The Royal wizard school chapter eighth (below)

    Wen golaud Royal wizard school, central hall.

    The lecture hall small, full sitting two hundred apprentice wizard, wearing a uniform, frowning, silent.

    "I still think, let Isaac go speech is probably not a good idea." A look at eyes black, lying in the ears of the Ayn Loren lowered her voice whispered, frightened look at those black head.

    Although Grey Sal has been in school how to describe their enthusiasm, but also did not think it was the "warm" way.

    "To this step, you think you can stop him?" Alice mouth, dark haired wizard sighed and shook his head helplessly, eyes constantly in the crowd swept.

    At the other end of the lecture hall, has been put on the robes of Isaac Grantham in fine fig, eye Lou fierce light, her lips twitched, is entirely a ready to eat people's posture.

    What's more, so let Isaac make a case... Will be very helpful to us."


    Loren quite profound meaning to the puzzled eyes looked at the little wizard, tilted head; it is what young side of the faint grey eyes see, glance in the direction of sitting in the audience's apprentices.

    Yes, in order to win the Royal wizard Loren college must as far as possible to each other by...... However, shown not equal weakness, even on the contrary, the more this time is to let them see your side of the strength.

    Otherwise, what make them think is necessary and the party alliance?

    "Golaud Wen 'Royal' wizard school friends, good afternoon everyone ah, I am nine star wizard tower occult wizard Isaac Grantham!"

    When fear is in the little wizard in a face, with a "smile" Isaac's debut, a head to set the black with the most "good" eyes:

    "You see, I was reminded of that just entered the school, have chosen their future goals in learning under the guidance of tutor."

    "Of course, I was six years old... Even if I deliberately delayed the wizard officially became the age of achievement is far behind you -- not to mention you have a lot of people is bigger than my age, still with the name 'apprenticeship' sloshing!"

    Look at the face smile more and more "ferocious" Isaac, even the original plan of the Dark Wizard could not help my heart "thump".

    I wish... Not an accident.

    "I believe in you to become an apprentice when your teacher told you, you will be able to contribute to the study of the void, make a great contribution Balabala like......"

    "Believe me, all of those you are you!"

    Deadpan Lauren and little wizard, almost at the same time "pa!" The sound of a slap in the face.

    Not likely, but definitely will have an accident!

    "The next time is the question, what is the question?"

    Under Taiwan's apprentices in the lecture hall is at a loss about what to do, the silence.

    "Ah... Of course not." It is as it should be shrugged, posturing Isaac sighed:

    "For the future of imperial wizard really feel sad; now if you no advice, I will......"

    "Wait a minute!"

    Isaac didn't swagger before others walked down, a little cold apprentice suddenly stood up and interrupted him:

    "Lord Isaac Grantham, I have something to say!"

    "The apprentice, sit down!" Nervous Grey Sal immediately went to scold: "Isaac Grantham is our guests, your attitude......"

    "That his attitude is right now, Professor Grey Sal?!" A black apprentice suddenly look unwilling look to the podium "arrogant":

    "Besides, you just also allows us to ask questions... Isn't it?"

    Always silent dark haired wizard eyebrow, very surprised to see that almost as big Roslyn and little wizard apprentice wizard; originally worried about is in a dilemma to look at the two people confrontation.

    Isaac is a face of the matter: "yes, I said...... What to ask.

    The feeling came around eyes, sweating cold sweat apprentice Qingshu breath: "you are in the occult wizard, if I'm not mistaken you seem very contemptuous of alchemy... Can you tell us why?"

    "No, you are wrong, I do not look down the alchemy." Isaac shook his head, hanging a pair of eyes look to the apprentice villain:

    "I'm just very poor these congenital mental retardation, have engaged in this trade wizards; and very clear that the vast majority engaged in alchemy Wizard cannot be called a" witch "... "Look down" the premise is on the same level of analogy, but alchemy and mysticism is not comparable!"

    "It is nonsense!"

    Strong stabilization apprentice clutched fist "and only know theory of occult wizard compared when alchemy should be a greater contribution to the wizarding world!"

    "The apprentice!" Grey Sal yelled, glanced behind the black witch eyes had strained to the limit.

    "If we don't have, no three hundred years countless predecessors of hard work, not those who are truly willing to work diligently the alchemists to wizard class is absolutely impossible to have the status now!"

    "You say we are not comparable? Yes, indeed not comparable... But it is also the mysterious science and alchemy to see alchemy achievement, as long as you go out to see the outside can see ah!"

    "The mint, architecture, pharmacy, metallurgy...... In almost every industry for each empire can be seen as a hard struggle, bleed perspiration alchemists, in their wisdom and efforts to really change the Empire, isn't this achievement?"

    "Do you take each step, all see you to do something really can help to others, make your life a good thing, isn't better than curling up in the tower, all day to explore the dangerous and not what knowledge can contribute?"

    The apprentice scratchy throat mouth parched and tongue scorched, ignoring the loyalty and behind the eyes of Grey Sal and Isaac on the stage four back:

    "I know you are from the nine star wizard tower genius wizard, look down upon us these vulgar......"

    "But you see the fact that truly represents the wizarding world, and founded three hundred years has always been as the mainstay of existence, is our alchemists!"

    The voice petered out in the lecture hall, the dead silence, only the Sorcerer's apprentice in perfect silence, and still no sign of weakness on Isaac Simuxiangdui, did not flinch mean.

    A middle-aged wizard nervous that his cheeks were twitching point, obviously this is not entirely in his unexpected, prearranged.

    Help others, help yourself, then earn can let one family live a prosperous life......" Suddenly Isaac calm down, even the sound change is not quite the same:

    "This is... Your eyes' wizard '?"

    "Isn't it?!" Not a sign of weakness.

    "Of course not! Definitely not! Definitely not!"

    Isaac stern to the extreme, the original sharp voice sounds suddenly become extremely powerful:

    "The wizard... Absolutely not for this stupid extreme reason in the world!"

    "To build a house, a good architect; want to iron, a blacksmith is good; eat bread, are willing to hard farming farmer."

    "The wizard to do what?!"

    "Listen to me, because I was not going to say this... Speak to you this group did not mind, intelligence comparable to dove, from head to toe, paste to filled with big potatoes!"

    "The wizard of the identity, you did not imagine that simple!"

    "Make the impossible possible, let this secret in the world is no longer a secret, given everything to value your eyes look down, no way to help you become a millionaire to find jobs, money and position in the nobility and the church kneel before flattering" wisdom ", is the meaning of our existence, is our dignity!"

    "You see, your this group of big potato - brain irrigation!!!!"
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