#45  at the foot of the trail (three)

    "The home of Lord Lyle dead?!"

    Loren has Rao is calm enough to get such a morning news, was shocked for a moment.

    Stand in the Lyle family house outside the alley, hiding in the corner he carefully looked at the house and before what is the difference between the house, do not see the night before the murder happened. Even some of the terrible quiet, even the slightest movement are not.

    According to common sense, such as the death of businessman will cause uproar, but now everything is like what had happened. Even you get the news, but also from the front of the "hat" boy mouth.

    "I'm not lying!" Is probably aware of a look of distrust in Loren, hat quickly said: "last night, I heard the house came the screams when their back door shelter. Wait until the morning the wealthy Lord Lyle was seriously ill, headed people into the master Green Lyle!"

    "There are other information?" Lauren asked: "they continue to chase the servant of the house, there is no exception, and what is usually not the same place?"

    "Abnormal?" The hat froze for a long time: "say that love is abnormal, usually go out in the morning the old housekeeper, are yet to see others, not abnormal?"

    There was so much change in the home, the valet travel by some small changes can not understand...... Of course, it is also likely that he was not in the world.

    Either way, the other is obviously in camouflage. No matter what father Anthony who is killed, and now it seems like the Lyle family, the second son of ghosts.

    You may have to sneak into the time, to be able to find enough evidence before they destroyed all the evidence.

    But before that...... Loren falls on the eyes to the boy's body, let some of the fear of the hat shrinking head, carefully and not much larger than their own the wizard looked at.

    "Can you tell me a reason I willing to help you? Sorry, I am not owe love."

    "I, I just feel the news you may need." The boy quickly looked away, swallowing slobber: "the barn where I can't go back, so......"

    "Although I is not what the rich, but......" Lauren smiled and took out a bag of silver coins from his pocket and gave it to the boy: "I know how to be grateful."

    Then he stood up and turned away. Hat quickly put away the purse, along with Loren back to catch up: "you also have my master, the wizard -- the whole Gu Mu Zhen did I don't know where. But I am little, nobody cares about me, I can help you a lot!"

    The boy looked at the look in the eyes, Loren hesitated for a moment...... Indeed, if you can make yourself a scoundrel and save a lot more eyes, can also help you find the blind -- just like this one.

    "So, hat, help me watch near the church." Loren patted boy head hat: "if you find what strangers, especially those who were not a local guy moving around, you immediately told me."

    "Rest assured, master wizard!" Pat filled with silver small pockets, said hat take the name of God in vain confidence, and then down the alley, like wild cats like disappeared without trace.

    "Hope is not a mistake." Turn left the automatic speaking Loren lane, on the corner toward Lyle's house to go.

    This is a very delicate look of the house, and there was a high wall and three layers in the attic, Gu Mu Zhen a country can even half a castle. The light is rich is not possible to build this house, more important is the Lyle family is a branch of nobility, was allowed to have this luxury.

    Origin and status in this world is a matter of the body are not even a trace of noble blood, forever doomed to is poor, and the poor should be always poor. This is why Isaac Wim Parr qualified to break the sky, but still could not be contained in those noble rich son born apprentice.

    They will never be able to accept this cruel reality: a peasant, to be more humble humble guy, talent and wisdom than all of them add up to more than two times.

    The mouth raised a sneer Loren, eyes carefully look at the house -- the walled house often give people a false sense of security, nearly three meters high fence over most people simply do not go in, but if you want to use what if props and easy to be found, can be said to be simple and crude anti-theft means.

    But on the other hand, as long as they are not from above but below into the wall, which is almost the same and display. Squat down and looked at the back door of the sewage outlet, it is ready to be disassembled directly lauren.


    Have not met the outfall railing Roland, vaguely felt what, readily took out from behind some water, the sewage outfall fell down. It was not a drop left all flow to the outside.

    Cover up? It is said that the house 80% lived a somewhat capable caster.

    "Why am I not surprised?"

    Loren laughing while taking the automatic speaking, another for his prepared gold ein complex -- insight into the agent.

    Although it is simple, but the effect is very rough. As long as the use of the power of the place with a void, they all can show the crystal clear.

    In the alchemy knowledge level, the little wizard is not standard, restricts the apprentice to the genius of the alchemist, only age and experience.

    Sure enough...... From the back door of the house, to the side of the wall, even before you almost stepped on the place near the back door almost everywhere is to set up a magic trap and outfall was a fence inserted with a gun tip; and the doorknob hand was stuffed with firelighters! If I am afraid of breaking wire just poke, splashing out of Mars can make their own point!

    Since the other side even traps are ready, I'm afraid the house has been waiting for her to come, in this place, it is not their own style, even to fight, it should be in their own home court.

    However, each other have been so enthusiastic, if you don't leave what it seems to be a bit guilty...... A slight tilt of the corners of the mouth, he has got an idea.

    How to say, must let the person feel the sincerity of.

    .................. The sly fox."

    I do not know when to return to the house after tall man, looked at her carefully arranged results was made a mess of the back door, simmer for a long time to say such a sentence.

    He was too look down upon this wizard apprentice. Although Wim Parr school is a group of all cowards cowards, but since they will send the apprentice over, he is really something that is not generally comparable apprenticeship.

    Not to mention Draco and his ghoul is dead in the apprentice hands, is able to describe the problem: the apprentice is a scourge, is an uncertain molecule, don't get rid of him no end of trouble for the future!

    Is cold to hum a man shook robe clothes, just ready to leave, I found some wrong place, the door handle had actually been replaced, but the stately stuck a wooden bottle. Also wrote "firelighters" three words, for fear that they don't know.

    In defiance of yourself? The man smiled, looked at the door handle "is completely new, directly on top of the card, even the organs are not, gently a can take it down.

    Sure enough, the other is apprentice -- no oxidizing substances, firelighters is only a bottle of water to it, actually still counting on such poor means to intimidate themselves, it is downright ignorant!

    The man did not hesitate to hold the firelighters bottle to bottle just in case he still threw some water, this way is in any case can not be appeared on mars.

    "Let me witness your stupidity and ignorance, fox!" The man pulled a sneer......

    "Boom -!!!!!"
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