#19  no clue mission (on)

    After Wim Parr college to go north for a day, is a small place called the ancient town.

    In spite of this, but the village seemed much more powerful than wild dogs village. Whether it is a low stone wall, at the foot of the gravel, and the smoke floating above the village, everything seems so full of vigour, serene and harmonious.

    Hold the horse's Lauren looked at the surrounding environment, and through the village door, pushing a wheelbarrow or carrying bags of hawkers, wearing a straw hat farmer blouse...... The crowd mingled with the streams of people busily coming and going general turmoil sound, but let Loren feel a very comfortable.

    This is the breath of life, in contrast to the Wim Parr School of quiet, silent and soundless, is more like a huge prison, people even breathing difficulties. How many even let Loren reminded of the past with the old knight Leonardo wanderings.

    But now he is not the original own, blood stained smock has been replaced by a hooded robe in robes, just below and not portable uniforms, but a studded leather armor. The saddle side also hung a knight sword handle, so don't look and what different.

    Although the town looks quite delicate, but also did not imagine so spacious. In the coming time of central village, found the Loren destination, holding the horse toward the doors of the church to go off at the door. Hood confused eyes, smiled his kindly smile.

    "Excuse me, father Anthony?"

    .................. "Damn, you stupid, how to get sent to think?!"

    Exquisite small living room, a red and gold robes, also hung around the neck of the Holy Cross Necklace father Anthony shouted, looking at the eyes of Loren was like watching a bug like this: "almost a week in the past, you are going to wait until we were eating and cooking Ghoul the funeral?!"

    "I'm sorry." Loren's face is still a formulaic smile: "we just got the news, so......"

    "I'm sorry? I'm sorry but you wizards will also deny responsibility!" Father Anthony continued to spit upon the splash shouted, the neck of the gold necklace back and forth: "this is all your fault, all these ghouls are you attracted to the broken school!"

    "Now those damn monster has killed six people, there is a Santa Croce church priest, the desecration of the monster should never appear here! If you can not solve the case, I will report to the bishop, let you remove the Duke that broken school!"

    "You don't need to have this kind of worry." Lauren readily wipe off on the face on the star, smile into each other's eyes: "since I came to school, then I will solve the problem. To report this problem to the bishop, even disturb the Duke is unnecessary."

    "Well, now can start the investigation?"

    "Mad, mad!" Lingheng father Anthony was her own dark eyes look scared back half a step, turned impatiently waved his hand: "Neldrak, put this damn fanatics out, don't let him appear in this holy place!"

    "Yes, father Anthony." Just come in with Loren priest the reverent and respectful bowed, open the door towards a wink by Roland, two people have left the priest's small living room.

    "It's really sorry." Almost just one out, the priest named Neldrak immediately apologetic towards Loren said: "I hope you will not mind too much, father Anthony usually did not like this, but this thing is too difficult, he is also helpless."

    This is not what." Loren don't mind smiled -- he never knew before, the church people can not give a good face so apprentice wizard, is expected.

    "But, then again, you are Wim Parr, the apprentice?" Neldrak some priest frowned, but quickly explained: "please don't get me wrong, I just don't remember heard your name."

    "Not what, I just became an apprentice soon, you wonder if it is normal." Waved his hand, hold back to the topic: "I would like to ask those who died in what place?"

    "...... In the Church of the morgue, waiting for the funeral will be completed after the purification." The priest sighed: "please come with me, otherwise the church guards will not let you go."

    "It is very nice."

    Behind in the Reverend Neldrak, after the other sent off two guard guards, two individuals together into a cold room, a morgue placed within the six have not yet closed the coffin, all of the above are covered with a layer of white linen.

    Lauren walked up and opened a free one, the dark pupil suddenly shrink immediately made a coffin with corpse smell exudes, only the arm and leg, cross sectional position has been completely rotten.

    Obviously, they do not need to ask where the rest of the body. Lauren looked towards the priest: "all the bodies are like this?"

    Rabbi Neldrak hard nodded, pale face was spit out in the containment of the impulse: "some hands and feet, and others...... The other part."

    So when the body was found, has been the ghoul who "enjoy" almost. It's not what strange, this carrion monster wouldn't waste any food to the mouth.

    But the problem here, the normal Ghoul won't attack them, unless they take the initiative to attack. But there are a few fools will be fine with these monsters?

    Of course, not only these questions -- about Rolon Ghoul knowledge, this monster basically will only appear in the piles of carrion, which is generally the wilderness of the burial ground, or just after the outbreak of plague over the war-torn region, densely populated villages are not in any case they may be the target of attack.

    So either the ghoul mutations affected, began to attack the living; or someone deliberately attract them to come here to kill target.

    But no matter what kind of eyes, the evidence is too small, almost infinitely close to zero -- if these bodies are still incomplete, or what witnesses might better. But now all the clues are ghouls were wiped out.

    "Even the bodies are not found, they didn't have to protest?"

    "Of course...... So we just told them that the bodies have been defiled by evil forces." Rabbi Neldrak with a wry smile, some not laren: "we will cremate the bodies off, and then buried in the church behind the village cemetery -- I know it is very cruel, but don't let them know the truth, maybe it's better."

    Loren nodded, understanding. Put the white linen cloth back: "at least now don't cremate the body away, perhaps what residual evidence can help us find the ghoul."

    In addition, I need on the six victims of identity, and when they are killed, the more clues, check up is more easily."

    "Well, I will help you as much as possible." Rabbi Neldrak solemnly nodded: "in any case, please find the ghoul as soon as possible, and then destroy them, do not let more innocent villagers live in the shadow of the monsters."

    "I will do what I can." Loren nodded, with the Reverend Neldrak left behind this is full of bad smell morgue, dark eyes flashing back and forth, remember before the words of Dalton Kandeh.

    "............ Gu Mu Zhen father Anthony, is one of the most holy cross priests conflict and dislike wizards, so can not leave him any of the handle, resolve this matter as soon as possible.

    In addition, I suspect that the incident was not accidental, but a deliberate. Perhaps in order to attack the school reputation, maybe not. In any case, find out the truth."
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