#21  Hunt (on)

    Ghoul, carrion, and gregarious monster, have very strong in weak light environment action ability, keen sense of smell so that they can be found buried in the ground. But fear of fire and light, and very flammable.

    Knowing that they will face the monster from the school before Loren specially prepared a lot of firelighters -- this is a fairly simple alchemy composition, just a little bit of Mars will be burning; the disadvantage is that the volatility is very rapid, a blink of an eye.

    While Loren brings, is a little improvement after the wizard version. Although still can not change the volatile characteristics, but let it become more unstable, even the strong impact can also let it burn, used against ghouls simply is one of the best weapons.

    Forward step by step closer, hoarse sound of chewing is more and more clear, slow, low body Lauren expression is becoming more and more serious, a ghoul is a very sensitive attack monster, if you can only have a chance, must as far as possible to cause destruction.

    Chewing sound stopped suddenly, this shows that this group of monsters has found himself. The empty tomb fluttering in a strange sound dumb, that is absolutely not see the enemy guard, covet more akin to smell prey when greedy.

    Lauren stopped, as much as possible so that their presence in and around the environment. Listen to the sound, the rustling of the creeping sound, motionless eyes locked in front view.

    Finally...... The Black Ghost graves out of a small figure, exudes a deep green eyes around the survey, and then feel like what, suddenly rushed toward the Lauren direction, followed by countless messy footsteps.

    Well, Lauren squeezed with the hands of firelighters bottle, a visual distance between the two sides, calmly, calculate the angle, estimate the amount in advance, then three, two, a!

    Just very dull "firefly mantra" is like suddenly wake up like, suddenly flew to the front ten meters apart Loren location, just a dark grave moment bright as day. At the same time came and ghouls are bright blind scream!

    A total of fourteen ghoul, his quick...... Loren hearts silently. Not until the dazzling white Tuisan, filled with wooden bottle firelighters precise fell on the ghoul group central, the sudden flame like waves swept away.

    The dust and the burning flame burnt smell spread out, fell to the ground and the ghouls are tossed back and forth struggling to put out the flames on the body, but are of no avail. Don't mind they do not know their true to life, in fact, is their own body too flammable.

    The only pity is firelighters coverage is not enough, not all the ghouls are lit...... A little sigh of the right hand clenched Loren Knight Sword, to have rushed towards his the ghoul.

    The hissing of the ghoul leaving only a blur in Loren's view, Bright Silver Knight Sword flat, the claws came the moment, like a spear like lunges out!

    By the sword through the ghoul to cry, was from the body thrown down. A foot hold of it upper torso, raised his sword and the Loren without hesitation by sword, with a fishy blood cut off the head of the ghoul.

    Even as a wandering knight, Loren may not fully keep up with these action sensitive mutation monster, so their advantage is not in the physical, but in response -- as long as you can predict their actions, run faster, and there is no use you jump.

    The narrow channel for these smaller Ghoul completely does not hinder, wailing and angry cries filled every inch of space, like all the time he would be alive.

    Also four Ghoul left, but they are only a bottle of firelighters. On a trap of ghouls when they see their threw the bottle out will immediately get out of the way, so this time the need for a strategy.

    Screaming, screaming ghoul, four came from the tomb -- these mutant monsters do not know what is fear, even if their partner was burned into coke, in their eyes is still a piece of delicious Lauren fat, can make them coveted meal!

    So the animals are always just...... Slightly raised mouth, Loren firelighters directly unscrewed the bottle, poured a little on the body, and then re seal the throw out.

    As Luo Lun had expected, at the moment of falling firelighters, galloping Ghoul would immediately get out of the way, the fire ignited the explosion just only one, the remaining three are from his left and head respectively attacked, with fangs is full of saliva.

    You need to accurately predict, Lauren eyes narrowed, false next seconds, the hands of the Knight Sword has started waving.

    Rushed in front of the ghoul has been unable to bear on life impulse, hoarse roar show an astonishing bounce, jump straight from the above Loren down and ready to bite his head!

    At the same time the sword already raised, turned into a bright silvery light, dazzling shadow in the air the hideous monster opened the chamber, spray blood directly from the stench of the thin body hard out!

    But at that moment cleave, firelighters strongly collision was immediately ignited, the cold sword fire, directly back a ghoul from the side rushed to.

    Firelighters from ignition to go out only eight seconds, which means that their only eight seconds to solve the remaining two!

    This time no longer hold on the defensive, waving the sword of flame to the left side of the first step, turning the swords in the monster landing, it will be from the back through the nail on the ground, and then instantly ignite.

    "Then third."

    Don't pull out the world, directly lit the ghoul Loren toward throwing in the past on the other side of the direction, directly avoid monsters agile, very witty bypass from the front of Loren behind the hit, but also did not see his slightly tilted mouth.

    Although even see what does not change.

    Is the moment in the head, gently hisfingers the Loren, body is like the one from the side to push like lateral two steps, just right away from the just position.

    Then...... The monster saw outsmarted toward it by the flame sword - smooth sideways chop, with red track the ghoul cut in half!

    The burning wreckage in the abandoned tomb walls reflected most of the shadow, as if the devil is jumping out of the strange dance, tearing the residual fire.

    The body gradually extinguished the flames, looked around Loren panting micro gas has been burned into coke as ghouls, in the eyes of some fear.

    If not strengthen the spiritual force before, just "Hover Charm" does not let yourself enough to avoid the ghoul attacks, at least I will open a hole in the left shoulder.

    But that never was that, only to avoid their overconfidence exists - even if the accident could not change the result, may not really have any danger.

    This is not confident, but results in after careful planning. Even here the ghoul has more than doubled, Loren absolutely sure they will destroy, if more...... He will get as much as possible to create chaos, give yourself some time.

    Trap, accidents and emergencies...... Loren is not love, but if what can be more to make their own aversion, it should only deceive.

    These ghouls and normal not what is different, although the estimated Biluolun stronger desire to attack, but it is only because of the long-term starvation resulted from the battle, also can not find signs of mutation.

    "I will take you to find out, hiding in the back of the ghoul coward."

    In the end of the station abandoned grave, stared at the ghoul nest Loren muttered.
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