#42  of the ancient town line (under)

    "The wizard Lord, so to find where to go is hurry?"

    Two wearing a scruffy rogue, while laughing turned towards the side of Loren came, but also a pair of "enthusiastic" appearance: "you are the first to come, could you tell us where you want to go? We can send you a ride."

    "Thank you very much for the two gentlemen enthusiasm, but please allow me to thank you." The formula of smile, plus a shiny silver coins thrown into each other's arms: "please drink a cup of two, is the."

    "Only one piece of silver, so simple you want to send us two?" Another rogue sneer approached a few steps, holding the arm threatening: "don't think we don't know what you got in the father's house to do!"

    "Calm, calm, let us solve the problem of peace." Loren is still hidden in the immutable and frozen smile, the right hand is still under the cloak wizard on hilt: "but I'm still a little do not understand."

    "His grandmother was zhuangsuan, sneaking out from the back wall, everyone knew what you were doing!" A direct scold out his right hand pointing to the priest: "Loren nose adult house hidden a lot of good stuff, you must scoop up enough water!"

    "Well...... That do not know how much money can make two satisfied?" Apparently they have not only made the rogue, and extortion: "give a number, how much money can let you seal?"

    "Twenty gold coins!" A wait cried, also could not help but licked her lips.

    "." Loren Frank promised, to explore a left back, ready to dig up the wallet.

    "And so on!" Another guy suddenly stopped in front of the rogue, don't trust the eyes looked back and forth in Loren: "this guy's a wizard, who knows he will not change what trick, in case of the pit. What do we do?"

    "Maybe we happen, then you throw over the purse." Rogue staring at his every act and every move: "you say?"

    Loren agreed.

    "Well, then...... One or two, three!"

    At the same moment, Loren suddenly caught up left behind from the top down chop stick, directly rush over!

    "Behind the attack this old routine, it is long time ah......"

    The Lauren did not give automatic speaking in front of two rogue many astounding opportunities, first a stick knocked out in front of the station. Right foot kick directly behind the chin, a fat rascal threw himself directly, just a floor head to hold a foot, in front of a black fainted.

    Wait until the clean up time hold in a clean manner, throw away the stick turned around, just ready to attack his children froze in place, apparently has not recovered from the scene in.

    Lauren looked this boy, eleven two years old, wearing a big hat, throw anywhere inconspicuous, calluses and face old wounds that he "do it" is not a day for two days.

    Go to the front when Loren, think of it to escape, Loren hand had been pressed on his shoulder, the boy want turned to bite!

    Draw back the subconscious immediately find each other just hold a feint, fish from their hands slip off, the blink of an eye has been out of work.

    If it is before, maybe you missed the Lauren, but now this is a flick of Kung fu. A boy hit a hover charm to stagger, then he will be down to the ground, the right hand has been in the boy's throat.

    "Please, just don't hit my hand, how do you want to do!"

    The boy is honest, a look at the escape immediately recognize counsels. Lauren smiled, loosen the hand and stood up: "get up, I'm not going to beat you, just want to ask a few questions."

    The timid boy curled up on the ground, in the confirmation of Loren going to his flying kick just slowly climb up, swallowing at low head: "I, I do not know what!"

    "It is for me to say." While holding down the boy's shoulders while Loren squat down, and he looked at four orders: "what's your name?"

    My name is "hat, hat, hat!" The boy took out to take out the nose, eyes are alert and fear: "anti Zhengda guys do."

    "Everybody, how many people do you have?"

    "I, there are three of us! You have seen." The boy quickly please smile.

    Loren face raised a smile, and a snap. The amount of head was playing a bit boy show his teeth not shout out.

    "Don't lie, I can listen to the hat." Lauren: "laugh very good so please don't cheat me second times, who let you watch me here?"

    "No, no......" Hat also did not say exports, see Loren and raised his right hand. The boy's expression changed, then a bite: "no one let, let us do it!"

    Obviously, it is very important to him, would rather be refused to speak out, so the threat is useless, you must change a way.

    In the bottom of my heart over the man nodded with a smile: "I believe you, but you rob me how to say this thing?"

    The boy just relieved, immediately tense up: "to you, or what did not see?"

    "Well, even help me." Lauren suggested: "we are not right when what happened, you did not see from where I left, how the two of your friends just drunk?"

    A hat with a nod, Loren let go, he is like a street cat and it disappeared in sight.

    Satisfied radian raised slowly in the mouth, pat gray stand up with Roland, neither fast nor slow in the boy's death, if all goes well, he might find himself with a very important clue.

    Gu Mu Zhen is not large, but the boy is obviously experienced. In the villages around the corner and looked back, still a few, then continue to make sure no one. Followed by Loren followed him around half a village, came to the final destination, a village in the southwest corner of shantytowns.

    In the shanty towns and a few laps around, sure no one behind the hat, then walked gingerly to a near the ruins of the warehouse, look before is probably the barn, but now the village did not have the money to the poor hiding place.

    "Hey, hat, your kid how to come back?" The boy was just a door, a fat rascal stopped him: "the two together with you guys go?"

    "He, they drink, probably have to come back later." The pale hat lengbuding was stopped, the guilty lied.

    "The two bastard, certainly willing!" A face against rogue couldn't help shouted out: "the boss clearly said, get to the good stuff all over, only to everyone equally!"

    Relieved the hat and Ganxiao two nod. Just want to leave that is full of fat fat but down on his shoulder: "Hey, right. The boss said that before the Lord to live as we do, is likely to come today, you see his carriage at the door?"

    "No......" A hat again behind his throat, full of sweat: "the Lord is coming today?"

    The thought of this afternoon with something the hat was a little scared, just earn two money matters, their results seem involved in what's inside!

    To lie, if can wait until the two idiots wake up expose myself? But if you tell the truth, the wizard will not let yourself master estimates......

    "How are you, don't be sick?" See the boy ran back a pale mutation in two steps, for fear of what stick - in this place, but worse than death starve to death, they have no money to buy drugs like this.

    "No......" Just want to deal with the two hats, I heard an uproar outside the barn. Just want to go out and see what you find the door, suddenly out of an old wagon.

    In situ stiff hat, a drop of sweat fell on the ground.

    Wait exactly how to explain?!
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