#124 at the end of the cold (below)

    "So... At the end of the."

    Long exhaled, Brandon Dessalio stood in the fortress gates at the walls of their own eyes complicated guards, still did not forget they smiled and waved his hand toward the.

    No one with him.

    Don't think of angry Prince shrugs his highness... He also did not expect from a "saving grace", can let the soldiers to change their views.

    In their eyes, Connaud Dessalionions is the real heir to the Empire, the future thirteenth generation high emperor.

    And you... That is superfluous.

    Not far away, leaving the packed carriages and salute the accompanying guard is under the command of Edward; holding the two handle sword Lusienze sat in a daze, seemed to be in a state of memories.

    Isaac was in the little wizard as in the past and bickering, seems to be for something quarreled... This kind of thing when Wim Parr Loren has not.

    Yes, at the end of the." The black haired wizard beside him was very calm, said: "although the indifferent and want is not the same, but at least it is good."

    Of course... Just hold on the surface, in the heart secretly said.

    Failed to defeat the "apostle" method Ouda, hidden in the glacier wilderness of the fiends, the resurrection of Fa Hei Sith, somebody dying entrust...... Loren suddenly felt tired heart.

    After the road, it is really a dark ah.

    Life seen so many novels, every successful adventure protagonists can get a lot of good stuff, or walk on the pinnacle of life, is not an artifact is a treasure......

    Why can you get only a bunch of empty promises of IOUs, plus do not know what time will the bomb explosion place?

    So think carefully, because the original end of the north line of good mood immediately become dull a lot.

    "Hey, I say you how sad?" Look at the expression of frustration over a crooked black wizard, Brandon gave a smile:

    "We're going to a place but golaud Wen, imperial capital, sacland heart -- such a metaphor may be exaggerated, but also should be one of the most interesting places around the world, so as to not happy?"

    "Although I think that is unlikely, but... You should not be in love here?" Your Highness Prince look like in a fool, red eyes with a trace of pity like brilliance.

    "Cough......" Mouth twitching cough repeatedly Loren, trying to roll his eyes:

    "Only this I can assure you, no, no!"

    Nodded, some do not believe that Brandon patted the little chest: "this is good, I thought you'd mind frozen out in the snow mountain glacier...... In addition to the help bigot and some insane lunatic, who will love this place?"

    "Pubs, theaters, concert halls, cafes, restaurants, markets, casinos, and horse racing arena...... I mean the whole civilization, what is not! Let me stay in this place for a lifetime, or kill me more simply."


    See the black wizard the mouth twitching awkward appearance, lightly coughed Brandon finally became serious:

    "But, back to the imperial golaud does not mean we Wen is absolutely safe... The next threat will only break world than in the mountain fortress even more dangerous."

    "In the sacland Pro Wang Ling, in the bounded mountain fortress -- even if it is only the surface, I am also very clear elder adults would not respected, did not dare to bear the infamy of kinslaying."

    "But those nobles, brother of loyal vassals and malicious acts, they will never take into account in order to achieve the purpose of their own means... The royal family was assassinated, is not without precedent."

    "We in the bounded mountain stronghold of the doings, giving them hands-on excuses and an opportunity."

    Loren somber looking at a face of serious Brandon, nodded silently.

    No one can predict the invasion of the north, originally should not appear in the "face Prince" has become a mountain fortress. Save the world hero, this outcome may be more difficult than expected to a monster.

    The original situation will firm Empire turmoil, Wen Brandon Dessalio will return to GOLO will become the goal of all; or take refuge in allegiance, or with help, or become a deep hatred.

    "And in Eboden's time, only careful and cautious so that we can not fall." Said Loren calm:

    "Even with this situation, let originally a no hope of highness you can succeed, and even become a qualified successor of the Empire in the eyes of others."

    "Cough... The "little" is redundant."

    Turned a supercilious look, Brandon was angry at him: "I did not expect that they will because of a victory for me to change the view... This view of things, once it is difficult to be changed."

    "It is like... The label, like the church said the wizard is evil, so the vast majority of people on that witch is evil, and no doubt he should not confirm."

    Deep thought of Loren nodded and sighed gently:

    "It is a great pity... Sir Brandon on your body "labels" it is a bit more, and each one and "positive evaluation" no, want to reverse their views simply prohibitively difficult."

    "Basically, in addition to the holy prayer, Your Psychic Advisor can't really think of what a good way to change this point."

    Once again turned a supercilious look, a face without the so-called Brandon stand stand hands: "that I ask the wizard adviser sir, in addition to this absolutely useless way, there is no other way?"

    Pursed her lips, dark haired wizard hesitated turned and looked at Brandon solemnly: "there is only one way."

    "If your image has been deeply rooted in the Empire", "so we cannot make up is redundant, it would seem very loud, and even make people have prejudices to sniff at you."

    "The sacland nobles of the Empire and those of civilians, sacland Prince Connaud Dessalio is a perfect successor, almost accord with the emperor in mind all the image of the people."

    "Do you want to do, you can do is to show him quite different and even opposite! From now on and set a connaght completely different, Empire successor image!"

    At that moment, Brandon's face again a smile.

    "I don't believe that there will be able to meet all the wishes of the people of the world, do not believe that a person can meet all the people - when meet a part of the interests of people, and there will be another group of people sacrifice, which is inevitable."

    Lauren took a deep breath, mood increasingly heavy: "so in the Empire, there must be another group of people will resent of connaght heart; but perhaps the number is too small, perhaps because there is no right to speak, perhaps because no hope...... You have chosen to yield."

    "Do you want to do, it will be a few groups of people together, give them enough right to speak, let them see the hope... Let them see a can let them absolute trust and support of the successor, see empire of the thirteen generation there is another possibility, results are not yet known!"

    With a smile on his face and Brandon tilted head: "really possible?"

    "I don't know, maybe no." Shrugged, Loren chuckle: "but whenever people, there will be a gambler mentality; especially when they feel that they are winning, but also a one-off time."

    "We are all gamblers, do take stakes in the future... But we didn't have any cost, to worry about winning, worry about personal gains and losses are those who cost people, not us!"

    Voice down, Brandon suddenly stood holding the shoulder very carefully look at their wizard Consultant: "Laurent Turin... Don't you know you just say something like that, especially try to bluff and deceive the deliberately plan, bad guy?"

    "But... I love!"
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