Chapter 117 what is truth (on)


    Crunching the mouth chewing bread, Isaac bluntly, the evaluation of the food in the plate, face wrinkled seems to be in the same execution:

    "Hard bread can slightly broken teeth, potato soup even without salt, egg paste like a piece of carbon cake, wild herbs and onion together, and this piece of bacon... You see, smelly, no wonder when I came in, smell a rancid smell!"

    Isaac turned a supercilious look, with a fork with a piece of bacon in front of the little wizard dangling: "when I was locked up in Eboden's eating are better than this, I ask this is in jail?"

    "Don't eat not eat!" AI Yin angrily glared at him: "here but bounded mountain fortress, and in the absence of rear supply of winter, to have such a good dinner has been very extravagant!"

    "What nonsense, I have seen!"

    Isaac shook his head and put a pair of "you can't fool me" look, stare at the little wizard's face: "a bottle of liquor, two pieces of Baked Lamp Chop, toast, rabbit stew soup and black pudding, did not expect it, I'm on your face when you sneak into Lauren room!"

    Indignation holding the shoulder will be pushed to the Ayn Isaacs plate in front: "as one of your friends, I reject this distinction!"

    "This, how can this do?!"

    The little wizard small red face, but hesitated the low head: "he suffered so many injuries, but also tired like that... A little something to eat nutritional supplements should not do good?"

    "...... You know I'm almost at the Wangcheng dead... Right?"

    Isaac stared in surprise: "it can't be more surprised won't listen to reason...... We all to ned Hoge, is an all survived, a little Tintin died -- why in your eyes only need to be "special care" Lauren, I and the precocious kid?!"

    A moment of silence, both at almost the same time will look to the side of his mouth still swallowing big mouth, chewing a young pupil gray bacon.

    The road side Sien had for a long time to react to the face, scratching his head while being both stared at him a little feel shy:

    "The... If there are any lamb, can I have some?"

    "......" Isaac.

    "...... In the kitchen." Ayn.

    The silence of the end plate, a young pupil gray face apology smile and turn away.

    She sighed softly, the little wizard silently for a stack of parchment piled on the table: "this is you entrusted me, you are all put forward ideas and research plan, I have all been sorted out."

    "It's spent a lot of time, there are so many parchment...... Broken circle mountain alchemists even specially will be part of the inventory to me, or never end!"

    "The ah......"

    Playing with hands like a fork, said only to Isaac casually.

    "Yes, if nothing else is these days after the completion of the achievements we have, as you say, we want to make these things become really useful." The little witch is nodded seriously.

    "Burned them all."

    "What, what?"

    "Burned, destroyed, smashed and threw tear or give something, whatever you say, keep a good memory." Isaac shook his head and sighed: "anyway, these things are not important!"

    "You... What are you saying?!" Ayn look at him in amazement: "these are all your efforts... I was two and Loren all personal effort, how can......"

    "Because these things are the results of our study," before "so it is not important, more important is the future!"

    Isaac is very hard "stressed:" these things "... The vision is too narrow, we can not be that they blocked their way!"

    "I don't understand!"

    "Well, what place do not understand?" A very helpless appearance, Isaac shrugged: "is" the view "or" narrow "?"

    "I can't understand!" The little witch snappily stared at him, a "do not say clearly to make you look good" face.

    I don't believe I had to worry about this guy!

    "It seems that the explanation will be very troublesome......" Isaac whispered.

    "It is slightly easier to trouble you said," a genius "Isaac grantham!"

    Is cold to hum a, holding the shoulder of the Ayn unhappy pout: "no way, who let us not you so clever!"

    Long sigh, Isaac looked very uncomfortable... Even more awkward than before, if you can explain to the past and Ayn normal chat, like young children as little bully bully wizard and other potatoes......

    Now he is even ridicule each other's spirits are gone.

    "Ain't you remember, Professor Dalton and Peter Dean once said:" do not exist because of the void, "no rules and no common sense, everything is the most pure fantasy, you can not rely on experience to contact and understand its strength."

    "Remember, how?" The little witch raise your eyebrows: "are they wrong?"

    "No, this is correct, but the key lies in... I think they actually did not fully understand the meaning of this sentence." Isaac sighed: "or that they only understand the 'no rules' of this very simple part."

    "The key is i... I don't know how should I explain to you now! I used to think they know, the truth is that I really don't know, I just like Dalton or Eboden tutor of master Fleiss Walker, "just think 'I understand!"

    More and more excited Isaac speed more and more quickly, the forehead is sweat for a nervous, faint expression, dancing gestures.

    But there was some Ayn understand: "you are not in the ned Hoge discovered what very high-end mysterious" knowledge "?"

    "It should be said that... Is a completely different wizard system, a far more than we are in contact with the power of the void, countless times system; in contrast, we use the way it's stupid and inefficient to the extreme!"

    "I see... Truth, ain, can you understand? I saw it! Daniel!"

    "I once thought to ned Hoge is to retrieve the lost knowledge, to find the first wizard Rogan can open the" Wizard century "; but when I really get there when I find these are not, I don't see these!"

    "I see belong to my mission... Or, I am the only one who can do things in this world, I only belong to a person's fate, maybe I spent a lifetime also impossible task!"

    "I wouldn't say this, but this time you can enjoy the joke I ain...... In this life I will not believe any fate, or the "mission" of such things, only Croce clergymen and others who would say not to mind taking the trouble this nonsense, let those hapless children comfortably believe this life like this!"

    "But now I understand... The concept of time and sometimes may not be straight forward, it is more like a huge net, every choice you do in touch side silk; when you can see the fibrillation of every thread, every time you choose, you will realize their own "what is the mission."!"

    "Logan opened the" witch Millennium ", so that my mission is to bring it into the next millennium" -- farewell inefficient spells and void of inexhaustible fear, really let the world to see what they should master the power in a rational way!"


    "So these, and these... Continue to study is just a waste of time, and even let me once again into a dead quagmire." With the scroll on the table, Isaac is very tired sigh:

    "So I will forget everything, and start again!"

    "And we will change the world!"
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