Chapter 99 Croce (on)

    Sacland Empire recorded history, the Dragon kingdom is in its heyday era because of sudden destruction and evil -- in that era, the Dragon King will be the Kingdom's will, the powerful northern kingdom with almost invincible strength, ruler of the world.

    At that time, the four gods falls; the kingdom of extremely strong dragon cannot resist four gods to disappear and offensive.

    "Dead bones"; "tyranny"; "non believers"; "at the end of the shadow" - the four idol title, still be sacland Empire deeply fear.

    According to as Gabriel said, four Cthulhu come the growing power of the Holy Cross, causing them to "escape" from the void, with fear and the destruction of the most profound of the holy cross faith to sustain their own existence "".

    Just don't talk about whether there are loopholes as Gabriel's words, at least this is a complete theory of Holy Cross threat, Cthulhu falls, dragon Kingdom, Empire, all perfectly logical and reasonable.

    Looks like this.

    "A powerful kingdom is like a palace, it will always have a reason to collapse thousands on thousands of irresistible force of nature, is one of them."

    Somebody said softly, skull appearance seems somewhat calm, in this very subtle way to deny Loren answers:

    "The Dragon Kingdom ned Hoge, her destruction was doomed from the beginning of the fall is only evil to accelerate this process, even to a certain extent also slowed down, otherwise the establishment of sacland empire will not be so smooth."


    Black eyes flashed a wizard startled, for a second time to understand each other's meaning: "are you saying... The establishment of the empire is sacland... The Dragon Kingdom plan?!"

    "The word is not accurate, described it as" compromise "is better." Somebody is very indifferent pointed out his mistake:

    "But you said yes, then the Royal Princess Hilde married to Bren sacland king, and support its neighboring countries have a unified power to keep the last blood...... From the point of view after they succeed."

    Loren frown slightly, sounds like the Dragon kingdom from the outset, aware of their impending destruction and find a good "posterior".

    "Then... If the fall is only Cthulhu inducing factors, and what is the real reason for the destruction of the Dragon Kingdom?"

    Voice down, black haired wizard on the "skeleton" before the surprised discovery, actually made a sigh of action -- although it has never needed a "sigh"!

    "Turin Laurent sir, you carefully observe her structure when entering ned Hoge?" Keep the grey blue flame flickering tomb in orbit:

    "If I tell you, that is the Dragon kingdom is the reason?"

    Lauren's face showed a clear understanding, nod: "between civilians and the royal family?"

    "Far more serious than that, and more terrible." The grave keeper shook his head: "if only the royal family and the civilians in two classes, by means of strengthening the monarchical power can be alleviated, and the Dragon kingdom is completely split."

    "You can understand the way, is a group with advanced wisdom and strength of the people of the new race, and will own and ordinary people had separate."

    "Some more images, should be" the opposite of God "and" slaves "."

    The black haired wizard was a condensate, he can imagine such a picture; and in this state of the Dragon Kingdom and chaos into circumstances.

    Full of rebellious slaves, and almost the "myth" of the slave owners incompatible relationship -- in addition to violence and violence and violence, Loren can not imagine any can maintain the integrity of the state and even surface integrity means.

    "Now in retrospect, perhaps it is because we have early exposure to the power of the void and to use, let this power completely into the ruling tool that led to the collapse of the entire kingdom between after class."

    The grave keeper shook his head: "due to its thriving and prosperous, because it conflicts, and because of its reduced to fragments and finally to the end...... When looking back, that all this is not someone or something wrong; the destruction of the Dragon Kingdom, just as people of our kingdom."

    Hold close your eyes, then slowly open.

    In simple terms, is still in the early civilization of the Dragon Kingdom, because of the premature obtained power development will void the whole kingdom due to a crossroads, the birth of a slave society under the background of "witch kingdom", and ultimately to the self destruction.

    However, this seems to be the Dragon Kingdom and my impressions of the slightly different......

    "And so on...... So the Dragon Kingdom real power and the people have the power, in fact, is the Wizards?" Said calm hair Wizard: "what is it" dragon Hunter "and" Yu dragon "?"

    "Turin Laurent sir, you can actually imagine... Higher knowledge and research to all in the tower, the bottom of the 'civilian' didn't have access to these knowledge."

    The grave keeper gently waved his hand: "so... They are by what force, and in the upper Wangcheng to "witch" against?"

    Loren slight frown, he jerked his head: "dragon?!"

    "Your reaction speed impressed me, sir." The skeleton nodded slightly, seems to what had happened and sigh:

    "In the Cthulhu before the coming of nearly hundred years, the Dragon Kingdom happened many times in front of the Civil War -- the Dragon Kingdom, and there is no absolute overwhelming force, the struggle between the two sides lasted for many years."

    Gravekeeper's voice gradually become less calm: "in the struggle to compromise is always a long process, not to mention the potential of both sides with the fire and no such intention."

    "In my life time, the Dragon Kingdom has been on the verge of collapse, is dying -- like great mansion on the point of collapse, is not the evil invasion, the destruction of the kingdom is already established."

    "Then, if I am ignorant as a member of the Dragon Tower wizard, and luckily met at the time of the study of the top, one of the highest achievements at that time was called" to save the Empire. "."

    Of course, now it is more like a "death knell for a fatal blow to the Empire!"

    A grave keeper ethereal voice became dignified, appears to be very reluctant to recall it.

    Lauren heart suddenly one Zhan, faint like to guess what.

    "The process is very complicated, and I really don't want to recall it when the Dragon Tower research has reached a bottleneck, in order to solve this problem, but also is likely to face the threat from the evil void we opened this plan."

    "As you know, the world of the gods can maintain its exist in the physical world, there must be a stable enough" image ", and this image will be back to the void, regardless of the strength of all."

    "So, if there is a 'new' there can be other gods" existence "is completely contained into itself, and by constantly compatible with the rest of" existence "to" omniscient and omnipotent '?"

    "If it is" order ", also can be the" confusion ", it exists even without image, a nameless king, there is no governing country; on the above all, hanging on the top of the sky kingdom."

    "No matter how to change, the wisdom of life soul forever lurks obedience, reverence...... From the beginning of the birth of the soul, and always will be completely occupying the heart: what we need to do, just by such a "supreme and sacred" image, its wake."

    "In a time of deduction, we finally found the most appropriate way and gradually completed the study, according to our deduction, only through a systematic program of communication, you can use this way to let the" civilian "completely abandon the revolt, even with this rule the world."

    "The final code of the study......

    Called the "Holy Cross"."
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