Chapter 93 breakout (on)

    Rush rush, fling caution to the winds!

    In front of the bright silver tear moment, carrying grey eyed young Isaac without hesitation, to follow in the grey blue blur, sword wielding, black haired wizard blocked all attacks hit from the side.

    Even if this "Wizard guards" no matter how bad, this thing can be done!

    And no longer have to beware of behind Loren is charging forward the fling caution to the winds of grey blue flame, constantly spewing blinking, as if a meteor like in the layers under siege ripped a road!

    Aware of their weaknesses of the number of guards soon stopped the assault, began with shields and spears to stop the pace of their breakout.

    Even the bones into a puppet, contained in his soul fighting instinct still exist; decisively abandoned the siege harassment pincer tactics, targeting the absolute point lauren.

    No matter whether or not a fine, sharp blade geometry, number and cooperation is always an overwhelming absolute advantage - just two layer shields and dozens of spear, and immediately let the assault Loren had slowed down the speed, ribs and shoulder immediately more than two wound.

    "Give me a second on the stern!"

    Hear the young pupil gray order without the slightest hesitation, ignoring the back of Isaac's dying scream, full rushed up from the back.

    "Pan -!"

    Looking solemn road block in front of the stern, sword from the air passing, dozens of long spears in the sword under the rust rot neat fracture.

    The dark blue hair under the silver pupil leakage is murder; even with a sword, shield the enemy through qi!

    But he also could play only two swords... For a moment the next round has spear stab; but Roslyn did not dodge any meaning, try to set up sword, cover up behind Isaac and loren.

    The cold tip has greeted the slightest fear not see silver pupil.

    But in the moment, out of the corner of his eye but found that the foot suddenly opened a huge gray blue rune"......

    "Rock will!"

    Suddenly, a huge stone suddenly rises in grey eyes boy before the entire row "guards" crashed into pieces!

    Suddenly one Zheng Road and Isaac Swaine almost at the same time to look behind, kneeling in the place with a dark haired Wizard "succeed" smile, once again calmly raised his left hand, bright red runes floating in the palm.

    The road was blocked wall, the guards shield up like rows of siege vehicles generally hit to the wall.

    "Boom -! Dong --! Dong --! Dong --!"

    Impact, shaking, crack...... Sound constantly, in rows of guards under the impact of the seemingly solid masonry walls crumbling, and after

    Well, almost the same number... The complexion is cold, the palm of the runes Loren crumb.

    Turin fire!

    "Boom -!!!!"

    A loud, violent shaking at the foot of the Long bridge constantly, Towering Pillar gold red flame in the eyes of the people burst three.

    Even in the sunlight, the flame is still very dazzling!

    The dazzling light and smoke dispersed, stone and stone after the guards have disappeared Not the least trace was found.

    The black haired wizard was a glimmer of unnaturally pale, want to stand up and accidentally stumbled; but immediately by the sedation completely suppressed, returned to normal.

    "What?!" A push to hold their hands of Roslyn, black haired wizard again spewing out bright silver gray blue flame:

    "What run!"

    The young pupil gray still suffering from the shock response came immediately behind the Isaac hold once again with the running of the Dark Wizard behind.

    Just a moment, by the "Turin fire" empty at the end of the road was once again "coming" - not just the dead guard blockade of human corpses, and void twisted monster!

    A full three meters high ice werewolf shouts uttered, fours toward countless dark haired wizard came to guard the siege; tusk filled out a bloody mouth shrill roar.

    Although it is only a long cold, only bones and residual meat puppets of the body.

    The roar of the ice werewolf sprang up in the moment suddenly attacked Loren interrupted abruptly, weightlessness came abruptly several guards Long bridge on smash.

    A rusty halberd thorn out from behind, almost through its body!

    Not far away, Roslyn also maintained just throwing posture, too late to regret their own mistakes, the swords have swung open another handle nearly stabbed Isaac halberd.

    With the giant bones werewolf struggled to climb up, screaming to pull out card in its body in the halberd.

    Right now!

    Grey blue shadows over Jianmang numerous guards, almost straight into the ice werewolf.


    The bright silver flame spewing from the jaw and stabbed the werewolf's skull, grey blue "Janus" sticking out from the top of the head.

    The skull bones will burst, werewolf caving; do not hesitate to slide the black wizard Dodge, at the moment from the guards swarmed the siege.

    "Hold your!"

    "I'm fine!" The black haired wizard landed firmly backhand a "Hover Charm" Dangkai side flying arrow: "don't stop, continue to break out!"

    Originally the dangerous situation, is a little bit reversed -- although there are rows of guards in front of the block, but the spiral tower has been close at hand, top according to Isaac from here you can direct access to Wangcheng.

    Victory is already close at hand!

    The running of the three speed reduction, towards the spiral tower fling caution to the winds in front of the past.

    Ten seconds, thirty seconds, a minute...... Without the rest of the hands of Loren Jianmang flash, I do not know when the eyes have emerged out of the grey blue pattern.

    "Beyond perception"!

    In strengthening the insight, puppet guards, flying arrows and air movement at the bottom of Aisakexiesi javelins4, behind...... All have been delayed to a very slow speed.

    Everything was slowed down, everything seems very clear, but thick stagnant up.

    Have close at hand,

    The spiral tower in front of Wangcheng from there can arrive directly at the top, and then went to the Dragon Tower - "the first Wizard" Rogan missed second key "valve" in there!

    Bloodshot eyes dark haired wizard whispered panting, vision and Everfount guard Long bridge towards Long bridge upwelling, dense queue and more void twisted toward the monster three people came, there are still many he had never seen before.

    But they have not stop myself, because......

    At that moment, in the "beyond the perception of" force the Loren suddenly stare big eyes, the brain is like current as.

    The next 3 seconds, almost instinctively kicked open the first black wizard rushed the guard, then immediately stopped behind him carrying Isaac bolted way syn.

    Is preparing to ash the past only pupil youth feel the waist a tight, dark haired wizard is clinging on Long bridge guardrail, a still screaming "arrogant" is the two bodies in the following.

    "How is this......"

    "Boom -!!!!"

    In the confound Isaac finish before a thunder crash, has been in the Wangcheng dome burst!

    The sound of thunder......

    Wait, do?!

    The rise of consciousness three people surprised, but could not see what they are, gold and red flames like waterfall rain the sky seemed to drop from the clouds, the dazzling brilliance in boiling up.

    "Boom -!!!!"

    Isaacs and syn grow up mouth, looking at the countless guards swarmed into ashes in the fire in the rain, melting, evaporation, bones and armor until the end.

    Crack loud voice came, the towering spiral tower fully occupied in flames, pure white stone tower a little fall apart, a moment collapse reduced to fragments; collapse into ruins.

    The only shortcut, so to be cut off!

    The fire was finally dispersed, the golden red sky again dominated by the roar of the storm.

    Frowning the Loren staring at the dome, but only for a second, dignified eyes gradually become a huge shock, staring over the shadow of incredible sight, unconsciously muttering:

    "That is......

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