#15 of engagement? (on)

    In the introduction, Eyre Byrd masters with Loren to another palace, formal appointment - although only a royal entourage, but also can not just get throught a thing carelessly a complete set of rules, private ceremony.

    Wait until all the process is completed, when the summer twilight has returned to Loren courtyard is the second day of the morning; the little wizard has been in the best of spirits with Isaac pulled on, to the Royal wizard school served as a temporary advisor;

    Although after leaving the Wim Parr school, Isaac's character has been subtly changing, but the Dragon Tower may really make him change the deepest one.

    If in the past let him give a group of "potatoes" teaching, this is absolutely arrogant and the other irony sniff at, Nothing is right. can crazy honest tone, and then tell them very sorry, they understand ability and intelligence, simply can not understand what you say.

    Although Isaac still seems so, but also become aggravated......

    As for the original to become the little wizard mentor this thing a temporary lack of interest, she promised to each other the only reason advanced is the Royal wizard school level; the most cutting-edge research, top equipment, almost all waste resources...... What these can let an alchemist be excited?

    Of course, in accordance with the Lauren understanding, Ayn trip would have another more important aim, that is to see Isaac this megalomania to keep him up every act and every move.

    For this, the black wizard pessimistic......

    "So, from the beginning of the connaght" recommended "is just a pretext, in fact, from the beginning of the arrangement of the whole plan, and even let me go off the mountain community die, is my eternal light, great, right 'father' majesty?"

    Holding hands head Brandon smile, smile looks strange irony, eyes staring out of the window on the hills, sky Palace golaud wen:

    "Ah...... So wait to kill your own son, really is a surprise!"

    "Maybe." Tired of the Dark Wizard leaned back in his chair and end up in the hands of the lazy mint tea: "after all, this is the master of Eyre Byrd of the story, what is it really difficult to judge......"

    "But also thanks to your recommendation, I deeply appreciate these" ministers' exactly what kind of person!"

    Remember that moment of the scene, whether it is Elbe de or kind, Heathcote disdain... That expression is really hard to believe that they are looking at a person, a person.

    "How do you feel? You know, you might often deal with these people." The side face, Brandon picked up a piece of walnut cake biscuit dish hanging in the mouth:

    "Not entrenched empire for hundreds of years, the strength of connections to many giants; is the ability, the fox old, crafty person... To deal with them, maybe you need Hoge's adventure than in more colorful!"

    "This is not necessarily right?" Loren's mouth suddenly gave a sly smile:

    For example, if we are not in the park?"


    Brandon was stunned for a moment, then helplessly sighed: "So that is what it is... It seems that you already know."

    "It is half a noble golaud Wen knew." Dark haired wizard could not help but turned a supercilious look, tugged at the corners of the mouth:

    "Almost... The lady told me that day, exactly is who?"

    "My Psychic Advisor sir, you are really impatient!"

    I do not know why, Brandon's childlike smile in the eyes of Loren appears more and more guilty, round eyes: "Oh, say... She is your relatives!"

    My relatives?

    At this time the people into the Dark Wizard, for thinking a second to react: "Turin family?!"

    "Prince Byrne led Turin family, the master of the house, the Red Fort Blood Countess, Charlotte Dowling." Your Highness Prince laugh very happy:

    "If you are the grandson of Leonardo said, according to seniority, she should be your cousin or cousin... How, suddenly suddenly have a cousin is very excited about?"

    If it is, your face and tread on air is the trouble which?

    Really can not understand Brandon's strange brain circuit Loren shrugged, trying again roll impulse: "so, she is your marriage partner, future Prince Princess?"

    "Well... Not necessarily."

    Brandon shook his head and face some pondering: really... For hundreds of years ago, not only Byrne 'Black Prince' principality, even the Turin family is in a trough, leaving only red blood fort a fief."

    "Now Byrne is appointed by the governor to the Principality of the Empire, and a" noble parliament "joint management... Nevertheless, the Turin family despite the decline, but still has some supporters and prestige, the Principality of Turin family support to power the voice of a few."

    "It is not right?" Luoluntuo chin frowned: "as long as your marriage and the countess, and with the help of these forces to rebuild the countess Byrne, will be able to borrow the title and you govern an heir to the Principality!"

    "It is not so easy......"

    Helpless stand stand hand, Brandon sigh: "you should remember that a" great majesty Eckhart conquest ', how let Byrne kneel?"

    Loren frowned: "it is to help resist the Centaur invasion of Boyd, Shundaizhao let Byrne join the Empire?"

    "It is so!" Brandon looked up, eyes flashing: "strictly speaking in the Empire, in addition to the dragon, and did not let Byrne most willing to bow to bow strength and powerful strength in the Empire of Byrne is one of the best."

    "Now the decline is only because when the" Black Prince "weakened after adding brutally dismembered... Such a proud and arrogant principality, even Sherlock to the Duchy of unity has this intention, the rest of the count will not let an "outsider" to rule them!"

    "Not to mention personally banned of the title, let Byrne" the Dragon Emperor, unable to get up after a fall 'offspring... From this point, they and we Desaliang is almost a blood feud."

    "With God in the connaght brother's forces, if they know this thing will desperately obstruct... Very little probability of success, and the risk of capsizing!"

    Black haired wizard nodded slightly, eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

    "However, there are still necessary to try." Shrugged, an indifferent expression, Brandon said softly: "last time you met, we're trying to discuss this matter... Although she is quite a contemptuous disregard for me like I was married, much like a sacrifice!"

    "In the summer twilight courtyard?" Loren eyebrow: "here are the imperial noble line, the first two happened to be passable... Then there will definitely be aware of?"

    "Yes, so then we have to work in just ways and the Countess of Sherlock!"

    "Work in just ways?"

    Suddenly with a sly smile on Brandon's face: "after ten days, the Royal wizard school will hold a banquet, purpose is to draw each capital within the guild and aristocratic family; after all want to maintain the Institute's research and normal expenses, tuition fees and royalty alone can be enough!"

    "At the appointed time to the nobility of the absolute minority, want to still have a lot of hope and good wizard guy; moreover, they now want to show us, then get a few invitations should also not what difficult!"

    With the help of Party and privately, and the countess is not what difficult negotiations." Loren nodded slightly, think there is some feasibility of the plan:

    "So... By the time I fight for you to discuss your cover, and the Countess of Sherlock next?"

    "No, just the opposite."


    "Dear Sir I have failed the wizard consultant, again, is not going to be self defeating her shame two times." Brandon is a heave great sighs, "schadenfreude" expression, and patted the shoulder hair wizard:

    "So this is my cover for you, then you go and how you" dear cousin "discuss the next plan?"

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