After the twenty-seventh chapter shady (on)

    After dark haired wizard from the old housekeeper, quietly shut the door side hall.

    Empty, dry suddenly emerge a curtain beside the carrying stick figure is like water gradually condensed; the young incumbent Earl Charnley pale, sitting in the Dark Wizard just position, look tired.

    "You say, he just found me?"

    "His last sentence deliberately raised his voice, perhaps is the mean." The old housekeeper faint replied, go to the wine rack beside the fireplace, pour a full cup of vanilla wine, quietly put in the hand count charnley:

    "You are a famous cast Loren Eboden, Brandon was selected because of his highness should be more than superb swordsmanship."

    The servant to do is to answer the question, but not for the owner to judge.

    "For he that the level of the caster, this gadget is not like I'm afraid." He will stick to throw the old housekeeper, the young earl Charnley tired drank:

    "Deliberately poked through, but also to the sides of the face?"

    "It is good for both parties, the young you just inherit the title, once was that Brandon and his cronies to consequence is very serious."

    The old housekeeper, deep voice opening, silently reminding his master: "no matter the abrupt Laurent Turin you want to do what, you are not implicated by his many -- inside and outside of the family, look at your eyes."

    Staring at the cup of mellow wine color, Charnley Earl's face flash Lise, clutching a glass hand trembling.

    Heathcote's death blow to the Chan family unprecedented, not just let the family lost unity, is to let the original around the Chan family around the old aristocracy disunity.

    Remember them in a comfort to the expression, and buried in the face of evil, the count felt nausea and incomparable charnley.

    The original family of loyal followers, the blink of an eye becomes ready to pounce on the bloodthirsty beast!

    "...... Do not want any Charnley family......"

    Say the words in the Laurent Turin moment, the young earl Charnley nearly exposed his!

    He remembered in the school for wizards of the banquet hall, the grandfather fell in a pool of blood......

    Remember your face the blood......

    Think of the fall of his grandfather who, with the Chan family in awe, reverent and respectful guests, not a dying grandfather to lend a helping hand......

    It faces convulsed with fear in the face, in retrospect it seems that every one is very mockery, satire and gloat, as if they wait a day have been waiting for a long time!

    "Let the people responsible for it to come back, tell them to cancel the plan." Charnley count sink a track: "as for you, Turin Laurent whether he actually want to do what, let him go."

    "Charnley family will not help him, but they do not deliberately stop him, their noses can be."

    "Master, master really lussac Corvo is innocent, but many people are looking forward to his death." The old housekeeper was a change:

    "But whether the Heathcote master revenge... Also related to your position in the family, can not at this time......"

    The hand stopped the old housekeeper, gin Charnley Earl took a deep breath, suddenly looked up and down!

    The wine into the deep throat, hot breath penetration of rat.

    "I know... Although when grandfather died did not react, but now I have been completely clear...... Those who want to borrow is Charnley family hand surgery."

    The young count up, side hall, hanging on the wall is a portrait of former Charnley earl, his grandfather Heathcote Chan.

    Usually the artist will deliberately beautify their employers, so that they look like the Holy Cross Church in the sage, compassion, kindness or love of noble character and high prestige... No one does not love to see such "own" or ancestors.

    But Heathcote Chan is an exception, he gave the artist two times the price, he was arrogant, painting in the chin held high; eyes isspicy, tilt of the beard and eyebrows contain anger......

    Like a tyrant.

    As strong as the Chan family, who had no need to maintain power; but only can be frightening, intimidating the Earl of Chan, is a good Earl of Chan.

    Such a make all people fear, fear of the old man, his grandfather... It is so.

    Charnley count looked increasingly haggard, his teeth clenched: "a minister, a Charnley family leader, leader of the nobility......"

    "They can actually be as free swing pieces!"

    "It is... There is no such a rule!"


    A rattle, fine glass out of a crack.

    The old butler bowed, is no longer a postscript.

    As I was not eligible to become the next Charnley, do not need to rely on this despicable means if the." Charnley count deadpan, faint ran said:

    "I will prove to them personally!"

    The voice will fall, the house smell increasingly heavy.

    "A chance for all pharmaceutical formulations lussac Corvo master grandfather opened, all to the Laurent you Turin."

    "But don't let others found, this information is offered to us, look for an opportunity... I can go."

    Be sure to let him know, as long as he continued to explore Charnley family secrets, we will not interfere too much, no more enemies -- whether his Highness Prince Brandon to overturn the result and not even the master lussac, on him!"

    Tired with a sigh, the young count will be in the hands of the glass down:

    "I hope he is smart enough to understand what we mean."

    "Master, this is really right?" The old housekeeper asked quietly: "this way, Heathcote grandfather......"

    "Grandfather, because the body is too tired, sudden death... For the elderly, should not feel strange!"

    Earl Charnley was frowning, hands clenched into a fist tight blue veins:

    "I know, now I don't have those people fighting in the capital... At least not now!"

    "But no matter how, I absolutely can not let those people easily do so -- dare to Charnley family as they have to pawn, paid enough!"

    "My family is Charnley count, this is my decision, but also the final decision, will not have any change!"

    "You are the family Charnley count, is the only legal heir Sir heathcote." The old housekeeper silently nodded, reminding his master:

    "But the family elders do not think so, not to think so."

    "If you find the elders against their wishes, these people will not scruple your face, but the initiative jumped out to use their contacts and resources, will be master of lussac hell."

    "Now you just for them, not essential puppet, only along their wishes you are Charnley count, otherwise... And the beggar is!"

    "So... If you really palinode Laurent Turin success lussac master, Empire aristocracy of the Chan family in awe will suffer, but also those contacts and resources also plummeted."

    Earl Charnley expressionless eyes increasingly deep: "at that time, I was the only one to be able to stand up again, save and redeem Charnley family face of the people."

    "I will become... The Chan family is the only savior, master!"

    "The premise is that the" Wizard consultant "can really live for your master lussac verdict." The old housekeeper reminded again.

    "Even if he failed, I can have what loss?" The young count Lingheng: "my grandfather is the only legitimate heir, but most are those elders to tokenism puppet!"

    If the end is just a puppet, why not make a bet?

    Fear or respect... But the eyes of outsiders, and family influence unrelated, abandon what is it?

    As long as, as long as it can let me have enough power to become a true Charnley count, that's enough!

    See the count has been determined, no more words of the old butler bowed, turned and walked to the door.

    You said, "if we are willing to help him......" The young count suddenly said: "Brandon sir, there would be a chance?"

    The expression resembles the old housekeeper turned:

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