#20 and feast (below)

    Night sky palace.

    When Metternich Leopold hurried into the bedroom, put on a robe of Eckhardt S has been at his desk for him for a long time, the old minister hurriedly bowed:

    "Your Majesty, your Imperial Cabinet, Finance Minister Lord Heathcote Chan just to the Royal wizard school party, was killed, return to the embrace of the Holy cross!"

    "The wizard school... I have a mess." Eckhardt S's face to see half shocked with dull tones to the extreme:

    "To hear about it?"

    "Has not been identified, has sent an army garrison to survey and report before the royal justices Victor Huges adults responsible for investigating the matter." Solemnly Metternich Leopold hesitated, but still said:

    In addition, the imperial wizard consultant Eyre Byrd and adults... Your Highness Prince Brandon Dessalio are present."

    "Metternich......" Eckhardt S coldly raised sharp eyes:

    "You're not what I suggest to you?"

    "Never meant!"

    Look at the tough minister, Eckhardt S just shook his head: "to this step, then panic or It doesn't help the situation... In any case, be sure to find out the truth."

    "Yes." Minister should immediately.

    In a moment he turned away, behind the emperor spoke again:

    "The other... I want you to list, hope has been clear."

    The figure of Metternich was back to his Majesty the emperor said: "on the next Treasury Secretary list... Tomorrow morning will be able to deliver you."

    "Or wait a few days to see what a clown volunteered." Eckhardt S's voice was deep and profound:

    "No matter what the result is, we must all be ready."


    Stare at the black haired wizard in the blood figure, hands will protect behind the little wizard.

    A quarter of an hour, the huge ballroom dead for a minute, both staring eyes staring at the unbelievable "Heathcote & Charnley swagger before others" adults have started cold body, suspect that he is not dreaming.

    The trembling, bloody Charnley family young man kneeling in a pool of blood, clutched the elderly fall stick......

    A royal imperial nobles, a former finance minister, leader of the conservative aristocracy, a live seventy-six year old fox......

    So... Not clear the dead?

    Frowning, Loren immediately turned to the side of Grey Sal, but the middle-aged witches also pale; even the active stand out of the Eyre Byrd - Tarot master is to be calm in the face, his eyes glazed, a trance......

    The real reason is the risk of losing the wizard, the precursor... If it is, the unrest should not in their plans.

    Almost at the same time, the black wizard thought of another terrible situation.

    A royal Chancellor died in the Royal wizard school... No matter who is moving hand, as long as the school and involved a jot of......

    The consequences be unbearable to contemplate!

    When the banquet hall in the door was forced open again; soldiers marching pace who broke into the hall, rough block at the periphery of the wizard will open the apprentice.

    Frowning the Loren looked always, is the imperial garrison Corps golaud wen.

    "In the Royal cabinet order, from now on we are responsible for taking over here!" Walk in the front, a solemn expression Legion cried:

    "We have received a report, the assassin killed the imperial Chancellor Heathcote Chan in adult college!"

    "In the event of the completion of the investigation, to find conclusive evidence and the murderer before, no person shall leave!"

    Voice down in the hall, almost all people suddenly face changes; Loren eyes flashed a surprise, turned to look at the grave of officers.


    From death to Heathcote until now, not even an hour, but at midnight; could quickly sent to garrison corps investigation in a few hour?

    And listen to his voice, seem to be already to the event as a "murder".

    A solemn officer walked straight up to the imperial wizard consultant in front of Elbert Tarlow, all without looking at the fell on the ground, the Heathcote shiguweihan adults, said coldly:

    "I'm very sorry, the imperial wizard consultant adults please open the school, let us begin to search and arrest immediately!"

    It is polite tone, but the other did not give Eyre Byrd chance of protest; the hands of his sword, on both sides of the garrison soldiers immediately approached, uniform pull out the sword, murderous overflowing!

    The little witch shocked unconscious hold the waist "bright silver", but was stopped by the side of the Dark Wizard, gently shook his head.

    No, it cannot work, otherwise could not say.

    "It is what we There is no such a rule!......"

    The pale Gray Sarkozy stood out, not finished by Elbert Tarlow quietly stopped, the imperial wizard consultant still kindly open quietly:

    "The officer sir, if we agree to your conditions... I'm afraid not over tonight, the Royal wizard school will be killed, the murderer of the Heathcote Charnley adults?"

    The officer cold eyes blankly: "I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean."

    "Heathcote - Charnley adults, before an hour arrived at the Royal wizard school; he just go to tonight the motions, no party."

    Eyre Byrd master glanced at the ground remains, regret a sigh: "in other words, even if the presence of witches and all the guests, even if I do not have hands-on opportunities."

    Not to mention this is to visit Lord Heathcote, announced this year of college funding empire '' how we may at this time, "especially" selected in the college's finance minister assassinated Empire?"

    The officer in the face of a Leng, apparently broke off.

    "It is the specially to you tipped off, provides obvious misleading remarks seem to be more suspicious is the guy."

    Voice down, and Eyre Byrd master hands in front, looking calm: "the officer sir, what do you think?"

    The officer pursed mouth, it seems stuck speechless.

    He really got the above suggested to give a reply as soon as possible...... The Royal wizard school party, there are all the children of the nobility, prominent tycoons, various guilds and the head of the family, all the characters mean what one says.

    Want to withhold certification and they find evidence, it is only now!

    Look at this seemingly good, but actually not to yield a step of the imperial wizard consultant, officers feel very heavy... Thought to find a chance to climb, but fell into the climb out of the abyss.

    "So......" Suddenly the officer desperately holding mouth parched and tongue scorched, heart irritability: "what can you please cooperate with us, to all the guests present one by one investigation, or as soon as possible to find the murderer killed imperial chancellor."

    See each other finally low attitude Eyre Byrd master nodded slightly, and looked solemn:

    Of course, this is what we should do to the distinguished guests to death banquet, Royal wizard school duty!"

    "Please all of you with these loyal garrison soldiers, and Charnley adults Heathcote died, is the Imperial Cabinet and the whole empire sacland loss, whatever the outcome, we must give the bereaved family and the Imperial Emperor Charnley, and an account of his majesty!"

    Voice down, Eyre Byrd master patted the Charnley young people back home, sighed and turned away; and many of the guests also began to garrison soldiers ordered in two rows, waiting for inquiries.

    When the black haired wizard also prepared with the crowd left, suddenly pulled up the sleeve; eyes fretting, found that Grey Sal was standing behind:


    "Turin Laurent sir, please be sure to tell your highness." The middle-aged wizard lowered his voice, bite the pale to the extreme:

    "If the Royal wizard school can survive this disaster......

    The whole empire on all wizards, will not hesitate to stand behind him!"
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