#119 of natural disasters (on)

    The north wind, bounded north of the city outside the mountain fortress.

    Hundreds of soldiers in the fort only stood by the gate on both sides of a howling storm stand in the cold wind, everyone is a right hand holding a halberd frame shield, left arms like a steel helmet; casting sculptural motionless, let the wind blow.

    Only one person to let them do it, only a person worthy of their doing so voluntarily.

    The imperial crown prince, Prince Connaud Dessalio sacland... He came back.

    No one opening, no more people whisper... The dead outside the city very depressed, solemn atmosphere to the extreme.

    Of course, there are exceptions to everything.

    A face not happy Brandon Dessalio holding the shoulder standing in the snow storm, as bounded mountain fortress top, but also connaght kin, in the circumstances he must personally "welcome" brother to return here.

    Although he is very very reluctant.

    Of course, as reluctant as well as by his strong pull the black hair on the wizard, forced against the winter wind still standing behind his royal highness prince.

    "Relax, are already here. Don't be not happy." Smiling Brandon, also very indifferent toward the side of Ernst waved is very soothing "comfort" of His Wizard consultant, could not help but let Loren turned a supercilious look.

    This rogue like face, it will soon become Brandon's unique symbol "!

    Your Highness Prince opening lazy: "a little more important... Here is the broken circle mountain fortress, the connaght attitude can be almost everything -- if you want to be able to get a good result, I think we also need more sincerity."


    "You are my wizard consultant, you find a few key evidence of Hoge's beloved brother; even adults can not make things difficult for us, you have to give him a perfect reason right?"


    "You can rest assured, I'm sure he adults would not easily to you hands -- of course, if he decided to lay hands on me if you want to try to protect me... Uh, ask, I say you have not felt very important?"

    "...... No." Deadpan Loren stiff turned, almost killing eyes see his highness to the Prince: "but I'm here, and now can go back?"

    "Well... That is why."

    Brandon raised mouth, toward the Loren thumbs up: "I know, we really hit it off!"


    Loren very much hope that pull out bright silver directly to this prince to his highness and cool, and then they burned -- but the price is too high, will let your head become heavy gold worth more than.

    At this time, there was a distant melodious sound of the horn; almost at the same time, Lauren and Brandon look at the vast expanse of the glacier wilderness.

    Although it is not obvious, but can already see slowly on the horizon glow and crowded shadow; the snow iron crown flags fluttered in the wind, and the hoofs and tread in an unbroken line.

    Brandon took a deep breath, a change just Xipixiaolian appearance, mouth hung indifferent smile crossed his hands in front of him, every act and every move is like a rhythmical, some of the style of his highness prince.

    Tired of the black wizard also had to go back to look at the grave from afar has galloped to a cavalry, eyes narrowed.

    The north wind, never stop.

    A military uniform of connaght dismounted, tossed behind the cloak and threw it to the squire; came to them in a dozen armed Knights accompanied by the same.

    The black witch eyebrow, at that moment he saw Brandon back to clear the meaning of consciousness hold his waist, his royal highness prince was shocked, immediately returned to normal.

    "It seems to hold the broken circle mountain......"

    A cold, Desaliang connaght sound forceful look tired could not conceal the dignity, and fire eyes staring at the station in front of him, Brandon:

    "You...... Do very well, it is a right decision!"

    Brandon gasped... Of course he knew what is the "right decision".

    He did not go to the valley to the rescue by blood remains troubled North avalanche legion, but choose to return to the mountain fortress world.

    Pat snow on the body, the brain quickly turn up to Brandon's smile: "in fact, not what big deal -- when I arrived at the battle has come to an end, the magic is not a corpse, do exercise after eating rice as what... Uh......"

    Connaud behind the Knights of a solemn look, the cold eyes can make people instantly suffocate; the body of blood, broken armor, frozen cracked face... Is that they actually experienced how fierce battle.

    Brandon is convinced that if you continue so "do not care" blowing down, unless otherwise he blocked the shot will definitely stand out his sword stabbing.

    "Oh... Since he returned unharmed......" Looking at a picture of a poor face, Brandon quickly changed the subject: "the blood remains Valley nice win?"

    His voice just fell, the black wizard saw connaght arm suddenly tightened!

    "Win the beautiful?"

    Connaght narrowed his eyes, frown: "the light is camped in the blood remains Valley, I lost nearly one's mission in the storm troops!"

    "Immediately after the avalanche, the camp has collapsed... Fortunately, just post, logistics supply not affected, or I'm behind the soldiers, have three out of the four glaciers in the wilderness to freeze to death alive!"

    "As for the win is not pretty, you see, see what is fighting the monster!"

    With a sigh, connaght voice was calm, but revealed a gloomy chill: "compared to us, they do not need logistics, no baggage, negligible casualties; all is killed, the remaining monsters still will not hesitate to bite at us, we."

    "And this enemy, really could" win the beautiful "?"

    The prince sacland heavy tone muttering, words with a sad.

    "In order to contain them, I had two thousand soldiers blocked from glaciers to blood bones Valley exit, I see that they form a shield wall, in front of the monster beyond count a little bit crushed into flesh!"

    "This is it, I can get for engineers time to set up the catapult, the cavalry can have the opportunity to turn back on both sides of the hillside, and hand crossbow infantry from the wings of containment blockade...... All the oil and stone cannon will enchanters rolled into pieces!"

    "You might ask them, ask the two thousand no one alive of the regiment, is not also feel that" win the beautiful "?"

    The atmosphere suddenly becomes heavy, the soldiers around silently nodded, embarrassing Brandon tugged at the corners of the mouth, said the sentence for a long time:

    "Sorry, I hold... Don't know actually is such......"

    "No! Brandon Dessalio, you did good!"

    The tone of the heavy connaght two step forward, a hold of Brandon's shoulder, did not react the prince his highness almost collapsed on the ground!

    "I will not say or any other reason, I just look at the results, you made a wise decision." Some emotion connaght staring at my blood brother:

    "In any case, can not afford to lose sacland Empire bounded the mountain fortress!"

    Two people look at each other in silence for a minute, until the connaght initiative released by hand on his shoulder.

    "This is the first time I really don't belittle you, Brandon."

    "You are a real Desa Leon."

    "There is no doubt that you should get a Desaliang pay -- I will write a letter to my father in the whole process that the whole thing, I'll tell him you... Is the man to save the Fort Hill circle!"

    "Wait, what this is all about......"

    Some wonder, Brandon has not had time to figure out, connaght have turned and walked to the front of the black wizards, meaningful glanced at him:

    "As for you, your Turin laurent......

    Someone wants to see you."
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