#46  at the foot of the trail (four)

    After Lyle left home, Loren immediately return to the church. But it is not the original road to return, but the first to go to the opposite direction of the shanty towns, after a few laps around it along the path arrived near the church.

    Although not sure behind any trace, but always be prepared against want. You have been eyeing, are likely to encounter attack whenever and wherever possible, naturally more people eye miscellaneous places more suitable for their own escape, while seeking to deal with the time.

    So when he returned to the church, time is already in the evening. The church is still full of people, Holy Cross Church only a few priests and clergy organized prayer probation before nightfall, and for those devout believers have some porridge for dinner.

    In fact, most people are not so poor that even a bowl of cereal drink less, but still give the over - they are more concerned about the Church of the holy cross walls and strong power, how many can give them some sense of security.

    It seems a few days ago and not what difference, but...... Loren constantly rubbed his right hand, a strange sense of crisis in the heart always wandering, what seems to have kept his thorn like.

    It is an illusion, or yourself too cautious? Slowly hood, Loren along the street to the side door of the church, no matter how to get out of here.

    "Sir, please have pity on me, I have a few days without food!"

    A scruffy beggar looks small not far away in the corner, although the sound was weak but strangely familiar. Lauren Alice Alice mouth, naturally turned and walked past, before squatting on the "beggar". A face of dirty hat looked up, revealing a smirk.

    "I said to you, no one can find me."

    "What do you have?" Loren like didn't hear the boy to speak like himself, out of pocket, for copper.

    "There are three guys, two men and a skinny man, are not local, but dressed like a farmer like." Hat lowered his voice and said: "they have been in the morning at the church door. Don't look up! You come from after the three men had been staring at you to see!"

    "As soon as possible to find a place to hide." Solemnly will a coin on the boy in front of the empty bowl, Lauren stood up side whispered: "I have to prepare now, then the guests come."

    Hat no longer answer, only glancing at Roland to the doors of the church, and then end up quietly took the bowl, while all the people do not pay attention to the smooth wall slip away.

    "You come back, you Turin laurent!"

    Loren just came to the church door, also distributing porridge little surprise immediately priest came up, and a little look to look forward to: "find what clues?!"

    "Did find some important information, but......" Loren said that while "free" four looked at, obviously can see, there are three people deliberately avoid guys in their sight.

    And the hat described as a two, quite a strong guy, and another color is too pale, is probably not how long time the sun's sake, but this is only the first impression, and not as the basis of judgment.

    "But what?"

    "I may need to go to a father Anthony's bedroom, one seems to find what clues can as supporting evidence for some information." Loren deliberately did not depress voice: "good luck, tonight I can find the truth."

    "The truth of the matter? What do you mean......" The young monk who suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem: "see, I'm going to open the door!"

    ........................ Carefully shut the door and locked, Lauren still close to the door and walls still. After the door has been no movement, do not hurry into the room.

    "Well, all the guests will come at any time, can be quickly prepared." The casual tone Qingyang Loren bloody priest sitting on the bed, his body began to clean up the existing equipment.

    The first is a new Knight Sword and two daggers, all towns and villages in the school outside of the blacksmith's shop to get, this time Dalton abnormal "generous", for one hundred pieces of silver, can let Loren at the blacksmith pick, and left to the road overhead.

    Then he and Isaac and the little witch cast "lightsaber". Lauren considered for a long time, or give it temporarily named "bright silver" in the name, does not have what their talent.

    Another bottle for emergency sedative, three bottles of EIN special "unstable firelighters". Considering that they may have other pit a, Loren is not sure this thing is not it can also play a surprise effect.

    Sure enough time should not be dizzy with success......

    The last thing is, Dalton Kandeh gave his "magic wand", carefully open the box, but somewhat surprised expression lauren. Lying quietly in the box is actually a glove, and it seems like it's left hand.

    What kind of wizard will take his wand into gloves?

    This is a black glove, seems to be made by some kind of animal leather, at the opening of each finger are sewn with a silver ring, and can vaguely see above carving runes; hand painted with dark red picture: a triangle circle.

    Although do not know the specific meaning of the other party, but these two are spells and rune based graphics, probably alluding to the people who use it "caster" identity?

    Dalton will think this glove to his somewhat sad look, guess this thing 80% Loren is probably not his, such as souvenirs or relics, otherwise it can not explain why he would show that expression.

    The gloves are worn on the left hand, slowly his spiritual palace connected with it - just a blink of an eye thing, his body seemed to have contact and the gloves, the left hand of nature like this there is a pair of gloves like!

    Although the wand things do not understand, but also clearly linked Loren more easily, more can prove its quality, in the hands of their own that is definitely not what ordinary goods!

    A little after feeling the two, he immediately deft movements of all the equipment to clean up, and listen carefully to the nearby movement.

    It is quiet around here -- after all is a village church, even the shantytown rogue did not dare to come here to make trouble, even if the majesty of Holy Cross in the middle of the night, still shines here.

    But considering that father Anthony had died in this room, so it is not so holy majesty.

    Stand in the door quietly opened a gap rowlen, room light through outward looking. When the moon is not the only full moon, crescent moon in the clouds is also partly hidden and partly visible under the cover of darkness, the ancient town, immersed in the darkness.

    But because it is too quiet, but can hold faint to hear someone in the distance toward the side of touch over, and I'm afraid is along the back wall of the church.

    The other three men, one of which is likely to be a wizard, there is a chance or a conjurator; as for the other two, from the appearance closer to the mercenary role, but still can not be ignored, the business real knife, killing in this kind of thing can have efficiency than the wizard.

    You have to think of a way to solve the first one, then another introduction room, good luck to the two bottles of firelighters can kill each other; finally, it must consider the physical head, between himself and the two man gap, and the other to maintain distance, or to find the opportunity to attack.


    Hide behind the door of the Lauren still slowly plan, I heard behind the wall seemed to be some people in the conversation, as if still argue what one should hear his voice -- if not mistaken, should be the man in brown barn.

    "It seems that a change of plans, for four people." Happy smile in the face of Loren just looks somewhat strange.

    "Well...... I have an idea."
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