Chapter 108 Croce will (below)

    Late at night, bounded mountain fortress.

    The little wizard who was lying on the wall, delicate face is full of worries about color, like sapphire eyes overlooking the night enveloped the glacial wasteland.

    For a month, looking for ned Hoge from 2 stupid to leave here, almost a month.

    After the Legion led north in Connaud Dessalio, those guys are completely silent -- of course, AI Yin is also very clear in the storm raging, deserted glacial wasteland, to deliver the message how difficult.

    Sometimes, no news... It is the best news.

    Gently rub with cold hands, little white witch took out a very delicate Cross Pendant - this is for time bounded mountain fortress logistics help from the bosom, that looks very "clean" Quartermaster and priests secretly gave her.

    Looked at the above sacland ancient inscriptions, moonlight Silver Pendant suffused with white "brilliant", the little wizard gently bite lower lip, the pendant against his forehead.

    "I know I'm not a devout believer, but... Lord, if you really can shine through the darkness to illuminate us, please bless the mindless idiot."

    "Don't need anything else. Just let them back... I really, really can not imagine there is no Isaac, no hold of what the world is like."

    "You can hear my voice... You will hear my voice?"

    "Please... No matter how good... Please, let them come back."

    "I have... How many have no relatives......"

    The little wizard softly whispering nodded slightly, slender shoulders trembling continuously.

    "Meow ~" nestled in the Ayn side shadow cat rubbing gently rub the ankle, hushanhushan Ruby eyes still staring at her.

    "You also worry about them, Mei Lin (Ai Lier)?" The little witch finally face a smile, squat down to the cat in her arms, gently stroked the silky black hair:

    "Don't be afraid, I just think too much, it will not hurt you a fool two." Like in the cat, and like a whisper in the automatic speaking ayn:

    "When Wim Parr is, when Deepwood is, there are ancient wood forest, Eboden...... These guys just love in vain let others worry about them, but even a little bit of consciousness are not."

    Why smile floating on Ayn face, not only will Mei Lin (Ai Lier) in my arms let her feel very warm... Like a fool in his side, a lazy face teases himself.

    Really, how to think of that guy?

    But that is an illusion, just a fantasy... Hear the roar of the storm only, and the torch, patrol back and forth in the fortress city of the soldiers.

    Since the deputy commander of Fort Ernst Dresis please yourself, bounded north mountain fortress wall guards, especially for night patrol soldiers have been tripled.

    All of the guards, even the soldiers responsible for auxiliary logistics are all concentrated, in accordance with the attire of arming and training the standard legionary fortress, few master sergeant and served more than 5 years veteran was temporarily promoted to the centurion, led by these little combat experience people.

    Even the little wizard and the feeble of the alchemists, everyone has been a legion of soldiers -- although Epee Ayn also hope that they can give yourself a bow and arrow.

    Arrows, armor, halberd, shields, crossbows, trebuchet, firelighters, kerosene, ballista...... A variety of large ordnance and supplies were placed in the north of the city wall was as strong as iron.

    The little wizard is still fresh, Ernst who called the middle-aged Cleveland day on the mobilization of the five hundred barrels of asphalt, then issued a one hundred barrel firelighters task; no form requirements, only "requirements" is to be in a day in front of him.

    Day after day, in order to maintain a high intensity of training and arming, Ernst Dresis is almost no bottom line squandering bounded mountain fortress inventory... Even the alchemist secretly told her that the deputy commander you even useful ice water and reinforced completely sealed fortress door plan.

    Of course, he finally gave up.

    According to the middle-aged Knight told her, in order to ensure the safety of the North during the sacland prince, beware of possible monster invasion.

    But the little witch knew, that was just an excuse...... In the ancient wood forest, trees in the wall she witnessed the war is what, or what should be said.

    Just to withstand thousands of Ogres, Ancient Wooden Forest Elves have underachieved, and paid a huge sacrifice for the final victory...... So, in the face of bounded mountain fortress of Cthulhu and enchanters of what will happen?

    Ernst Delle was not in the north of the Sith monster invasion, but he is convinced that the monster will invade the north, tens of thousands of monsters will appear in front of them whenever and wherever possible.

    "Ah --!!!!"

    The melodious sound of the horn suddenly came from behind the fortress, let still overlooking the little wizard glacial wasteland froze.

    And wait until the moment she looked back, saw the fire lit by countless a desolate fortress war!

    For a moment, a team and a team of Army soldiers held the torch through the fast on the wall; Gong nushou who carrying a quiver in the squat beside the crenels; engineers manipulated the ballista and catapult officer in command, handling machine includes loading ammunition; light shining, the Legion of soldiers quickly array in the wall under the playground square.

    No expression, no order, no surprise shout and any voice -- only breathing between the fog and orderly tread and gear rotating machine includes sound.

    When the little wizard came back, this huge "war machine" has been heavily armed, almost all of the top of the tower are put up the iron crown of the flag fluttering sound in the storm!

    For a moment, looking at those impassive soldiers, Ayn suddenly have a sense of security and pride, tightly pursed lips, like sapphire eyes more than a different kind of mood.

    This is the sacland Empire proud of the north gate, in the twelve generation of several monster invasion has never been broken, always standing off the Mountain Fortress - circle!

    Heavy footsteps came armed Ernst de Lei riding on a horse horse north of the Sith, hand holding a banner of the iron crown, look dignified and every wall under the soldiers stared at each other:

    "For 12 generations, since Eckhardt I sire north boundary mountain fortress to break the Legion for 12 generations later, after 9 invasion never missed!"

    "In the blood and broken bones in the mountain valley circle, spiral peak we won those damn monsters 9 invasion! Tonight, we want to beat them again!"

    "And now, and your ancestors, your parents have a positive fight monsters in the walls, in the wilderness on the glacier close at hand."

    "At that time, I was in command and Eckhart MajestyQueen your parents fought their name and face I still remember crystal clear."

    "You will disgrace your own ancestors, you are ready to let their parents be -- I don't agree, don't agree, even if there are tens of thousands of, we will fight to the end."

    "Here is the broken circle mountain fortress, and we are bounded mountain guards; they attack many times, how many times we get!"

    Ernst pulled out his sword, toward the soldiers shouted: "let them remember, as long as the peak of bounded Hill also did not fall, as long as there is a soldier standing, as long as there is a banner, they can never cross our walls!!!!"

    "In the light of the glorious holy cross......" The middle-aged Cleveland raised the hands of the sword, in response to his countless sword scabbard, bow first sound.

    "Tell me why you fight?!"

    "In order to sacland glory -!!!!"
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