#118 is the truth (below)

    Butter flavor, mixed with fresh baked bread wheat flavor, and Baked Lamp Chop a hint of Jiao Xiang, gather enough to let people drool with envy smell, faint natural floating in the nose.

    A little wizard to enjoy carefully prepared for their delicacy, finally put down the heart to the Dark Wizard is very lazy poking his spoon, enjoying a moment of peace.

    While relying on a variety of ways, he managed to avoid being aware of their fiends may exist, but also buried "pharnaces this extremely unstable factors".

    The fall of the Dragon Wangcheng, and he is their arch rivals start.

    In order to "valve" power for his ambition; as long as they are alive, Fa Hei Sith and he is behind the "black cross" Samuel will follow.

    The black wizard can only think of each other will not directly kill his reason, he is the only hope to be able to get a two "valve" for this reason.

    According to the grave keeper said, the true meaning of the "valve" and "valve" Wizard itself is completely two kinds of concept.

    In the era of the Dragon Kingdom (although he is more willing to call it as "Dragon Tower era"), whether to open the valve itself is considered to have become the "Wizard" qualification; only crossed the "boundaries" of material and vanity, in order to truly become a recognized by all wizards.

    If it is in accordance with this standard, the sacland Empire 99% of the wizards are "unqualified"......

    While nine star grail is to open a world of estrangement "gate"......

    To complete their own ambitions, even the Holy Cross "instead of" pharnaces, which he must have the strength.

    "There are people who care about."

    Extremely lazy tone with some jokes that make the same side to see Loren slightly sidelong glance at a boy looked at her, was lying on the bed shaking leg, scarlet eyes reflected my face.

    A purple fringed dress Ariel sitting on the side, quietly watching the Dark Wizard "affection", let the hair of a burst of cool back lauren.

    At the same time, two stalls were Cthulhu, another to stare at last... I should say what is "good luck" or life is too bitter......

    "Although I know it may ask the question is white......" Gently put down the spoon, silently watching the Loren frowning guy: "don't think we should continue before the unfinished topic?"

    "Well... What topic, Aas Muriel did not know?" A wild gleam came into the boy's eyes, just being stupid and asked: "what we've said before?"

    "Samuel......" Lauren eye twitched:

    "On the 'black cross' samuel... Do you know how much?"

    "About this... Dear Loren, I've told you everything I know!"

    As Gabriel is very helpless stand stand hand, gently sigh: "although you understand, don't believe the poor Aas Muriel, but, alas...... No way, this is not the thing."

    "That is because you never tell the truth!"

    Always quiet Allie suddenly said: "just because you're lying, don't trust your lauren!"

    The young mouth kept twitching, scarlet eyes over and over, very helpless stand stand hand.

    "But......" Ariel paused, quiet eyes looked puzzled on the dark wizard:

    "Stupid as the Riel are doing is right, at least... This time he did not intentionally deceive lauren."

    "Oh... Oh God, what I just heard?!" Suddenly turned to face the side to see an unbelievable Gabriel terrified girl:

    "Fake Dear Miss, you just say you... Agree with me?"

    A HMF, Allie turned to him, a contemptuous disregard: "the family was not so said... But so you can understand."

    As Gabriel was shocked, Loren really is the first time I saw he was surprised into this picture.

    Even to ignore a silly fool, one face worried Allie looked back at the Black Witch: "Dear Loren, the 'black cross' samuel... It was a terrible enemy, if possible, Allie also hope that you will not know it exists."

    "As the reason why Gabriel did not want to tell you, because it is the power of... Very special."

    "On this, Aas Muriel has told me some." Loren nodded slightly, said: "the grave is related to the time, right?"

    That moment, is to determine the two gods on hold his one eye, then the girl gently relieved.

    "Okay... Fortunately, Loren only know these, fortunately." She sighed, Allie slowly raised his head: "Loren understands is really good, it seems as Gabriel is finally done the right thing."

    "In the face of the 'black cross' cannot be too careful, especially for the case of almost doomed the enemy with it." The boy behoove gave her a glance, but soon get disheartened the collapsed: "but if possible, or do not want to touch on that guy!"

    "Wait, can you explain it to me... What are you saying what?"

    "Dear Loren, in this way to tell you is really feel shy." The first opening is Aas Muriel, flat mouth shook his head, a helpless facial expression:

    "You can understand the way... Selel is very special, you know it more deeply, more cannot overcome it, so you only need to know its ability to relate to time enough, the more you know it will hurt you!"

    "I'm very sorry, but... This is really the best way." To detect subtle changes in expression black wizard Allie, with the apology came leisurely:

    "But also hope Loren can understand, 'black cross' Samuel is a very terrible enemy, even almost impossible to defeat the enemy, Allie is just to try to make it from dangerous guy loren......"

    "The more understanding, the more it is impossible to win......"

    Unconsciously, the automatic speaking into a meditation lauren.

    "Precisely even if absolutely ignorant of, possibility of overcoming Samuel is very little." The young delicate cheek even in twitching, as if in some fear:

    "We can only hope to" fall "and he was too weak to like us, even to maintain the dream world is very difficult point."

    A moment of silence, until the door there was a knock on the door.

    "Well... Good food; the rest of my Psychic Advisor how, sir?"

    With some amusement, laughing more than the sun is bright the prince his highness uninvited into the room, his hands over a behoove.

    The empty house only hold one...... With the black eagle feather bed, and a "always staring at the harbour evil designs" black eagle feather on the cat.

    "There is a problem?" Eyebrow in the hands of Loren, also a bowl full of soup spoon.

    "Not what, just over a turn, and then talk about your" reward "problem." Keep the eyes flashing around him, Brandon sat down opposite the stately Lauren, picked up a piece of bread nibbled.

    His eyes flashed a perceived Loren expression alert each other... He must have something else.

    But now is not good to say... Wiped his mouth, black haired wizard calmly looked at him: "please speak."

    "I was so arranged... You and I returned to Beijing golaud to get you a formal Wen "consultant" title, and then I try to arrange for you to find a job can be meritorious -- I believe that with your skill, absolutely can let those who work at lords sit up and take notice!"

    "You told me is really confident."

    "Don't underestimate yourself, you but I James wizard consultant." Brandon mouth slightly raised: "wait for a reason, want to get you a title of count was minute."

    "Although should not say so... But I doubt very much that you have this ability......"

    "Please give me a little faith please, lauren." Take a table, a brilliant smile Brandon turned away; Touyebuhui Loren silently in my heart bottom:

    Three, two, a......

    "Oh, yes!" Stop in front of the Brandon suddenly look back, think of what is like like scratching his head:

    "The... Connaght back... Live."


    "No problem, you can accompany me to you, i... A little scared."

    "Well... Just a little, a little."
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