#6  of the devil (below)

    Completely crazy bandit chief toward Loren lunged fling caution to the winds, the hands of the sword desperately waving in front of him, like a howling wolf claws like slicing the air tear.

    Hold back did not have any meaning, his hands hold the old knight sword, cold blade flat squared off like waiting for their prey pounce hunter.

    The oncoming sword swept from the top of the head, black haired wandering Knights has reversed blade, a moment to complete the blade holding posture, attack direction instantly mercilessly split down!

    "Pan -!"

    Knight Sword weight will be an easy job to do Martin's weapons hit partial, with a sword to the chieftain stagger, at the foot of the pace did not stop because of inertia moment, two people almost close.

    Loren has filed a right hand left hand on the hilt, blade, exhausted at the end of the handle of the sword and stabbed Martin it's because hideous and distorted face.


    The nasal voice cracked was completely screaming to cover the past, stumbled over his nose and Martin stepped back several paces stopped. Loren had no choice but to stop the chase, once again raised the sword, freely flowing style of writing in general.

    Follow the old knight Leonardo street two or three years before, the other did not teach him fencing, only a simple cut and it has been blocked. But this does not mean that Lauren can not see how the old knight with a sword, with all the enemy fight -- maybe just a parody, but it's enough.

    "You this...... Damn baby,." Cover the face of Martin a bit his hand off, leaving a bloodstain on the face, said: "hideous every single word or phrase I really despise you!"

    The narrow body motionless, eyes narrowed slightly Lauren -- they just rely on each other effect only occupy the initiative, the bandit chief again how silly is not second times when.

    The desperate.

    Martin is furious sword to his head, and Loren subconsciously want to parry Janus, but this time the gang leader did not give him a chance, the tip is almost wiped her nose Loren split down, so he had to skip the Campbell dodge sideways.

    The two gap is far than it looks - the height of Biluolungao bandit chieftain of the two, which means must be back to see Loren attacks over the track, every sharp chop are forcing him to move to dodge.

    Mad dog Martin continuously waved the sword, the bandit country apparently never learned what fencing, but only by virtue of a physical advantage, and the beast like reaction ability, can again and again to learn a coarse approximation among the dead lauren!

    Approaching Janus once again, the hands hold sword Knight Loren eyes dodge and resist that to his life. Behind ain anxious intolerable, once he was a little tremble with fear -- even if the wizard does not understand fencing, can see Loren is now at a disadvantage.

    "Pan -!"

    Once again to block the opponent's sword, the sword in the right arm has Lauren left a wound. This time he did not continue to insist, but stepping back slightly.

    The other is completely crazy, while he is shaky, Loren can feel his legs chattered, panting is more and more thick, spell words with both hands and physical sword fight but his absolute Martin.

    "Come, boy, come ah!" Martin crazy shouting: "I can kill you the knight Sir, see if I can tear you up?!"

    Knight Sword in the advantage with length, but because the physical has become their own weaknesses, and the other is over yourself, it means that you can attack the enemy but the other is not a.

    This is the only chance, but at the cost of his bet on it must be.

    "Come, boy, afraid of?!" Martin was crazy shouting, he is really completely crazy, always cunning he first crashed into the cornered place, or even escape, even a little could not see anything!

    He didn't even think, why he can from this damn kids who feel the fear of death, he was put in a cage like a hyena, that from the heart is absolutely false do not tremble.

    I was going to die in this place, this damn little brat kill?

    Crazy Martin, also can only use their madness to cover their fear, like fantasy escape the palm of the prey, doing the last fight.

    Two people moved at the same time, with the eyes of people into ten thousand pieces into each other, did leave no room.

    In order to avoid Martin's sword, Loren desperately leaned down, hands out a sword rushed forward, facing his head to split the robber chieftain sword.

    The only difference is that this time he did not dodge, not even raise the sword to resist...... Sharp as Janus straight down, until it is about to hit the moment, only the side force of the head rowlen, heavily cut in his left shoulder!

    Even the rough iron cold blade still tore Loren smock, split in his scapula, spray directly out of the bloody him half a body.

    But in the hands of the Knight Sword has probe into each other, endure the pain. Hold hands clenched the hilt, forced back a pull in the inner thighs of the leader of the bandits directly open a huge hole!

    He was dead!

    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!" The scream Martin back down to the ground, staggered a step involving just a breath, not to stand, was lying in Martin kicked in the chest, the swords also fly out.

    Is this kick fly like sandbags as Roland, fell down on the ground, continuous roll several times before it stopped, shoulder tear wound is like fire, like pain, even lift arm becomes extremely difficult.

    "You this...... Damn...... Chop suey......"

    Bleed the bandit chief, do not know where to find the idea that he stood up again, a difficult step by step to lay down on the ground by Loren, ferocious expression more and more weak, footsteps passed through the place, is a long river of blood, but still can't stop him.

    "Even if I really go to hell...... It must be pulled on you!" More and more weak Martin or a foot hold Loren's chest, holding the hands of the sword against sword sharp, pointed at his face: "give me to die!"

    "Lauren, close your eyes!"

    The little witch screams could penetrate the eardrum, do not let the man think it directly close my eyes. From the fingertips ain fly, exudes a white light "firefly" with "death" momentum into bandit chief, blasted a piece in his eyes!

    Instant loss of Ming gang leader screamed and lost in the hands of the sword, instinctively covered her eyes half a step backwards. This is just a moment, a shoulder injury involving dodged fall sideways sword.

    "I, my eyes...... My eyes are gone...... My eyes are gone......" His chief bandit seems to have forgotten Loren alive thing, bled him more and more weak, lunatic raving like repeating the same words, step by step backward.

    Pick up the Knight Sword Blade with Roland, supporting the body barely stand up, stumbled out of breath went to the front of the leader of the bandits, not how much effort pushed him to the ground.

    When the distance of revenge only half a step, but still hold the same as before, do not feel the slightest pleasure -- the fight on life wants to take down the enemy, what is not just a mangy dog.

    "I remember before you particularly want this sword, right?" Panting heavily said Loren hands holding automatic speaking, anti hilt, and just as bandit chief, aimed at his heart: "you have to get!"

    The Sword Pierced from top to bottom, no obstruction of Martin's chest, only to hear the sound of his chest solidly muffled, dying bandit chief body suddenly twitched, bloodshot eyes staring at Roland, then completely dark down.

    "We're rich! We're rich! His grandmother in the Holy Cross, we're rich!"

    The robbers are still around the carnival, but Martin would never get rich dream.
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