#17  Library (on)

    The cold walls, the air was filled with parchment paper and wood decadent atmosphere, dark wood was stuffed with books, wearing dark robes of apprentices with shuttle stop in quiet a bookcase, but in addition to pages outside, only slight breathing in the ear.

    Quiet and orderly, like a church, this is from the evaluation given by Loren heart.

    We have an apprentice from his side after, even just out of the corner of his Guangluo Lun can also detect other suspicious eyes. The college is not large, so most of the students also know each other, their appearance would certainly be more awkward, he can even hear behind those who deliberately low voice conversation, and on their own behind the little finger.

    If you have time, Loren doesn't mind pretend ignorance ignorant new apprentice, with one or two small problems to meet the apprentices of vanity, and then into their circle, and it can also make their own future in this school a lot easier.

    Unfortunately, he is now the lack of time, so for these people will bother the lauren.

    From the day after the full three days to get ein notes, Lauren to spend time to build and practice the mantra above, he felt his spiritual palace there is a lot of room, plus the present their magic to try their own infinite threat coefficient is close to zero, so to finally began to try to hold reverse the spell.

    Spells and magic is the void power rules, like symbols into words, will become a reality. So if you can spell the order step by step according to its open structure, to deduce the formation principle, can strengthen their understanding of the void, and far more than simply learning much faster.

    But the rate of progress is still very difficult to make him satisfied, the little wizard specialization is still in alchemy, occult or incantations are not too good at learning, to Loren very difficult to have too much help. So he came to the library to find the way for luck, according to a "pretentious genius".

    While the other is not too good, but taking into account their own people, as long as possible to meet his vanity, what communication does not seem to be particularly difficult.

    "What the emperor?"

    The young wizard lazy lying on the chair, obviously already know who is the person later, did not deliberately use this "warm welcome" tone.

    For a moment, Loren suddenly want to roll my eyes and ain the same. But he pocketed the irrational impulse: "not what, just some about the occult, not what big deal."

    However, since you are so busy Isaac......" Loren also deliberately handle up: "I probably should go to ein more appropriate."

    "Ain?!" Just 4 Isaac immediately jumped up: "what do you find is that I ain, our three smartest apprentice!"

    "And looking for Ain Rand to learn the occult? Why don't you try and see if you can teach the rabbit say, the latter seems to have certain feasibility!" Isaac looked at the angry Loren ridicule expression, immediately deflated: "well, what to ask ask away."

    "It goes like this, I have been trying to parse it by backstepping spell structure, then......"

    "To decipher its principle and mode!" Isaac rush to finish in Loren before the young wizard eyes: "well, I had never thought of how such a good method to learn the occult? Probably because I was too smart, there was no need for it?"

    "And the way for those who mind potatoes are also not much use, it is too high." Pointed to the distant huddle There were many discussions. Apprentice, Isaac excitedly said: "but it is still a very interesting way, what questions do you have, you have a problem right?"

    This rate is still too slow, I need more about vanity books, more detailed, on how to use the power of the void." Loren said: "of course...... Just on the academic side."

    "Well...... So you need a good librarian to help you find these documents, then there is a person can answer questions for you." Isaac is very serious nodded, then immediately stood up: "but now that I'm here, then you don't need any!"

    "Hurry up and start, Lauren brother for a whole afternoon, we have time to solve those little trouble you!"

    Look at to go far on the shelves of the smile carry off all that one has, Loren could not help but remember some words...... The martyrs of hope, and this is a conceited man; Isaac Grantham, the desire is to be needed, otherwise he could not find the sense of presence.

    As long as the bait to let go, he will not wait rushed for their solution process and all the trouble, then like the tail wagging the dog, waiting for her with unbelievable surprise.

    Now Isaac has no just lazy shape, like a hunting dog is accurate to the scheduled walk away to the bookcase, then turned to the next, that posture seems to have painted a road map floating in front of him, tell him the exact location of each book.

    The whole process took less than a minute, Isaac returned to the origin, put a thick dossier in front of Loren: "although you haven't started, but I can tell you so far and no one has ever used a wizard, and like you party learning the occult."

    "But in some incantation literature, indeed in the past there have been some wizards with similar analytical means of spells, but most of them are only suitable for low order spells." Don't wait Loren Isaac had an opening, picked up the dossier for him came to the page: "I think you may be somewhat meaningful in."

    "And so on...... All the books in this library, you have seen?" Lauren tentatively asked.

    "I think you have no accurate use of rhetoric." Isaac reserved snorted: "my way of speaking, this room all the knowledge, I can know exactly what it is hidden in a bookcase, the page of a Book which. If not, it must have been lost or who took it!"

    "I'm sorry......" Loren "apologize" smiled, he suddenly realized that this could be a great opportunity, but they cannot act too abrupt, while the other is to pay no attention to the initiative to tell their own good at giving systematic guidance, it.

    There is a genius in the side benefits, is the other side of only a few words can let the students become the brains of the problem, and one plus one equals 21, and Isaac, the super memory also eliminates the need to book time lauren. Even in the other fields are not good at conjuring, understanding Isaac's more than ein.

    This is why the little wizard he kept saying he is a bastard, but he had to admit that the other side does more than his talent. Rolon's understanding, in front of the speech rate faster at your book guy, I'm afraid not understand what may be deliberately traditional code of conduct, into this picture of the.

    But what's the problem? Ain Rand is really so naive, a secret are not? So this kind of thing is not so, as long as the other party can really give his help, Loren not care about each other might really be the same outside and inside.

    Especially he is not a guy like be the same outside and inside.

    "In short, the inverse structure of the spell is good, but also very obvious defects, low order simple spell hardly what help to you, just wasted this brilliant idea." Isaac the first time there was some difficult expression: "perhaps this is the impotent spellcasters, life only when a prestidigitator. One of the reasons."

    "Then...... Do you know of a high order spell?" Loren "accidentally" said.
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