Chapter 112 of the Dragon (top down)

    The snow mountain glacier, Ned over Hoge.

    Feel the wind blowing, dark haired wizard riding on the surface, the dragon dragon m Tracy expressionless, overlooking the distant cold Wangcheng was shrouded in fog and frost dragon.

    Sunset, the sun light through the clouds and storms, the collapse of Nidhogg covered a painting like red and gold; roar, the legend of the city gradually turned into ruins, numerous palace tower collapsed, fell into the bottomless glacier cracks......

    This is probably the grave keeper said, the end of a decent?

    Touched the waist fracture "deadwood", Loren couldn't help slightly up the corners of the mouth.

    Just like my guess, since the last "valve" is not in ned Hoge, but as early as the Dragon Kingdom doomed it was brought to the south at Wangcheng within only the most precious, but cannot take away the legacy of those last knowledge"......

    But behind Isaac and Loren Lusienke without him so good mood, shivering, all lying on the back of the Dragon gripped dragon scales, for fear that the head of a prehistoric monster swing throw himself down.

    Although this is only because the two "Dragon Knight career" for the first time, but we can see that those can ride the Dragon wielding guns bow at three hundred feet altitude "Dragon Knight" is how......

    And do not say in the condition of high speed flight dragon bow can shoot out, this can hit a bad breath by the wall, the tower will burn the prehistoric monster, really need another person on the battle?

    According to Brandon, even the Desa Leon family history of the "Dragon Knight", love riding dragon battles are very few; especially he himself, because the probability of falling from the dragon's back is too high......

    "I guess you should already know it, Loren?" Mianbugaise Brandon suddenly come back: "you the illustrious ancestors," Black Prince "Roland Dowling had been here."

    "In his... Uh... After the betrayal of Santa Croce church."

    "How many know some, but not much." An eyebrow, Loren indifferent replied, it is in front of a puzzled look the prince his highness: "why to ask this?"

    "Because it is possible that someone will want to know what you saw......" Brandon suddenly murmured.


    "Not what, just suddenly curious!" Your highness prince was faster than the book face, grinning with a sunny smile: "change... You find what you want... Have not found what Roland had arrived at Wangcheng over the Dragon?"

    "This is your two question......"

    Dark haired wizard could not help but turned a supercilious look, but looking at the picture in the cold wind can still keep smiling face: "a hard to say, as for a... It should be."

    Brandon suddenly a bright eyes.

    "I found the logo in the ned Hoge Roland left on the wall, and in Wangcheng there are many rangers... Bones should be used to follow the "black Duke 'soldiers and attendants."

    "The position of the center distance of the whole ned Hoge has very close, if that is true... Then Roland must also have arrived."

    Look at each other that suddenly have a "heart" expression, can not help but frown slightly the Loren said: "I can answer me a question: why bounded mountain fortress soldiers will then respect for Roland, even to my" Turin home "violates the connaght command?"

    "Well... This matter is more complex, direct words are hard to understand."

    Brandon suddenly pulled some embarrassed mouth: "is mainly because of the" Black Prince "served in the broken circle mountain fortress, now there are many flag group is in his time of formation!"

    "No, we should not just because of this?" The black witch shook his head: "if only served in the bounded hill, Prince Lothar and the Duke Ai Le Mans have served as the commander of Fort Hill bounded, but the dungeon guards can not because the road does give him what the identity of" special "privileges!"

    "On this point... In fact, there is another reason, mainly because the original......"

    "If not" Black Prince "Roland Dowling, the mountain fortress has already broken circles in 10 generations fall!"

    Grey eyes lying on the juvenile drag-on suddenly looked up, gray eyes directly ignored Brandon's awkward expression: "this is my father told me -- won eight monster intrusion and not" Dragon Queen "Sherlock Desaliang sire, even on the contrary, it is supposed to be a There was no parallel in history.. Defeat!"

    "Originally... If the 'Black Prince' Roland Dowling did not appear, maybe that day......"

    "This is sacland Empire to day!"



    All will be re inserted in the middle of the flagpole crenels, panting Ernst Dresis didn't even have time to rest, looked at the wall of a mess, tightly bite a tooth, a hard hit in the circle on the wall.

    On his side, as strong as iron the north wall with a thick layer of "dark red", dense bones piled up in the Duokou side, before the stairs and corridors...... The dead smell mixed with smoke, a shudder.

    Fortunately the attacking monster army only carrion magic and a little monster, not even to siege and long-range strike means -- bounded mountain fortress engineers can freely standing on the wall, with catapults and ballista line into the destroy them.

    But the real problem is that even with the wall cover is too small, tens of thousands of carrion magic can even use the bones with trench fortress garrison, climb the walls of the Everfount.

    Day and night, day and night to adhere to the fortress garrison was killed by one-third!

    This is just the first round of the monster army attack, they were knocked out of momentum, it will not be long before the comeback.

    Experienced the last invasion of Ernst Dresis is very clear: This is not a need to rest, logistics, catering, herald...... So any army required all enemies that tens of thousands of monsters will only do one thing, is to stop to pieces in front of their enemies!

    Even the Elite Corps, in the face of such enemies could not feel a trace of fear... Even then, there are a lot of soldiers in the monster in an unbroken line under attack into the establishment of collapse.

    The more such intense fight, the more need to stand out by imposing the stability of the military commander, to maintain strong defenders and plenty of fight, can not be so bloody continuously out of morale.

    But very unfortunately, the people who can make it not in the bounded mountain fortress...... A heavy sigh, Ernst Dresis looked up very tired, looking at is ruled by the snowstorm glacial wasteland.

    Now Ernst is really regret, why he did not do their best to prevent your highness connaght North -- otherwise now his highness would not have been trapped in an avalanche of blood skull Valley, but the end of this sudden intrusion in his position.

    Maybe... Because I really didn't like that to his majesty and his highness connaght, will not stop your courage......

    Suddenly, the middle-aged Cleveland stare big eyes, hands clenched into fists unconsciously!

    The wall in the shivering...... In the storm, in the vast horizon, a gray white in an unbroken line "flood" is gradually approaching, such as dark clouds in the earth tumbling, neat and heavy tread like drums sound like sound, endless roar!

    Obviously these devils do not intend to break the boundary mountain fortress any respite, even until the last round of fighting ended, has eagerly launched a new offensive.

    The shortness of the horn from tower top came suddenly opened his eyes, Ernst de Lei Sith bachupeijian, suddenly turn to look at those also froze in place, do not know what to do Auxiliary Corps soldiers, like the roar of a fierce beast:

    "Broken circle mountain fortress............

    Ready -!!!!"
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