said: "the boss, the door was locked."

    "Little tricks!" Was cold to hum a, but did not take the initiative to close to the "adult" unfortunately caught, he did not feel lucky: "get out of the way, let me try."

    The mercenary hide aside. The man raised his wand whispering a few words, a light blue light converging on the wand tip, with thin gently waved, straight into the door handle.

    The locked door gave a muffled, then what did not happen. The skinny man once, it is his guess wrong, the other is simply not prepared for what trap?

    But he does not have much patience, more important is that all of a sudden, the room guy must have to be aware of. The skinny man immediately behind the mercenary a wink, the hint of the "Jerry" drew his hatchet, and then hit the door.


    It is a muffled, fragile wooden door suddenly burst open. Two people one after another rushed into the room, ready to be the damn apprentice apart, then......


    Not even a personal video empty room, only some of the traces can be seen before the people here, the rest is not what.

    This should not be ah, that boy obviously came back, but what they see, was kept back with the afternoon scene, and other words, almost inadvertently hit and his eyes......

    What are the other good design, he was aware that he was being watched? The skinny man suddenly felt behind the cold sweat, I have already walked into a trap, but still unaware!

    Had the confidence skinny, suddenly felt was turned into the old hunter eyeing prey, the silence of the room four seems to have become more and more strange, as if they can't see the hidden trap.

    "Ah --!!!!!!"

    The piercing screams from outside the room, just a thin make blind and disorderly conjectures came to wake up. This is definitely the wrong voice, Lord lyell.

    From the beginning of each other in an ambush in the outside, he fooled!

    .................. "Well, although that might be too embarrassed, but could you don't call?"

    A little helpless Loren said, while the ground mercenary body aside, then her clothes to be stripped each other up, quickly dressed up.

    Start a new home of this thought Loren Lyle home how much will the main protest about it, the results saw their incredibly directly paralyzed, leaning against the wall like twitching had epilepsy like, shouting.

    To be honest with Loren never felt bloody means. Even murder him as much as possible hit, the extra action is not necessary. Murder or will other disability, in his view is not what meaning.

    But in the eyes of Green Lyle, the whole process is completely different.

    He saw each other like a bat and jumped, only the blink of an eye open the mercenary throat, then the knife stabbed in his mercenary chin. When he came back, it seems quite safe to have repeatedly mercenaries, not utter, blood soaked into the body.

    This guy is not a person!

    Green has a cold sweat even escape much, paralysis on the ground a blank mind -- he now know if he really wanted to kill himself, at that time the barn he did not run away!

    The neck suddenly felt cold, Green still scream immediately stopped and stared at the throat dumb, frame fear on their shoulders.

    "I'm sorry, although I do not going to kill you, but......" Loren suddenly smiled: "you may have to sleep for a while."

    "Bang!" Don't wait reply, Loren has landed a blow on his temples, in front of a black Green immediately fell into a state of coma.

    After get rid of this trouble, Loren immediately posted on the wall to sit down, bowed his head a pair of dying.

    Soon, understand himself for thin and another mercenary immediately back over the wall, although the night was very dark, but they can still see the indistinct - down in a pool of blood around the mercenaries, and lying next to him if Green Lyle is alive.

    See this scene thin blood cold. The other is obviously the goal of the Lyle family home, they are actually from A to Z being played.

    One called "Jerry" saw his brother killed the mercenary into this picture, on the face also showed much grief color: "boss, we have to help Tom!"

    "Damn, how do you know the boy on where to hide?!" The same emotional man roared: "do this with. What is the difference?!"

    "Cough cough......"

    Next came cough to slim back, musters a bit surprised: "Tom, are you still alive?!"

    "I cough cough......" The dying "Tom" voice heard only slightly down, let man quickly squat down, looked anxiously at him, did not notice this "Tom" lost a lot of weight.

    "I cough...... What he saw...... Where to go, what......"
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