#89 of Wangcheng "Front Gate" (on)

    A ned Hoge, elevated corridor.

    When filled with doubts and insecurities of dark wizards and accompanying the two way forward, finally through the Dragon Wangcheng outside the "ruins", a church like Front Gate building block in front of them.

    The original closed door only a little Duanbi residual Huan, surrounded by snow and ice traces, apparently had experienced extremely strong damage, or in the thousands of years completely decayed collapse.

    But in this "Front Gate" behind the distant tower palace and layer upon layer of peaks and knolls has also appeared in sight, like a mountain general stepped progressive layers.

    At the top of the hill, is a magnificent spiral tower -- like nine star wizard tower shape, but magnificent imagination, so that three people from the bottom be crystal clear.

    The white tower is four black "dragon" around the central, and the four ferocious dragon with a bloody mouth, like biting each other in general...... Black and white contrast in the white city is very eye-catching.

    Like... Try to notice as a.

    "It feels like to see where......" Roslyn looked at the distant tower, whispered said: "we are not to need Hoge 'Palace' gate?"

    "On the contrary, the real gate in the north and we need Hoge, is on the South side." One side of Isaac turned a supercilious look, with a pair of very is said not to regard it as right tone:

    "According to the wizard tower records, here is the palace of the" door ", specifically for the King City" Paladin "and the army through the place, by the way, the word" Knight "is in fact wrong; the real name should be" Yu dragon "or" dragon Hunter ", said the Dragon kingdom in the language of the two is a meaning."

    "The door?!"

    The incredible young grey eyes looked up this seat as the cathedral building, then pointing behind them all the way through to the corridor: "you call this door?!"

    "Or what, or why do you think there is a connected peripheral walls of the corridor?" Isaacs a look to see a road syn:

    "Is clearly in order to keep the military and civilian areas following contact -- of course, is also possible for Wangcheng and civilian areas will be the core of the separation; as lords Lords will put his castle and cottage as separate people.

    Oh...... So say although it looks very spectacular, but feel the Dragon Kingdom and empire is not what the difference between them; that is a group of sacred noble lords, and Duoqianbai times than their civilian slave countries; the past 1000 years did not progress much like......" He muttered gestures road.

    "In one thousand years without much progress......" Shrugged, Loren whispered muttered.

    The power and the powerless, the rulers and the ruled, rich and poor, high and low... No matter how gorgeous, or put on the sacred is the same coat, only self deception.

    But now the real concern is not involving these things.

    Lost by Odar constraints, glacier wasteland tens of thousands of carrion fiends will attack all the way south, North Gate bounded mountain empire.

    Don't worry about that Ayn is certainly true, but... Considering the current situation, I am afraid that only let the little wizard to be there in order to let him put it down.

    Although the number of carrion is indeed a lot of magic, but lost the command is not much difference between gods and ordinary monsters; bounded mountain fortress but the whole empire's fortress, and the crown prince sits, plus auxiliary soldiers and two Elite Corps and the Knights church several times, enough to be more adequate material support.

    If these are unable to withstand them, that at least Allie the last line of Defense -- although in the eyes of God Loren are not credible, but I'm afraid this letter back.

    "Dear Loren, assured." Aas Muriel's voice rang out in the mind, but also with a proud Charm: "the counterfeit goods in the miss, your little girlfriend is absolutely no danger of anything going wrong."

    "It really is full of confidence......" The wizard could not live in the dark mouth evoke a hint of sneer:

    "What is the guy always miss Allie to be alert, desperate slander and also want to kill her again?"

    "Of course is poor as gabriel." The young unabashedly admitted, many more interesting tone:

    "It is because of this, I know how important a fake miss because of her and not the same as my dear Loren, Aas Muriel Loren never cheated."

    "Really?" Lauren is absolutely ten thousand do not believe.

    "Yes, as sure as a gun." As Gabriel laugh like urchin general:

    "Because the counterfeit lady always desperately hide her lies, and Aas Muriel never do."

    The black witch snorts, they should not have what look forward to this guy.

    In the fall Loren "meditation", Isaac also explained to the side of Roslyn: "according to the" first Wizard 'Rogan's clues, all in the "Dragon Tower".

    If the nine star wizard tower left the information is correct, if we pass the road really was' Rogan 'Redemption -- so we can in the tower, we find the real goal!"

    "It is......" The first time to see the serious Isaac Grantham, could not help but follow the road does a lot of tension.

    "Truth, wisdom, and......" Paused, like Isaac suddenly relaxed like pupil locking, the upper and lower body in a violent shiver:

    "Rogan saw the" truth ", he betrayed the Santa Croce church, this is I came here only to open a" witch era "truth, is the only purpose!"

    Heard his words, the young pupil gray looked slightly changed a little: "for this, I thought......"

    "Knowledge? If this world really have my questions, is the most can let the genius hate tell me the answer to the mixed calf!"

    Isaac shrugged, Staveley said: "in contrast, can make to Croce pious' first Wizard 'ideas and opened a" witch era "of things, that is absolutely not... The same level of things."

    "He must be found beyond what he can understand, even beyond the age of thinking and way of thinking of the" concept ", to the birth of a" witch "this new, never existed" identity. "."

    "I want to see Rogan once saw something, I want to know what it is -- or I will just be a" witch Isaac ", Rogan's successor is always and never reach the same level with him!"

    Sidongfeidong nodded, looking at the road does to the front of the "Front Gate", in the eyes of his.

    Isaac is in the "truth", "something to hold"......

    It came here, and for what?

    Maybe it and said the same Luo Lun, in order to prove that he is not a deserter, prove himself the illegitimate child can be better than the real "Wirtz"......

    Three people with the idea, almost at the same time turning to the deeper Front Gate ".

    "Let the cautious go to hell, the Dragon Tower is in sight!" I was suddenly filled with infinite confidence Isaac standing in the front, excitedly raised his right hand:

    One breath rushed to the end point, to thousands of years ago to witness it......"

    Before Isaac finished, he two people behind a surprised expression at the same time; the next moment, a young pupil gray dragged him to the side and then hold the mouth of Isaac, hiding in the corridor behind the stone;

    Pull out the "bright silver" dark haired wizard also appeared in the Front Gate from the rear, the only gap toward the distance, look more dignified.

    The spy door indistinct shadow, Loren frowned.

    Here is Hoge ned Wangcheng back, is dedicated to the "Paladin" and the army through the place, Wangcheng is also the outermost level......

    Clenched the hilt, serious looking behind the two people still suffering from the shock to Loren speak softly:

    "We... There may be trouble."
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