#29  will void with you (on)

    "This is not possible! I don't know what you really want for the demon, but this thing is entirely nonsense verbiage. It would have got a feasibility, I put my own boots to eat!"

    A little hysterical Isaac Grantham spit upon splash, looked in front of a contemptuous disregard painted with the rune parchment: "let me make sure you didn't find me fun?!"

    "Of course not!" The little witch immediately retorted, facial expression also revealed with a little unconvinced: "although this design is just I think, but the related research I have done for almost a month, it is feasible!"

    "I guess you're in a dream to do the experiment?" Isaac sharp all laughed: "why I'm not a little accident? Oh, maybe because you born in this profession, because an unrealistic madman wants to lead into gold!"

    "It is groundless statement!"

    "But now you are the Ain Rand of your groundless statement." Isaac pretended to be innocent stand stand hand: "really, I began to wonder whether you learn occultism, you show in this area is shallow and ignorant, equivalent to just learn to speak of the ogre."

    "You say it again?!" The little witch really angry, angry cheek with a blush, like sapphire eyes tightly and Isaac looked at each other.

    "...... Well, I change the way." Really a bit afraid of Isaac helpless turned aside Loren: "Laurent Turin, please see from the perspective of incantation, do you think this thing can have much feasibility?"

    The little witch beside immediately turned around to look at him in the eyes of blue, also some faint expectation, hope to get positive light, and nervous and afraid look like boots cat.

    Lauren did not say words, carefully reviewed the drawings on things, and then look back before ein tell him about the content - this is an approximate cylinder alchemical items, looks like a dagger, beside there are a lot of exposition. And also with another after the completion of the renderings, the "long sword dagger".

    Yes, this thing is actually a laser sword!

    He even suspect that in the little wizard told him that heard about this moment, he is not really a "shocked" this expression.

    Loren didn't even hear the little wizard after the introduction of the whole people are in the best of spirits, completely glazed in the "beyond imagination" creative.

    In two eyes the "double down", it is silent on the drawing Lauren exploration, seemingly calm thinking, in fact is in thinking how to answer only two people don't offend.

    "I'm sorry, but I have to respect the views of Isaac." Then let the little wizard Loren was suddenly pale, but then immediately said: "but if ain has been studied for such a long time, so that it is not feasible."

    "This is you two are not to offend?" Isaac could not help but ask.

    "Of course not!" Loren eyes also denied: "I just want to present a new idea, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, if we do not try to convince anyone who then."

    "If successful, of course it is the best thing; but if unfortunately failed, we must gain at least, we prove that the laboratory will not be successful, isn't it?"

    Well, this excuse not to let two people are satisfied, but at least "putting aside disputes".

    According to the "out of my mind... Uh... I mean Sir Ain Rand's design, we first need to cast a spell to carry this dagger." Aware of the eyes behind Isaac quickly changed his tune: "I suggest the blade part with the silver dagger, can enhance the bearing capacity of the casting greatly."

    "There is no need, as long as a silver plating on it - and we do not have so much silver." Snappy little wizard white at him: "it is in the position of the hilt carving runes, strengthen its stability."

    "And I of the void resistance is quite strong, so even if not what some high load." Lauren somewhat self deprecating said: "hilt design should be longer, enough for two hands. It can also increase the coverage of the rune, too, and can make it more balanced."

    "But even if successful, also did not do really let it settle down. Excuse me, do you have the power of the void to be too simple, it can not steel nor bronze, it is more like lightning or explosion, all in a moment. I don't know that you are not really able to understand, but want it to stabilize this is......"

    Sara Isaac stopped suddenly, like a mysterious hand press the pause button. Motionless body kept trembling.

    "What have you found?" Somewhat aware of Loren, asked for a sentence.

    "... Yeah, why make it a "stable" down? How it could be stabilized?" A Isaac lying in the drawing above a hungry tiger at its prey: "I am really stupid!"

    "It's rare that you can now find." The little wizard or some angry.

    But Isaac didn't hear, eyes are trembling voice: "this is a sword -- it is not a chair, nor is this book, we do not need to stabilize it, it should be extremely unstable, it should be able to penetrate and tear any normal state material. Yes, it should be in a blast every hour and moment!"

    Two, I have a very important discovery." Isaac formal drawings down, the people are not serious: "after my careful speculation, this looks ridiculous than toy things, really has the feasibility. Maybe we really want to make out what things out!"

    I said from the beginning of the good...... Although still can not help but want to answer, but after seeing the pass Loren eyes, the little wizard still hold.

    For a group, the contradiction is never a problem, sometimes even conflict can evolve into power, stimulate the initiative of every one of them. So clearly and Loren resolve contradictions, rather than let three people are more suitable for the other two remain unconvinced of state.

    "So, since it has been decided, then to begin the work." Loren waved his hand and said: "Ain Rand is responsible for the production of hilt and blade, what material, how to casting, and finishing work in short, manufacturing and seal parts delivered to us in the future to complete the master alchemist."

    "Before I finished parts, and Isaac together to complete the construction and analysis of the character, and then see if the library has no similar data can learn about, to determine the final design."

    Two people all nodded, on the arrangements for the time being satisfied -- at least for now.

    "Wait, there is one thing!" Isaac suddenly said: "if this thing is done, it is equivalent to a magic wand, or even better than that of control, it can even be not any Rune composed of spells, and only need to......"

    "Just a simple instruction can be, even just say a word on the line!" The little witch shines: "then it will be able to connect and Loren spiritual palace!"

    "Considering the alchemical items collection of wisdom and sweat of our three people, I have a proposal." Isaac suddenly excited: "set to" the genius of Isaac and his friends "? Isn't that great?"


    "Don't like this, I'm not mentioned you!" Isaac shouted innocent.

    "I know you can not expect." Ein gave him a white, turning to Loren: "if you decide, after all it is for you."

    Look at the drawings "laser sword", Loren hesitated for a long time, then as exploratory asked:

    "You think, 'may void with you"?"
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