#14  into meditation (below)

    The window blew in the breeze, and the warm sun, sitting in the Dalton study put on a robe wizard Loren, closing dogsleep to enjoy this beautiful day in the morning, and again into a state of meditation.

    After building his own spiritual palace, which seems to have become a natural thing, like breathing freely, do not need too much preparation, spirit will be able to complete the conversion between waking and meditation whenever and wherever possible.

    This is also an excellent way to rest in the spirit of the hall consciousness do not feel their existence, more out of the sense of time, so basically Loren only needs to complete one to two times daily in meditation, then don't need extra sleep to replenish the energy shortage.

    This point is also slightly explained before the little wizard Loren doubts the skinny little guy, what is after running for five days and five nights is still full of energy? Now there is the answer.

    "It seems that you have completed the preliminary practice, can be normal in meditation."

    Dalton Kandeh's knife cut like a cold voice interrupted Lauren thought, smiling Lauren stood up slowly toward the front, take it leisurely and unoppressively black wizard bowed.


    Hear each other so call themselves the black wizard could not help pumping pumping mouth, seems to think of a "favourite pupil" prophecy, then quickly put this curse out of their spiritual palace.

    "Uphold the school responsible spirit, I will accept you as my apprentice fact." Dalton Kandeh looked even more cold: "but you must understand, I request to apprentice and standard."

    "Isaac Grantham has been conveyed to me." Loren humbly bowed his head and said, "it is your smile be neither humble nor pushy very strict requirements on the apprentice, if I am not up to your standards, certainly no way to continue in here for you?"

    "No, I asked the apprentices do not strictly." Dalton straight body is like a shadow: "but I only train the wizard, rather than magic, rogue and a scholar rigidly adhering to principles!"

    Okay, but Loren knew Isaac was where I learned the word "a liar", a surprise.

    Second, if you are not up to standard, of course you don't stay here with me." Dalton's eyes is full of bitter irony: "you have to go, sir Turin laurent."

    "Then I will do my best to achieve what you need standard." Loren "nice" to respond to each other: "your teachings, I can become a qualified wizard."

    "One day master in meditation, is not enough to make you willing apprentice!" Black Witch Lingheng: "pride is the source of degradation. In front of the void, you have to stay humble."

    As for Wim Parr, the apprentice average is two months to master meditation this kind of thing, Dalton could not tell if Loren, black wizards hope to make him ashamed to death as soon as possible, no idea when the wizard, in order to avoid a prophecy true.

    Look at the wandering Knight still gesture of quiet smile, Dalton is focusing on his right hand on parchment, stick gently waving, originally the window down a blackboard.

    "Take good notes, apprentice. I will test your level!" Restore calm Dalton back to the original appearance: "I am looking forward to catch you lazy evidence."

    Loren like didn't recognize each other like a threat, when Dalton voice down, has opened the scroll up quills, pure eyes like "you are".

    Dalton ignored his childish "resistance means", the right hand hit chalk on the blackboard, quick and powerful left a bunch of gorgeous italic.

    No matter whether two people really are on their own no ill will, Luolundoude admitted that Dalton Kandeh in this position is indeed impeccable tutor. The other is not to embarrass yourself deliberately overstating the difficulty, but the basic details from the shallower to the deeper mysteries, spells and spell the principle and character of ancient literature and the relationship between void.

    Dalton's progressive analysis and explanation, also corrected the young wizard Loren yesterday heard the sub "error message" -- not only ein echo what the books say not smatter, apparently experienced Dalton Kandeh, and the analysis method is more clear and easy to understand, is not the kind of specious writing.

    With regard to the wizarding history, the source of magic and found this knowledge, black wizard is the selection of a few words with. In these are also basically Loren seems to belong to oneself completely can go to the library of no great importance, you don't need to read, in such an important time wasting time.

    Loren is hungry like hunger and thirst to like hyenas, from Dalton's wisdom learn these knowledge -- even if it is temporarily unable to fully understand, at least the first down, also can't stop.

    Knowledge is power, this sentence is now on Loren particularly useful - but he did not want to face the troll or other monsters, still have to face with a sword rush.

    The battle is always the last resort, killing has no choice, in any situation, should keep clear in mind to take it leisurely and unoppressively, situation, and there is room for manoeuvre, this is the best way to deal with the lauren.

    In second Dalton Kandeh chalk hit the blackboard after noon time. In neither fast nor slow wrote notes in the last letter, then respectfully "was" in front of the black wizard.

    Cold eye rows from the parchment sweeps, then...... What can not correct place, this is his wandering Knights almost completely copied in the written piece of parchment!

    God knows where he learned to write, and Gonggongzhengzheng completely is not a strict in demands, perennial by killing living off some handwriting, but more like a church scribe!

    "Mediocre." Dalton thought a long time only thought of the words, a knife like gaze from the hold of the smiling face swept: "you are not the Church of the scribe, it must be your own guess."

    "I just try to remember you to my knowledge." Lauren smiled more elegant: "of course I will remember your teachings, next time I will fill, please rest assured, Dalton mentor kander."

    Black wizard when being nausea vomiting before the resumption of normal: "does not cover your blandishments mediocre apprentice. But now we have more important things to deal with."

    "You must choose a subject, as your main practice project. After that I told you the professor content will have the focus, do not need too much reading courses will be omitted."

    "Can't wait a long time, in all my subjects understand then do choose?" Hold some frowned, somewhat surprised: "I just learned to meditate."

    "The school not to make you a versatile idea, you can't do it, Laurent Turin apprentice." Dalton said: "as for all at your own private tutor, and I have nothing to do."

    That is to say that he will let me find ein or Isaac? Lauren guess. But it is still unfavorable to yourself -- especially in most disciplines are in all time.

    But even if they oppose each other will automatically ignore, I am afraid, after all, the dominant power in his hands, so...... You must choose a good.

    "You choose which subject has nothing to do with me, but as mentors, I still have to remind you." Dalton suddenly smiled, but laughed very scary: "college will give you arrange the task, and not absolute safety and security together. So the practical subject for you after the "compulsory labor" is more useful."

    "But if you want to learn herbalism, ancient literature or other character study, I can't stop. But...... The consequences of your own."

    This sentence is written on the face of threats quickly, while Loren keep smiling, while going to a fine. At the end of a long sigh.

    "I think I've made my decision, mentor."
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